Countdown: 1 Day until KonoSuba S2!


Why are they having so much fun with this ‘countdown’ thing?
Hey, what about me?
I’m the main character, just saying.

11 thoughts on “Countdown: 1 Day until KonoSuba S2!

    1. It starts 12 January, but it’s 01:30 in the morning. In Japan, any time close midnight is counted as the day before, but over 24 hours. (The time is recognized as 25:30, January 11th)

    1. Kazuma x Iris for the win. Let Kazuma be king and bring doom to the empire! They will become the strongest nation, and the most laughed at.

  1. Yay, 1 day more to Konosuba 2, I can’t wait! But Kazuma may think the opposite and hope that his endless bad luck stop torturing him because of Aqua (the goddes of bad luck and poverty) when he is supposed to have great luck.

    1. Doesn’t his great luck working already, I mean, just look at his party and their relatives, eventhough they are a bit depraved, their ROLE is a real deal lol.

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