Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor, Volume 1, Chapter 1

Translator: yuNS
Editors: Hocchibi, Miyuchi

The first chapter of the Akashic Records!

Chapter 1: The Unmotivated Part-time Lecturer

The Alzano Empire. It was an empire situated in the northwestern area of the North-Selford continent. Its lands – which experience wet winters and dry summers due to its oceanic climate – are ruled by a monarchy.

At the southern part of the empire, in the region of Yorkshire, there is a town named Fejiti.

The most prominent feature of Fejiti was the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. If one were to ask which magic academy was the greatest amongst the numerous that existed in the North-Selford continent, the answer would undoubtedly be ‘Alzano Imperial Magic Academy’.

The town of Fejiti had been built concurrently with the establishment of the academic city, and both had experienced the development and prosperity of the other. The neatly arranged buildings – with their vintage pointed roofs – gave the town a thick atmosphere of sophistication and elegance. On the other hand, the presence of a Magic Academy had created a high demand for magical catalysts and items, which accommodated successful foreign trade, and ultimately allowed the town to prosper. Furthermore, due to high flow of people through the town, it was always at the forefront of domestic trends. The town was undoubtedly a fascinating union of ancient and modern elements.

On this mildly foggy morning in Fejiti, there was a young girl standing still on the stone pavement at the corner of the street, directly under a street lamp.

Her medium-length blonde hair looked as soft as cotton, and her sapphire-blue eyes left a strong impression on those that looked into them. Based on her appearance, one would say that she was a girl whose age was around fifteen or sixteen. The texture of her skin was like fine silk. Her refined and gentle demeanor, combined with her neat and structured facial features, made her seem as lovely as an angel in a holy painting. She was a girl who – at first glance – seemed fragile, but at the same time, she seemed to carry a powerful conviction. That was the kind of girl she was—

Contrary to the girl’s captivating features that would make others turn their heads to take another look, her attire was rather strange. On top of her cool-looking vest and pleated skirt, she wore a feathered caped-hood… Though it was currently summertime in Fejiti, it was still undoubtedly cold in the morning. Yet, for some reason she was dressed lightly, and wore a glove on her left hand.


Anyhow, she appeared to be waiting for someone. As she idly stood on the pavement, she gripped the strap of her leather bag, and passed the time by humming. One could tell that she was in a pleasant mood.

It was then—


Hearing a pained cry from behind, the girl turned around.

She saw an old man holding his finger, and a flint stone falling to the ground. Beside the man’s feet was a metallic bucket filled with twigs and leaves.

“W-, What happened uncle?.”

Though she didn’t know who this old man was, she approached him without hesitation.

“Huh? Ah, hahaha… I’ve let this little lady see such an uncool side to me.”

Feeling like he had bothered this kind-hearted girl, the old man could only chuckle to himself and show a wry smile.

“Actually, when I was trying to dispose of the garbage I had collected by setting it on fire , my hands trembled, and I ended up scratching my finger instead… My, I’m not young anymore.”

From a short distance away, one could see that the old man’s finger was swollen and bleeding.  The man put up a strong front, but the wound must have hurt considerably.

“My my, when I get back I’ll have to ask my wife to fetch some medical herbs won’t I…”

The young girl inspected the depth of the wound, and looked towards her surroundings. When she confirmed that no one was around, she revealed a mischievous smile, and placed her finger on her lips.

“It’s a secret alright?”


The old man tilted his head in confusion, but before he could form a reply, the girl gently grasped his hand, and began chanting in runic language.

<The angel’s charity>

Then, the girl’s hands began to glow faintly. At the same time, the old man’s wound began to rapidly heal.

The white magic [Life·Up]; It was a technique that greatly increased the target’s natural regeneration abilities.


As the old man looked at his finger, his eyes widened in surprise.

“Hm, alright. After that is… <Oh children of fire·Spark at the finger’s fore·Ablaze>

Next, the girl chanted the black magic [Fire·Torch], and a small flame appeared at the tip of her finger. She dropped the flame into the metal bucket, and its content were immediately lit ablaze.

“Little lady… That mysterious power… Is that the rumored ‘magic’?”

“Yes. To be honest, if the academy finds out that I used magic outside the campus, I will be severely punished.”

“Now that I think about it, that outfit… That’s the uniform of that strange academy. Little lady, can all your friends also use that mysterious technique?”

“Yes, though everyone else is more proficient than I am, and can use a much greater variety of abilities.”

“Eh… This is quite a convenient skill isn’t it? If an old man like me could use a mysterious skill like that, then my life would be far more interesting and enjoyable…”

“Ahaha, I suppose that would be true. By the way uncle, about the magic that I used just now, uhm… if you could…”

“Oh, you want me to keep it a secret, yes? I got ya.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“What are you saying? I should be the one thanking you. Little lady, thanks for the help.”

As the young lady and old man exchanged delighted smiles—

“Lumia-! Sorry I’m late-!”

The clattering sound of hurried footsteps could be heard coming from afar. If one were to look into the distance, another young girl – dressed in the same fashion as the young girl standing on the sidewalk – could be seen approaching.

“Hm? That girl… Is she your friend?”

“Yes. She’s my close friend, and I’m currently living at her house. Well then, uncle, I should get going. Have a good day!”

“Aye, work hard on your studies alright?”

After saying her farewell, she walked towards her friend.


Since it was still rather early in the morning, the main street of Fejiti was fairly quiet.

On the neat and tidy granite-layered street, two girls were walking side-by side.

“Geez Lumia, you’re too nice of a person… even though I told you to go ahead without me…”

“Mm… I can’t… If leave the esteemed lady of the house behind, then I, who am nothing but a mere house guest, will definitely be scolded by the household’s head and his wife…”

“Idiot, can you stop joking around, we’re family alright?”

“Heh heh, sorry, Sisti.”

The two of them smoothly ended their discussion on a disconcerting topic.

“Well, anyway, it’s rare for Sisti to forget to something at home.”

Lumia – who had reunited with her friend after parting with the elder man – glanced at her friend a curious gaze.

“I had to run home because of that, and I even made you wait for me… sorry…”

The girl walking alongside Lumia, Sistina, lowered her shoulders and exhaled deeply with a melancholic sigh.

