Translation Diary – KonoSuba Volume 10 Redrawn Cover, Re:Zero Volume 9 (After Anime) Spoilers, and more!

Here’s the redrawn and typeset cover of Volume 10! Iris in all her glorious cuteness~

KonoSuba Vol 10 Cover.jpg

Onto other things, there’s a short announcement to make before we start; Due to the editors being busy this week, there will not be a chapter of Akashic Records being released, But fear not, for there’s a lot of stuff in this blog post! Also, depending on editing progress, the chapter might be released Tuesday next week. Check the sidebar for updates!

Continued, Explosions progress – 2/8 parts (1 part a day)

My translation speed  in general has increased considerably as of late, and it takes about one and a half hours to get through about 1/6 of the chapter. As to not spoil the next chapter, the chapter’s illustration features Iris, Yunyun, and a certain other character.

This is the raw version of the cover, side by side:

Anyway, the redrawn volume 10 cover is still subject to change, as the “Blessings” part of the font looks kinda iffy to me, if you got any suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments.

For those wanting to know about the cleaning process of Volume 10’s cover, here are a couple in progress images:

For those who have any more questions about the cleaning process and the tools I used, feel free to email me or drop a comment! For those who want to see more of these, I might start doing some cleaning/redraw requests, since my art style is uncannily similar to Mishima Kurone’s (probably because I’ve been looking at it for so long). Due to that, these redraws are good practice! Perhaps integrate it into the bounty board someday!?

Re:Zero Volume 9:

Re:Zero Volume 9 has come out in Japan recently, and goes past the ending of the anime. For those who don’t want to be left at an eternal cliffhanger cause Yen Press isn’t going to catch up anytime soon, Don’t read on.

For those that do, click here at your own peril.


Highlight of the editorial conversation for Akashic:
[4:09:12 PM] Hocchibi: cuz we’re delaying akashic
[4:09:15 PM] Miyuchi: mk
[4:09:18 PM] yuNS: idk
[4:09:19 PM] yuNS: are we
[4:09:19 PM] yuNS: lol
[4:09:23 PM] Hocchibi: are we?
[4:09:25 PM] Miyuchi: are we?
[4:09:27 PM] Hocchibi: I thought Miyuchi said yes
[4:09:28 PM] yuNS: are we?

0 thoughts on “Translation Diary – KonoSuba Volume 10 Redrawn Cover, Re:Zero Volume 9 (After Anime) Spoilers, and more!

  1. That slideshow thing needs a full screen mode. Had no clue what the difference between those images were until I opened them in new tabs. But man, this looks awesome. The limits of my cleaning skills is pretty much a bad clone stamp job… :?

  2. for those who want to know summary about volume 10:
    Kazuma and his party had take on the job to protect Iris who is on the way to meet the prince of the Elroad Kingdom.
    Kazuma used his great luck and and cunning mind to make sure the Elroad Kingdom still give support to them while trying to destroy the engagement of his cute sister(Iris) with the prince of the kingdom

    1. I was going to tag your comment as a spoiler, but I suppose the summary is more or less stating the obvious. In any case, do remember to mention the possibly that it could be a minor spoiler to those that haven’t completed the volumes and are checking out this post.

      Also, could I ask for your source? I can’t find any official summaries for the volume on Amazon or Rakuten Kobo.

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