Happy Halloween!

Here’s a rough sketch of Megumin drawn by me!


Shadowsky, the artist that drew the banner at skythewood’s website has offered to digitalize it, so stay tuned! Also, I’ll be around on Sky’s discord from now on, so hop in/pm me if you’d like! The link can be found on the right hand banner of sky’s site!

Here’s Shadow’s redraw of mine! (and he/she is now my sensei in drawing)


0 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN YALL’, and fantastic drawing, lets add some color ;), I wanted to wish ya a happy Halloween in style. The LA is a bit different since I re-lined to save time on coloring it, for as I wanted it done today of course. Sorry for not asking first, just had to get it to ya. Though my tablet which was a cheaper $50 has had issues and was put in my garage, but since I am still waiting for my Ugee 1910B which will take awhile I pushed through it and made it work out sort of. https://puu.sh/yb1Bq/a1cf3c36d7.png Here ya are! Fantastic drawing again, and great that you have a teacher, I wish I had a teacher when I was struggling so badly, but still worked through it.

  2. yuNS… I don’t think hands are supposed to be that tiny.
    Thank you Shadow for fixing that awful finger to hand to face ratio.

      1. Knowing yuNS personally, this was intended to be in a teasing manner. I’m sorry if I’m unable to convey my intended tone. m(_ _)m

  3. Happy Halloween man even thorough this doesn’t exist in my country
    one of the nice thing from Halloween is this a lot of nice picture for Halloween like this one Thank :D

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