KonoSuba Anime Season 2 Opening Theme, [Tomorrow] by Machico

Released to public for the first time on KonoSuba Radio!


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19 thoughts on “KonoSuba Anime Season 2 Opening Theme, [Tomorrow] by Machico

    1. Yeah Konosuba’s ED was very nice. Still bummed that the anime’s art is infinitely inferior to that of Mishima Kurone though 😛 But anime means that we get to hear the awesome voices and stuff so you win some you lose some.

      1. One of the interviews with the character designer for the KonoSuba anime said that he: “Took a look at the LN illustrations and said that this was too cute, and there was no way they could adapt it to anime” or something along that lines. I also think that it would be great if the art was Kurone-level, but that’s not possible since her art is head and shoulders above any anime staff’s ability to adapt it given the time constraints.

  1. This song do not hold a candle to the first opening by a longshot. I can’t imagine any exciting visuals to go with this song at all >.>

  2. That’s pretty good, Machico always delivering.

    Lets pray that the OP visuals turns out good and not look so butchered like season 1 OP

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