Ah, life. How busy you may be. Anyway, I profusely apologize about all the delays and delays to come, college has been busy! As for this week, I have 2 papers and 2 exams, so I’ll be busy! However, fear not, for my spring break is in 2 weeks!

Here’s how it’ll go down, during the week of 3/11 – 3/19, I’ll be spending my whole time catching up on translations in this order:
Akashic: Volume 2, Chapter 2
Akashic: Volume 2, Chapter 3
Gifting: Continued Explosions, Chapter 4
Akashic Volume 2, Chapter 4.

At this point, I’ll be caught up! Wish me luck!

– yuNS

38 thoughts on “TRANSLATION IN 2K17 LUL

  1. Good luck! Don’t worry about us coz we’ll wait no matter how long it takes. Just pop up once in a while for us to know if you’re ok ^^

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