Sistina was of similar age to Lumia, and her most distinctive features  were her free-flowing, lush silver long hair, and her feisty jade-colored eyes. Unlike Lumia, her snow-white skin and pretty face – which seemed as if it had been exquisitely sculpted – returned an unyielding presence. Perhaps it would be suitable to say that her presence was imposing and dazzling like a fairy. Though her face was currently entangled in a dejected expression, each and every move of hers seemed to exude a lively and ambitious aura. That was the kind of girl she was—.

Lumia and Sistina; although they were two different types of people, each had a temperament that could not be imitated by any ordinary girl. Their splendor – which they had been born with – was nothing short of magnificent. They were wearing the generic uniform of a magic academy, but somehow, one could feel the intimidating presence of the upper-class as they elegantly drifted along the ordinary street.

“Sisti…Could you still be, as I thought… you’re still feeling bad about what happened?”

Lumia looked at Sistina with concern, after all, her friend was not the type to forget something at home… That’s basically how it was.

“Probably…I guess.”

Sistina showed an energetic expression in hopes that her close friend wouldn’t worry any more about it. Despite her efforts, traces of an unresolved melancholy could still be found in her expression.

“It is unfortunate… Why did professor Huey suddenly quit instructing?”

“There was probably no other choice. Even the professor has his own problems.”

“Ah, it’s a shame… professor Huey’s lectures were easy to absorb, and if I had a question, he would give a concise and honest answer… He was so reliable, and…”

“He was really handsome as well right?”

“Huh! What are you saying!? It doesn’t matter if he’s handsome or not right!?”

Sistina’s face turned red at Lumia’s mention.

“As the next-in-line of the prestigious Fibel magic family, I go to the academy for the sole purpose of studying magic! My only standard regarding instructors is their ability to teach!*

However, Lumia could only show a knowing smile, and giggle at Sistina’s vigorous rebuttal.

“Ah, right right. Sisti, I forgot to mention this, but I heard that a temporary instructor will be replacing the professor today.”

“…I know that already.”

Sistina replied in a unamused fashion.  

“Well, as long as they can teach half as well as professor Huey, I’m fine with it.”

“I understand how you feel. Once you get use to professor Huey’s lectures, any other professor’s lectures begin to feel insufficient.”

Then, as the two arrived at the crosswalk—

“Woaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!? I’m gonna be late, I’m gonna be late——!?”

With a pair of bloodshot eyes, a suspicious man holding a slice of bread in his mouth charged vigorously towards the two.



“W-Wha–!? Yo, could you kids step aside—!”

An object in motion cannot quickly stop. Complying with this ancient law of physics, the man was on a crash course that aligned directly with the two girls—but then

“O-, <Oh the great wind>-!”

Sistina quickly chanted runic words for the one-stage black magic [Gale·Blow], and in the next moment, her hands were wrapped in a powerful wind that sent the man flying. Then—

“Huh-!? I, I’m flying-!?”

The man’s body was already at a height that one could not see without lifting their head. Then – in a perfect parabola – the man landed into the fountain across the road.

The two girls stared dumbfoundedly at the column of water that formed from the impact.

“Uhm, Sisti? …Isn’t that a bit too much?”

“I-, I guess? …Ahaha…it just… what should we do?”

The man that had become the subject of conversation for the two, splashed his way out of the fountain. Then, he wordless walked in front of the two and said:

“Fu, you okay little ladies?”

“Rather, are you ok?”

The man gave his best effort to show a refreshing smile, but sadly, it was for naught.

The strange man appeared to be slightly older than Sistina and Lumia. With fair black hair, black eyes, and a fairly slim and tall body, there was no problem with his appearance, but the problem lay in his attire. He was dressed in a finely-tailored set of white dress shirt, tie, and black dress pants, all of which that perfectly suited his form. However, the person in question himself seemed to have found wearing these annoying, and his attire could only be described as ‘an untidy mess’. It was obvious to any observer that the one who chose, and the one who wore, were different people.

“Ahaha, well from now on try to avoid suddenly rushing out onto the road ok!?”

“Rather… aren’t you the one that rushed out onto the road…”

Sistina was about to thoughtlessly point out this fallacy, but then

“Y-You can’t Sisti!”

Lumia pushed herself between the Sistina and the unknown man.

“You can’t just push all the responsibility onto him. After all, Sisti, you suddenly attacked someone with magic… If even one thing went wrong there, then this won’t have ended with just scratches and bruises you know?”


Sistina cast her eyes downwards in shame.

“Now, Sisti, you should apologize.”

“Mm. Uhm… I’m really sorry about that. Please forgive my rashness.”

“Geez I want to see how your parents look like you know!? Man, what kind of education did they ever give you? Ah?”

“…Even though I tried to be civil, just what kind of attitude…What is wrong with this person?”

“Ah, Ahaha… Must resist. Must resist…”

With a slight aversion towards how the situation was unfolding, Lumia hastily bowed her head.

“Excuse our behavior! Could you please forgive my friend for what she did?”

“Ah well I guess there’s no other way huh! Though I totally didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s obvious that this is all your fault, but if you’re going to go this far, I can make a special exception and forgive y-…hm?”

The man, who was looking discontentedly at Lumia, suddenly raised his eyebrows, as if noticing something important.

“Hm… Hm…”

“U-Uhm… Is there something on my face?”

Without regard for Lumia’s discomfort, the man moved his face closer to hers.

Lumia – who was suddenly met with such an impolite gesture – blinked blankly in surprise.

“Ah…You…Where have I…”

While tilting his head thru and thro in thought, the man raised his finger and poked Lumia’s forehead. He turned her head around in his hands and pulled her cheeks. Then he touched her petite shoulders and hips, felt her hair, and locked his eyes with hers…

“You bastard, what do you think you’re doing—————!?”

Without so much as a moment’s delay, Sisti furiously sent a roundhouse kick aimed squarely at the back of his head.

Needless to say, the man was once again sent flying.



The man released a scream as he tumbled across the pavement. Unfortunately, his attire, which he had probably worn for the first time today, was not only soaked, but also painted by dirt and gravel. The original appearance of his outfit was already long gone.

“It’s fine if you accidentally collide with us, but what was that!? I find it hard to believe that you would touch a girl’s body without any ulterior motives, you disgusting freak!”

