KonoSuba! In the Life! and the Haul


Link to Christmas Release 1: KonoSuba! In the Life! (Patch v1.03)) 

Do note that this is considered the ‘playable’ patch, and that most of the banter/dialogue has not been translated. However, the dialogue is more or less the same as volume 1.

Since I wouldn’t continue translating the game until Volume 10 + special stories if anyone wants to pick this translation up, please tell me!


Other Hauls:img_0468

– 2 Copies of Volume 10 + first print edition side story bonuses
– ‘Protect the White Wolf!’ side story.

Not Pictured:
– Volume 4 Special Edition side story
– Blu-ray Vol. 1
– Continued, Explosions: 2 copies + first print side stories (release 12/28 already ordered~!)

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