Gifting – Side Story, Today as a Love Consultant

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Consulting with this Masked Devil! – Side Story: Today as a Love Consultant

Shortly past lunchtime, as the customers in the guild began to decrease—

“Oh, to think that you would come to Moi for advice. How unusual of you, laughable clansman.”

“Who are you calling a laughable clansman? Even I have troubles that I want to consult with others about, ok!?”

A girl who belonged to the renowned laughable clan – the Crimson Magic clan – had come to consult with Moi.

With shining, crimson eyes, the indignant laughable clansman said.

“Actually, I heard that your fortune-telling was quite accurate, so I came to have you help me with something.”

Saying that, she sat down in front of me with a serious expression.

“Moi do not mind as long as you pay… So, what would you like to know? Would you like to know the recommended locations for explosion magic?”

“That’s not it. Well, I do want to know, but I didn’t come to you for that today. Actually, I want to know the true face of a certain someone.”

A certain someone?

“Every time I’ve seen him, he’s wearing a mask and has the feeling of a ‘hero from the shadows’. He’s really cool, but um, how should I say this… Since the first time I’ve seen him, I get the feeling that he isn’t a stranger, so it’s been bothering me for a while… No matter what, I’d like to know his true face.”

“So you wanted to know Moi true face hm? Well, Moi have already shown the housewives nearby, and you pleaded to Moi so passionately, so Moi suppose that it won’t hurt to show you Moi true face under the mask.”

“Why would I want to know your true face!? That’s not it. What I want to know is the true face of a certain thieving group.”

Certain thieving group?

“Are you talking about the skillful, wanted thief that wears the same mask as Moi? If that’s the case, then Moi have already been requested to do so by the guild’s employees in the past, but for some reason, Moi is unable to grasp their true face.”

“How disappointing. You act so cocky and confident, but when it comes down to it, you’re just plain useless.”

“To think that Moi would be called useless by you, who can only be used once a day. Even Moi did not foresee such a development.”

“Oi, don’t say it like the only thing I can do is explosion magic… but what a shame. If possible, I would like to see that masked thief again, and I also want to get that cool ma…sk…”

Saying that, the laughable clansman froze.

“Right! That mask! For a while now, I’ve wanted that cool mask! I can buy that from Wiz’s store right?”

“It’s commendable that you have such an interest in Moi mask, however, ‘Vanir Masks’ have already been sold out long ago. To preserve the value of exclusivity, Moi have decided to not restock for the time being.”

“What are you saying? Don’t be so stingy, just give me one! Weren’t you boasting just a moment ago? Don’t be an eyesore, come on!”

“Y-, You little brat, don’t take Moi away, are you trying to kidnap a devil! It will be restocked one day, so be patient and wait!”

The laughable clansman grabbed onto my mask and tried to pry it off.

As I drove her away like a dog, the laughable clansman suddenly clapped her hands and had a eureka moment.

“That’s right, the mask! That masked thief was wearing a mask made by you! If that’s the case, then isn’t that thief one of your customers?”

“Hmpf… Amongst those that bought Moi mask, all of them were slightly strange. Moi don’t think that there were any skillful thieves amongst them…”

From what Moi had heard, that thief had penetrated the tight security of the royal palace, instantly defeated various knights as well as a rather famous adventurer, and finally stole away a treasure.

It’s a shame, but Moi does not remember handing Moi mask to such a powerful adventurer.

“That thief most likely got that mask from someone else. Since they had chosen a tasteful name such as the ‘masked thieving group’, Moi also hope to have a chat with them one day.”

“When the time comes, remember to call me as well. Alright then, I’ll be going, I still have to do my routine work for today.”

Saying that, the laughable clansman stood up. Then, Moi absentmindedly said.

“Is there not something else that you desire to ask Moi? Surely, there must be something else that you are truly bothered about, yes?”

As I led the laughable clansman on, she turned around, and said.

“Right! You still haven’t told me the recommended spots to cast explosion magic.”

Saying that, the laughable clansman reseated herself, but Moi was not talking about that.

“Such trifling matters are unimportant. More important than this, dost thou not want me to foretell the future of the man that resides in thy heart?”


Hearing what Moi said, the laughable clansman visibly shook.

“That man’s future is not yet decided. Oh, to think that there was such a thing… Moi never thought that that man was so incredibly popular. Moi couldn’t tell by looking.”

“W-, What is it? Even if you try to bait me by saying that, I wouldn’t fall for it… but, it’s fine if I listen in for a little bit, I guess. Just a little bit ok?”

“You must pay to hear what comes next.”

…Hearing that, the laughable clansman opened her purse and stared at its contents.

Then, she extracted its contents in a grand fashion, and cautiously handed it over to Moi.

“…No matter what you say, Moi cannot take almost-complete point cards and coupons as money…”

In response, the laughable clansman’s face flushed in embarrassment, and then she said.

“My name is Megumin! As the number one magician of Axel and the one who forges her own destiny, I tread a thorny path! There is no way that I have a man in my heart, nor would I consult you on such girly feelings!”

Saying that, she dashed out of the guild.

The abashed feelings of a young girl, that would cause anyone to reflexively smile, were truly delicious negative emotions.


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  1. More Megumin X Kazuma confirmed!!! Though if there was an illustration added, it would be much cuter. An illus be Kurone showing a blushing Megumin and a thought bubble of Kazuma. If there is one, new wallpaper confirm.
    Still, thanks to Kurone for the illus; thanks to Akatsuki-san for the stories and everything; and thanks to YuNS for the translation!!!!!

  2. « Hé femelle! Moi vouloir toirqnbsp;&!a&uo;Sur ces bonne paroles, il la ramasse par les cheveux et la traîne dans sa grotte.

  3. Nothing better than konosuba. Every character that appears is loveable idiots or loveable villains. I come here to reread every volume to heal my heart after reading an unexpected extra ch4 from Tsuki ga blabla. That ch enough to make me drop that title for a while.

    If I’m not wrong. It’s kazuma grope megumin ass in some chapter? Which chapter is that?

    1. Ehh??? There’s such a thing like that happen? I didn’t remember i’ve read that part so i want to know too…

      for science Lol

        1. I remember him admitting to feel her chest on his back and judging each day if she developed (I think it was in the ova), but i don’t remember the groping her ass. I read the early volumes ages ago though, so i have no idea.

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