“Hold up, just simmer down a bit ok!? I, as a scholar, was merely motivated by my spirit of curiosity and investigation you know!? I only had a teensy bit of those guilty thoughts alright!?”

“That’s not any better!”


The man curled in agony as he was punched squarely in the stomach by Sistina.

“Lumia, call the police. This guy is definitely a pervert.”

“Eh!? Wait, give me a break already! If my first day at work turns out like that, Serika’s gonna kill me! I’m really sorry for real! Please forgive me! I was just fooling around ok!?”

To be precise, the full grown adult man – without consideration for his pride – performed a splendid dogeza towards two young girls, and was now begging for their mercy.

“Uhm… He seems to have reflected, so let’s just forgive him.”

“Huh? For real? Well, noble ladies are just that kind I guess…”

“Thank you very much! I will never forget this act of kindness for the rest of my life! Thank you very much!”

Then, the man stood up, and in an overbearing manner, said:

“Well then you guys. That uniform means you’re students of the academy right? What are you doing here?”

“To treat forgiveness as an act of salvation, what exactly…what is he? That person.”

“Ah, Ahaha…”

The two of them stood wordlessly at the crosswalk.

“What time do you think it is? If you don’t hurry up you’ll be late alrighty? You got me? Oh… just now, I felt like a totally amazing instructor…”

The man reveled in his own words. On the other hand, the girls looked at each other, and aimlessly raised their heads towards the sky.

“…Are we…late?”

“He’s just joking around. Don’t we still have some spare time?”

“Of course not-! Ah-! Geez, it’s already past eight-thirty!”

The man took out his pocket watch, and shoved it towards Sistina.

“That watch, isn’t it just ahead of time? Here, look.”

As if giving up hope for the man, Sistina took out her own watch.

The hands of the watch indicated that the time was now eight o’clock. Today’s lecture, on the other hand, began at eight-forty.


A mysterious, solemn atmosphere surrounded the two.


“Tactical retreat!”

“You’re running—!?”

The man vigorously ran away in the same manner as when they had first met.

“Damnit! Did that girl mess with my watch as well!?” shouted the man as he ran off into the distance. The two girls wordlessly saw him off.

“That…That person. What’s with him?”

“…Mm, but I suppose he’s an interesting person?”

“That’s already past the realm of interesting. That thing…”

Like before, Sistina sighed at her close friend’s sensibilities.

“I don’t ever want to see that guy again. I can’t help but get annoyed when I see a pathetic piece of trash like him! I shouldn’t have held back at all! As I thought, I should’ve just brought that guy to the police! Right?”


And once again, Lumia giggled as she walked alongside Sistina. Together, the two of them began walking towards the academy. Sistina in particular, worked hard to purge her memories of that unknown perverted man, after all, the arrangement of memory was the simplest of basic magics. In reality, she had already effaced the existence of this man from her memory.

“Well then, let’s work hard today as well alright, Lumia?”


Finally, the two arrived in front of the magnificent academy, whose grounds were firmly surrounded by a steel fence—

The Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, there was no one in the empire that did not know of its name. Four hundred years ago, by the decree of Empress Alicia the third, all of the nation’s funds were gathered to construct the national facility; an academy that would nurture magicians. Now, this academy was the cornerstone of Alzano Empire that allowed the empire to be renowned across the continent as a ‘nation of magic’. The rumor that all the famous magicians of the empire had graduated from this academy was not just a simple rumor, but rather, an unshakeable truth. It would be prudent to say that Alzano Imperial Magic Academy was the holy ground for those who pursued the path of magic. As a direct result of this, the students and professor thought of their association to the school with utmost pride, and that pride was used to further fuel their eternal pursuit of magic. Not a single soul lay idle on the wayside, for they knew that their research could one day become the basis for the entirety of the empire, and such a crowning achievement would surely cement their position, place, and glory in society.

Thus, something like ‘lateness’ or ‘skipping class’ – events that would occur when going to Sunday schools and the like – would never occur at this academy. The lecturers, as the ones who would respond to the fiery will of the students, would too, hold themselves to the same standard. It was something that had never happened, and never would happen.


At the center of the eastern section of the academy campus, on the second floor, was the classroom for the second year class two, students. The rows of long, round, wooden tables were all aligned in a semi-circular fashion, and directly faced the lecturer’s podium and the large blackboard that was behind it. Sitting in front row of the classroom was Sistina. She was current reaching the limit of her patience, and her frustrations could no longer be hidden.

“What is this supposed to mean!? Isn’t it already past the time of the lecture!?”

“You’re right, this feels a bit strange…”

Lumia, who was seated next to Sistina tilted her head and pondered.

“I wonder if something happened to the teacher…”

Looking at the podium that was left unoccupied by a seemingly non-existent instructor, the other students also voiced their complaints.

“A temporary instructor is supposed to succeed professor Huey starting from today.”

Magicians were ranked from one to seven. The esteemed professor Serika Alfornea, who herself was of the highest, seventh rank, had personally come to the classroom during the homeroom session to break the news, but since then, one hour had already passed. The judgement that had been nested in the students’ minds when she had said “Well, it’s an excellent fellow” had already all but collapsed.

“I had some expectations when I heard that professor Alfornea had personally recommended the instructor…but it looks like it’s not going to happen.”

“T-, That can’t be, and isn’t it too early to judge? There could be a reason as to why the instructor is late…”

Sistina turned towards Lumia, and vigorously rebutted.

“You’re too simple, Lumia. Listen, no matter what their reason could be, the act of ‘being late’ is evidence for the person’s lack of self-awareness. For a truly excellent person, something like ‘being late’ is absolutely unacceptable.”

“Is that so…”

“Geez, to be late on the very first day, this new instructor sure has a lot of guts. I’ll need to have a word with them when they arrive…”

It was then.

“Ah-, my bad my bad, I’m late–”

A seemingly familiar voice drifted through the door as it slammed open.

The rumored temporary instructor had finally arrived. Of course, that was after half the class period had already passed. It could be said that this was the first time such an incident had occurred in the 400 year history of the academy.

“You finally arrived huh! Hey wait, how are you going to explain yourself!? As an instructor of this magic academy you should have some more self—”

The moment the man walked into the classroom, Sistina turned to lecture the man…The next moment however, she froze in place.

“Y-, Y-, YYY—, You are-!”

As cause and casualty would have it, the man’s attire was still soaked, and his body was scratched up, bruised, and dirty from the time he had rolled on the ground.

Those hated memories resurfaced; This was the perverted man they had met on the way to school, and right now, he was standing before them in this sacred hall.

“…You’re wrong. You have the wrong person.”

Hearing Sistina’s accusation, the man brazenly tried to budge his way out of this troublesome situation.

“What do you mean I’m mistaken!? Could another man like you even exist!?”

The man, with a lecturing tone, replied to Sistina.

“Now now little girl, did your parents not tell you that it’s disrespectful to point fingers at people?”

“Anyway, you, how could you be this late!? In that situation, how did you even manage to be this late!?”

“About that… When I thought that I was out of time, I was suddenly blessed with spare time. So I decided to go to the park and take a little nap, and then I ended up late, you see?”

“Not only is your reason unbelievable, it doesn’t even qualify as an excuse!”

There were too many things that were wrong with what the man said, and at this point, she didn’t feel like pushing the interrogation any further.

Others in the room felt the same, and because of the strange appearance of their instructor, the students began to chatter amongst one another.

Ignoring the state that his class was in, the man elegantly walked to the podium, and wrote his name on the blackboard.

“Alright-, I am Glen Ryders. In the coming month, I will be in charge of guiding your studies. The time is short, but let’s all work hard toge…”

“Greetings aside, can you start the class already?”

Said Sistina. Her restraint had too, reached the limit, and a hefty coldness could be felt in her words.

“Ah-, well, I guess so… I’m still tired, but I guess we should start anyway… It’s my job after all…”

Just like that, the impressions brought upon by his introductory statements had flown out the window, and his true nature was revealed.

“Well let’s get this started… The first class is Basic Magic Theory II huh… Ah–hu~.”

Glen tried to his best to hold back his yawn, and walked up to the blackboard.

The students focused their minds on the instructor’s’ actions, and Sistina herself had cast aside her negative impression on the person called Glen. She focused herself on his each and every move.

(Now, how will you do…)

She had the worst possible first impression of him, but this man named Glen had been evaluated as, ‘rather excellent’, by one of the top magicians of the nation, Serika Alfornea. It would be a lie to say that she had no expectations towards his instruction.

Unbeknownst to her, Sistina had already subconsciously accepted Serika’s evaluation, however,  she would still be the one to make the final judgment of his character. As she had done in the past, she would relentlessly inquire about everything she did not understand during her lecture. In that case, and in this environment, there was no way for the instructor to dodge the question. At some point, this hard-headedness of hers had earned her the nickname of ‘The harbinger of the professor’s tears, Sistina’. The nickname was fairly well-known across the school, however, to the person herself, this was merely proof of her earnest efforts in pursuing the path of magic. Due to that, she had no complaints regarding the title. As a matter of fact, she was somewhat proud of it.

(Now, let’s see what you can do, hotly anticipated temporary instructor-san.)

Needless to say, Sistina and the class carefully scrutinized the instructor’s actions.

Under their watchful gaze, Glen wrote two words on the blackboard.

Self Study

Seeing the large words written on the board, the class entered a state of solemn silence.

“Eh? Self study…eh? Self stu…dy? Eh? …Eh!?”

Sistina desperately tried to rationalize the meaning of the words written on the board into some other meaning, but it was for naught. After all, those two words only held one meaning.

“Uh-, so the first session of today’s lectures will be self study~”

After that, Glen told them his reason.

“…Cause I’m tired.”

He boldly announced his terrible reason.


The silence that followed dominated the classroom and its students.

Without a care for the class that looked upon him Glen proudly announced that “The one who is wrong is not me, but the world”, and hunched down on the teacher’s desk.


“Wait a second—!?”

Sistina, with her thick textbook in hand, charged towards Glen.



“Please do try and reconsider, headmaster!”

A furious voice escaped the headmaster’s room in Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.

The voice came from a bespectacled man in his mid-twenties. If one were to judge his appearance, it might be said that he looked rather neurotic. However, pinned to his robes was an emblem of an owl that showed that he was a professor of the prestigious academy. His name was Harry. While most magicians are only able to reach the fourth rank by the end of their lives, this man had managed to reach the fifth rank at a remarkably young age, and was undoubtedly a genius deserving of his title.

“I oppose the appointment of Glen Ryders as a temporary instructor! His origins are barely known!”

He slammed the desk with a ‘bang’. Seated across the desk was a middle-aged man.

“However, Harry-kun, he’s someone that was strongly recommended by Serika-kun, do you understand?”

Despite the enraged attitude of the one across him, the middle-aged man remained unfazed, and returned a gentle and rational reply.

“Headmaster Rick! Are you agreeing with that witch’s proposition?”

“Of course, it is because I agreed, that Glen-kun was able to become temporary instructor. It’s true that he does not have an instructor’s license. However, as long as has a professor’s recommendation, and is capable of instructing, there are no problems with his temporary appointment…”

“His capability is exactly the problem! Please read this and reconsider!”

With a ‘plop’, Harry placed a file on the desk in front of the headmaster.

“This is the results of the capability test of that man named Glen! I mean, what the heck is this? Just look at these terrible results!”

“Hm? Hoho, so these results aren’t anything special. His magic capacity and memory are normal, his systems capability is plain, there’s nothing bad but nothing good about him as a magician… No, looking at his basic abilities he’s somewhere between the middle to lower class of magicians.”

Rick picked up the file, and skimmed through it.

“Furthermore he’s only a third-ranked magician! Look at his academic history as well!”

“Hm? …Oh? So he’s an alumni of this school.”

“It would be improper to call him an ‘alumni’. That guy didn’t even submit his magic thesis.”

Harry sighed as if he was unimpressed.

“Glen Ryders. He entered the academy at the age of eleven…Eleven!?”

Reading through the file, an uncomposed shout escaped Rick’s mouth.

“Normally, the age of admission is fourteen or fifteen years old! And now you’re telling me he was admitted at the age of eleven!?”

“However, that guy’s glory ends there. After entering the academy, his grades were extremely normal. Then, after four years of study, at the age of fifteen he graduated… Rather, he dropped out under the cover of ‘graduation’. The results he left behind were completely normal, and there’s nothing to write home about.”

“Hmpf… Anyhow, if it’s only that…”

“However, what he did after that is the biggest problem! That guy disregarded the fact that he once stepped on the path towards the holy ground of magic! He’s completely wasted four years of time since he graduated! If he had pursued magic during that time, there’s no telling how many contributions he could have made to society!”

It was true that in the box labeled ‘history’, the last four years were completely blank.

“Hmm? …He was unemployed for the past four years… what exactly happened during that time?”

“Quit joking around! You should know what I want to say already! A low=ranked and vulgar magician like him does not deserve to teach at this academy!”

“Hm-pf, if my memory serves me correctly, there is no requirement regarding history or rank to teach at this school, yes?”

“It hasn’t been documented, but it’s practically an unwritten law!”

Once again, Harry furiously slammed the desk.

“Please think about the professors we have at the academy! Fourth-ranks are a given, but there are even fifth and sixth ranks here! Not to mention, every single one of them is putting their efforts in magic research, and leaving magnificent results! Why should that Glen man be placed on the same level as those instructors!?”


“You as well, Headmaster! How could you accept his appointment without so much as reading through his documentation!?”

“Well, I mean, you see? That man was personally recommended by Serika-kun yes? In that case… wouldn’t you have thought that the person in question would not only be interesting, but also fairly capable?”

Rick’s lips twisted as though he had done something naughty.

“Of course not! You think too highly of that witch! She’s only basking in the glory of her former days, and is abusing that glory to crush the rules and order of our society!”


“How bold of you, Harry.”

The voice that resounded through the room caused Harry to cease moving entirely.

“Fufu, that snotty little brat has now has become a prideful man. I’m happy you know?”

When Harry turned his head, he saw Serika standing in a corner of the room with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Hey… Since when were you here? Serika Alfornea…”

“I wonder? Since when was I here? Treat this as a teacher’s question for a poor student. Take a guess.”

“Teleportation magic… No, time-control… How could that be…? I didn’t even sense the magical waves, nor did I sense manipulation of the world’s laws…”laws of the world…”

“Alright~ You’re wrong. You, you’re still a third-rate student, so be more diligent would you? Now then, for your homework, give me a three-hundred page report on the mysterious phenomenon that occurred just now. Ah, by the way, this is the professor’s orders ok?”


Turning away from the trembling Harry, Serika turned towards Rick, and gave an elegant bow.

“How do you do, headmaster?”

“Oh, Serika-kun. You look as beautiful as usual, I’m rather jealous.”

“Fufufu, you’re still young, headmaster.”

“Hohoho, is that so! Then Serika-kun, would you fancy a night with this elder?”

“Ahaha, I refuse. However, you are as energetic as usual, aren’t you, headmaster? Isn’t it about time for you to wither a little?”

“Fuwahahaha-! This elder has always been energetic!”

This warm atmosphere was suddenly dispersed as Harry slammed on the table.

“I won’t approve of him, Serika Alfornea! I will never approve of an idiotic instructor of the likes of him! If anything happens, I’ll have you take full responsibility!”

“…Take it back.”

In the next moment, the air in the room turned cold.

“I don’t care if you speak badly about me, nor will I bother to deal with you if you speak badly of him behind my back. However… I will not allow you to speak badly of him in front of me. Take it back, and beg for forgiveness.”

Serika’s domineering presence left Harry at a loss for words.

“Wh-, at are… The fact that Glen… is just a worthless third-rate magician… is a plain truth,…is…n’t…it…-!?”

Despite the beads of sweat that trickled down his face, Harry managed to force these words out of his throat.

Serika narrowed her eyes, and coldly said:

“Will you be able to bear this?”

She slowly removed the glove on her left hand.


Seeing that gesture, Harry understood what she was going to do next. He began to panic, and color rapidly escaped his expression.

“I-, I understand… I’ll take it back… I was…wrong…”

Hearing that, Serika showed a sweet smile, and re-wore her half removed glove.

“Damnit… I’ll remember this!”

Leaving behind the empty threat, Harry rushed out of the room.

The room which now contained only Serika and Rick was hastily enveloped in a solemn silence.

“My my, you’re the same as usual aren’t you? I feared that the headmaster’s room might just disappear today.”

Rick released an amazed sigh.

“However, Serika-kun, as I had expected, the man you brought in is a rather troublesome one.”

“…I know that, and I am truly quite sorry about that.”

“To forcefully appoint a magician of unknown origins as an instructor at this academy… You won’t only receive opposition from Harry-kun, rather, I fear that all those related to the academy may have the same reaction.”

After a brief moment of silence, Serika firmly said.

“I’ll take responsibility. Everything that that man does or will do, I will take responsibility for it.”

“There’s no need to go so far to support him… What kind of relationship do you and him have…? May I hear it?”

“It’s nothing gossip worthy like destiny or anything of the sort. It just that…”

“Just that?”

“I want him to move forward. Well, I suppose it’s just a bit of solicitude.”

<TL Note: The phrases Serika uses here is 生き生きとして, which means ‘lively’ out of context, and 老婆心, which has a motherly implication.>


“Woah-, Look at that Road, our instructor…”

“Wow, amazing…his eyes are totally dead…”

“That’s the first time I’ve seen someone so unlively…”

The classroom was consumed by the chattering of the students.

“And~~ It’s kind like this~~ Yea, it feels like this and~~and~~Basically, it’s like this~”

The students focused their gazes on a man with a giant lump on his head…

With zombie-like movements, Glen continued lecturing.

“Ah, it would be better if we got professor Huey instead…”

“Why did professor Huey quit…”

To put it mildly, Glen’s lecture was the worst lecture the students had ever attended.

Anyhow, the contents of his lecture was entirely incomprehensible. He did not explain the contents of his lecture, nor did he do anything more than lousily recite the magic theory from the book. Though, while it might’ve been acceptable to recite from the book, the worst offense was that it was mostly unrelated to the topic at hand. In this manner, Glen continued to scribble incomprehensibly on the blackboard.

Though the students could not understand the contents of the lecture, they were able to understand that their instructor was completely unmotivated. The students came to the conclusion that – rather than wasting their time listening to his lecture – they should just self-study from the textbook.

Even so, there were some diligent and energetic students that wanted to gain something from this terrible lecture.

“Uhm…sensei…I have a question…”

A petite female student raised her hand.

Her name was Rin. Though she looked weak and feeble, she had energy akin to a small animal.

“What’s up? Tell me about it.”

“Erm… About the runic language example that sensei just introduced on page fifty-six, row three… I don’t understand the modern translation of this…”

“It’s ‘k, I don’t get it either.”


“Sorry ‘bout this, but go investigate that yourself.”

Hearing that overly honest and somewhat overbearing answer, Rin was at a loss for words.

As for Sistina, who was already about to burst out in anger, Glen’s response had lit her fuse. She vigorously stood out of her seat and complained.

“Stop right there, sensei. Isn’t responding adequately to the student’s question part of your duty as a professor?”

Glen sighed at Sistina’s hasty accusation. It was obvious to everyone that he felt annoyed by this confrontation.

“Hey you know. I already told you that I—don’t—know, right? How can I teach something that I don’t get at all?”

“If you can’t answer the student’s question immediately, you’re supposed to investigate after class and answer. Isn’t that part of your responsibility as an educator?”

“Hm… In that case, isn’t it just faster to investigate that yourself?”

“That’s not the problem! What I want to say is—”

“…Ah, could it be that you guys haven’t learned how to use a runic language dictionary? Well then I guess I have to huh… Well then, this is kinda annoying but I’ll go look it up. Ah—ah, more work again…”

“Tch… We know how to use a dictionary! Ah that’s enough already!”

Glen, who did not want to change his unmotivated attitude.

Sistina, who angrily and inelegantly seated herself.

And Lumia, who nervously witnessed the event unfold.

The classroom atmosphere was the terrible.

The malevolence amongst the students seemed to increase without end.

Time was wasted away.

And thus, Glen’s historic first lecture ended without accomplishing anything.


After the lesson; In the academy’s female changing room—

Sistina angrily shoved her uniform, cape, and robe into the wooden locker, and vented her frustration.

“Geez, come on already, what was that supposed to mean!? That guy!”

“Ahaha…Now now…”

Although Lumia tried to comfort her, Sistina’s anger wouldn’t subside so easily.

“Isn’t he a little too unmotivated!? Even if it’s just temporary, why did that guy become an instructor at this academy!?”

“Mhm… it would be better if Glen-sensei worked a little harder.”

The next class for today was alchemical lab.

The female’s clothes had the continuous black magic [Air·Conditioning] – which modifies the temperature and humidity of the surrounding air – cast on them. So unlike their appearance, they were a convenient set of clothes that made its wearer cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Unlike males, females are recommended to wear less clothing during their academic period in order to increase their affinity to the magic power in their surroundings called ‘mana’. So for them, these clothes were their best companion.

However, alchemical lab was a class in which the students had to personally interact with magic ingredients, control machinery, and utilize catalysts and reagents. Based on the contents of the lab, it wasn’t unlikely for the clothes to be stained or leave a foul odor.

Now, in their half-nakedness, their delicate skin and their clear curves – belonging to those in the interim between child to adult – were exposed. The evidence of their youth lay bare. To the young boys that would never witness this; this scene was akin to utopia.

“Hah…If I remember correctly that guy is our supervisor for alchemical lab as well?”

“Mhm, after all, Glen-sensei is Huey-sensei’s successor.”

“Ugh…I feel like I’m gonna explode.”

Then, Sistina’s downcast expression suddenly transformed into a mischievous smirk. She turned to glance at Lumia, who was in the middle of changing.

“I need… some healing time.”


Whilst Lumia was still confused, Sistina hugged her from behind.

“Take this!”


Sistina stuck to Lumia’s back, and grasped her two mounds to her heart’s content.

<TL Note: Necessary fanservice pic (NSFW): http://i.imgur.com/QmdWcD8.png>

“Ah—, as expected, Lumia’s are the best~. The skin is white, elegant, yet still exquisite.”

“Wha, Sisti, Y-you can’t do that-!”

Realizing what had happened, Lumia tried to shake herself free of Sistina’s cat-like grasp. However, Sistina captured Lumia in a snake-like motion, and did not allow Lumia to escape.

“Kyan! Sisti, ah, stop!”

“Hmhmhm… Lumia. Your growth has been quite splendid…”

Sistina understood that the warm and calming sensation that was transmitted through her palms had changed slightly since the last time, and to this phenomenon, Sistina raised her eyebrows. In essence, Lumia’s chest was neither large nor small, instead, they appeared as though they had been tailored for her body; Two ideal, perfectly-proportioned hills.

“Hah… Isn’t this great. Why doesn’t my nutrition go to my chest huh….Ugh…Rather than being healed, I feel discouraged…”

“Wait… stop Sisti. Not that hard…Ah, Ahn!”

“Ah—, Geez, how envious! Here here, does it feel good here? Hm? Hm?”

“Hya! N-, No-! Stop…”

Anyhow, it seems that in this kind of place, and in this kind of situation, young girls often did this kind of thing.

“A-, Amazing Teresa! You, since when—”

“Ufufu, it’s the growth period after all.”

“How cruel of you to leave me behind! Take this! Things like these should get treated like this!”

“Kya~! W-, Wendy-san-!?”

The changing room was filled with scenes like this.

The female students joyously passed this time.

However, in front of all these girls, the changing room door was roughly flung open.

“Ah—, This is so annoying! Why do I have to change! Ugh Serika that… hm?”

Standing in the doorway was a suspicious man wearing borrowed lab clothes.

It was Glen.

The ones who were facing and closest to the door – Sistina and Lumia – met his gaze.

And in that moment, all three of them froze.

The beautiful scene of a fairy’s playtime was nowhere to be seen, and the room was invaded by a frozen hell. It felt like time itself had stopped, and the atmosphere was wrapped by a solemn chill.


Glen slowly inspected his surroundings, and once confirming that all the people present were female, he scratched his head as if annoyed, and turned to look at the door sign.

“It’s different from before… So the positions of the male and female changing rooms have swapped huh… Geez, why did they do something so pointless?”

The atmosphere in the room was washed away with murderous intent.

In the face of this unstoppable force, Glen boorishly sighed.

“My—my. Is this the ‘lucky pervert’ scene that’s recently become popular in the capital? Ahaha~, though I didn’t think it would happen to me of all people.”

With Sistina leading the pack, the female students began to move.

In a show of pomp and circumstance, Glen vigorously thrust his hand forth to stop the incoming threat.

“Ah—, wait up. Can you guys calm down a bit? You know, I usually have some complaints about this kind of fated development. Now now, just listen to what I have to say alright? Just treat it as my last words—”

The girls stopped moving. Even if it was a death penalty, they would allow him to say his part.

“I was thinking… The MC in those stories are all idiots you know? By the time this kind of lucky lewd event happens, it’s already decided that the heroine will beat the crap out of them. So why exactly do they pull their hands away and avert their gaze? Just for rubbing a girl’s body the wrong way, they get subjected to cruel mistreatment you know? No matter how you look at this, doesn’t that totally violate the concept of equivalent exchange?”

After his shameless monologue, Glen proceeded to announce from the depths of his soul.

“That is why, I—shall burn this image in my mind!”

Glen, with an expression of raw carnage, widened his bloodshot eyes and stood firmly in place. He roved his eyes over the skin-colored canvas—


On this day, the female students of Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, year two, class two, instigated a cruel and violent incident. The victim was a certain temporary instructor.

By the way, the alchemical lab class for that day was cancelled, as the instructor was in an unconscious state.


“Ah that hurts… Damn that really hurts… D-, Did they really have to go that far? Usually speaking…”

The current time was a little past 12, and it was time for the afternoon break.

In the aftermath, Glen’s body was scratched and bruised. His clothes were in an irreparable state. With tears in his eyes, he stumbled down the hallway as if he were a zombie. The students that passed by all failed to hide their surprise, but Glen, in his current state, failed to notice their gazes.

“But really, the kids these days are developing well… What the heck do they eat to grow like that? …Though one of them was underdeveloped. Well, whatever, it’s time for lunch, lunchtime~.”

Glen muttered these brutish words, which if heard, might have cost him his life, and slowly trudged his way towards the academy’s cafeteria.

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy’s campus was akin to that of a massive noble estate, and its cafeteria was located on the first floor of the main building. The food it provided was inexpensive yet highly rated. Throughout the academy’s long history, the rating had remained unchanged.

“Ah—, I haven’t been here in a long time~”

Each of the many long tables in the cafeteria was covered by a white sheet of tablecloth, and decorated by assorted sets of candle stands. Though the cafeteria was rather large, the amount of students rushing in after their morning lectures made the place feel cramped.

At this cafeteria, one would go to the counter and place their order. Once the food was prepared, they would pay the cashier to complete the order, then sit anywhere they pleased.  

Glen placed his order at the counter, located at the innermost section of the cafeteria.

“Ah—, I want a local herb-roasted chicken with fried potato with Largo sheep-milk cheese, Elisha sprout salad, and a bowl of tomato sauce stir-fried Kirua beans. I’ll have a potage soup and rye bread with that. Large size for all of them.”

<TL Note: Largo is a type of sheep, Rabo Largo. Elisha and Kirua are names of places.>

Glen was a skinny person with a large appetite, and he had been told off by Serika countless times as a result.

After a short while, the food arrived, and Glen reached for his coin purse and took out a few Seruto copper coins. After he paid the cashier, he retrieved the wood bowls that contained what he ordered.

“Now then, are there any empty seats…”

The cafeteria was filled to the brim with students, and almost none of the seats were left unoccupied. However, at there were two open, adjacent seats at the far-right side of Glen.

Though Glen did not know who those seats were saved for, he hastily walked towards those precious empty seats.

And then he noticed—

“That’s why I think Fuzel-sensei’s thesis on classical magic is strange. What do you think about it? Lumia.”

Directly across from the seat that Glen wanted to sit in, were two familiar faces.

“According to that person, the ‘Sky Castle Melgarius’ was constructed around 4500 years B.H. While that matches up to time where dimension techniques were thought to have been used by ancient civilizations; According to the relics in the ruins discovered around Fejiti, the ‘Sky Castle Melgarius’ already existed in 5000 B.H. Ignoring this fact, what was that person thinking when they use the reason ‘it could not have existed without these techniques, and therefore it must’ve been 4500 B.H.’? I mean, the new ‘time-dating magic’ that he created is clearly being used to falsify this 500 year difference! The entire thesis reeks of the way modern magicians think; They over-prioritize thought and literature, and neglect the use of thorough investigation! Also, while it’s true that the dimensional techniques of the ancient civilization could make the sky castle transparent, wouldn’t its effect have already ended by now? I mean, considering the density of mana, and the limits of extension magic,—(Hah)—the half-life of the mana conflicts with what the thesis suggests.—(Hah)—Furthermore, expressive classical language has clearly branched into three types over time.—(Hah)—Basically, around about the difference between implications of god found in the study of heraldic symbols, and the religious belief of the people;—(Hah)—The ancient civilization that was written about in Terrick’s decompositional thesis of the myth, had not only one, but several different cultures.—(Hah)—(Hah)—(Hah)—”

“I-, Is that so…”

IMG_0062.PNGThe silver-haired girl forgot entirely about eating, and began to chatter away. In the face of the silver-haired girl’s passion, the golden haired girl sitting beside her – Lumia – could only return a warm smile. She was at a loss for words.

Anyhow, the two were currently discussing classical magic literature (well, one-sidedly so).

Classical magic literature was the study and research of super-magic cultures that existed during the B.H. period, with the final goal of replicating the magic techniques there were used during that time period. Amongst them, the magicians who were devoted to the ‘Sky Castle Melgarius’ were called Melgarians.

And it would appear that this silver-haired girl was a Melgarian through and through.

“Excuse me.”

With this short greeting, Glen seated himself in directly in front of the golden-haired girl, and diagonally away from the silver-haired girl.

In an instant, the silver-haired girl seemed to snap out of her trance, and notice Glen’s existence.

“—!? Ah, Y-Y-, You are—”

“You’re wrong. You have the wrong person.”

Elegantly ignoring her, Glen began to eat.

He first cut the herb-roasted chicken into thin slices. Then, he filled the rye-bread with a few slices, which were accompanied by chopped pieces of fried potato and some cheese salad, and fed it into his mouth. The bitterness of the sprout salad mixed with the sweet fragrance of the coal-roasted chicken to create a refreshing taste. Needless to say, the additional scent of herbs invigorated his appetite.

“Delicious~. This kind of rough feeling really suits the empire’s style huh…”

Next, Glen fed the tomato sauce stir-fried Kirua beans into his mouth. The tomato sauce, which used chili and garlic as spices, had a flavorful and sharp taste.

Not a long time had passed since a certain incident, but Glen had already reverted to his nonchalant and indulgent attitude. Seeing that, the silver-haired girl – Sistina – opened her mouth to protest, but couldn’t find the words to say.

The only sound that reverberated from the three was the cling and clang of silverware.

Due to this unexpected development, the atmosphere around the three was invaded by an oppressive silence. One could say that it was an awkward dining scene… or at least, it almost was.

“Uhm…Sensei, you sure eat a lot don’t you? Do you really like eating?”

“Hm? Ah, eating is one of the few activities that I can do for pleasure.

“Hehe, I see. That stir-fried food looks really delicious as well. It has a strong, fragrant smell.”

In such a manner, Lumia had managed to replace Sistina, whose mood had turned sour at Glen’s introduction. As Sisti had turned silent, Lumia tried her best to converse with Glen.

Unlike Sistina, whose wrathful intent was clear as day, Lumia bore no grudge towards the earlier incident. By the way, she did not participate in Glen’s punishment.

“Oh, you could tell? Well, during this time of the year, the school will import a variety of new beans, and the Kirua beans in particular have a strong and distinctive fragrance. It’s also currently in season you know?”

Glen was not the type to actively pursue a conversation, but if someone tried to strike up a conversation, he would wholeheartedly reply. Thus, it would appear that he and Lumia were quite compatible.

“Is that so? I’ll try the Kirua bean stir-fry next time.”

“Oh, I totally recommend it. Actually, would you like try one now?”

“Eh? Is that fine? Wouldn’t that be an indirect kiss?”

Placing a finger over her lips, Lumia tilted her head and mischievously giggled.

“Hmpf… It’s not like we’re kids.”

Glen shrugged his shoulders, and pushed the plate across the table.

And Lumia happily took a spoonful and fed it into her mouth.

Affected by Lumia’s unrestrained closeness, her ever-present smile, and her warm atmosphere, Glen’s lips – without him realizing it – curved into a smile.


However, the present but uninvolved person was currently exerting a rather depressing presence.

It was Sistina. Rather than joining in on Glen and Lumia’s friendly conversation, she had decided to throw a piercing gaze in Glen’s direction.

“…Anyway, you over there, is that all you’re gonna eat?”

The intense glare was affecting his appetite, so Glen – with a sigh – opted to converse with the culprit. Sistina, who had suddenly been pulled into the conversation, seemed shaken for a moment, but she immediately regained her composure.

“It’s not like sensei has the right to complain about what I eat.”

“Even if you say that…”

Glen looked at their trays.

Lumia’s lunch consisted of a bowl of barley porridge, a bowl of spiced pigeon stew, and a bowl of salad… In comparison to Lumia’s filling meal, Sistina’s lunch only consisted of two thin red-berry jam scones.

“You, aren’t you in your growth period? If you don’t eat you’re not gonna develop you know?”

Usually, Glen would say ‘Well, not like you’ve developed at all.’, but in this situation, he didn’t dare to.

“I don’t need your concern. The only reason I eat less during lunch is because I would feel sleepy during my afternoon lectures otherwise. After all, I take them seriously.”

Sistina turned an eye towards Glen’s meal and said:

“Well, not like sensei can relate to that whatsoever.”

Due to this provocation, the mood between Glen and Sistina took a turn for worse.

“…My, aren’t you indirect.”

Since Glen was still eating, he had lowered his voice.

A wave of nervousness flew through Sistina, whose provocation had been detected.

“If you have something to say, why not just tell it to me straight?”

“…I understand. It’s not any good for either of us if it continues on like this, so I’ll say it clearly.  I—”

Sistina, with a severe expression…

“I get it, I get it alright? I surrender. Can you not show such a desperate expression?”


Glen suddenly raised both his hands in the air.

“Even I didn’t think that you wanted it so badly… It’s my loss.”

Facing Sistina, who was stunned at this unexpected reaction, Glen picked up a single Kirua bean, and placed it on her plate.

“Here, you also wanted to try this right? What you wanted to say was, ‘since you have so much, you should give some to me’, right? …Geez, how greedy can you get?”

Glen glanced at Sistina for a moment, and resumed eating.

“…T-, T-, That’s not it-! That’s not what I wanted to say, what I really—”

Realizing Glen’s tremendous misunderstanding, Sistina’s shoulders trembled in humiliation. She slammed the table as she rose from her seat.

However, Glen didn’t seem to mind at all—

“I’ll take this in exchange.”

Stretching his arm across the table, Glen swiftly stabbed one of Sistina’s scones with his fork, and shoved it in his mouth.

“Mm, once in a while, a scone is good too huh…”

“Ah———!? Wha- How could you take that without asking!?”

“Huh, isn’t this equivalent exchange?”

“What—part—of—this—looks—equivalent? What part!? I’m not gonna forgive you anymore! Beg for forgiveness—!”

“Woah-!? That dangerous!? Wha, oi, can you please stay quiet while I’m still eating—!?”

A samurai fight of forks and knives erupted across the table.

The fight attracted a wide variety of painful gazes.

As for Lumia, she could do nothing but witness the situation unfold with a wry smile.



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Translation Write-up:
For those of you coming from KonoSuba, you may notice that this is a huge change in translation style for me. The translation style uses more formal English and uses more vivid adjectives. The decision was made on the basis of that the perspective is now third-person, rather than first-person like it is in KonoSuba. There are also two new editors for the series, who go by their online handles Hocchibi and Miyuchiakashic-chapter-1. Do give them your thanks as well!

Regarding the translation process:
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Finally, if you have any comments, concerns, or criticisms regarding the new translation style, feel free to leave a comment below! As always, thanks for reading this translation from a translator for fun! (By the way, a 2nd Anime season of one-punch man has been announced.)


  • The ‘official’ English name is “Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor”, however, the literal translation is “The Bastard Magic Instructor and the Akashic Record”.
  • The term ‘Akashic Record’ uses the kanji for ‘Forbidden Teachings’.



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