Announcement: KonoSuba – In the life! Translation Project Completed! & Short Story: Aqua-sensei!

I’m pleased to announce that the KonoSuba! in the life! translation has been completed!

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Translator: yuNS
Editors: Keel the Swift, Deus-ex-Machina


Volume 1 – Special Short Story:

From the Digital Edition: Aqua-sensei

“Sensei! You’re Aqua-sensei, right!?”

As Aqua and I were taking a walk through town, a well-dressed gentleman approached us.


“Hm? You’re that person from what’s-it-called house right? What a coincidence.”

“W-, What’s-it-called house… Aqua-sensei, may I ask where you are headed today? My master constantly asks me ‘Has Aqua-sensei’s next work been revealed?’ and is excitedly awaiting your next artwork…”

The man that called Aqua ‘sensei’ seemed to be the butler of some famous household.

“That just bothers me more though. I only drew something as an apology for the piece that I broke. No matter how much you pay me, I just don’t really feel like drawing.”

“Please I beg you! Sensei’s piece has been well-received by other nobles as well… If you would like a reward, there are many other options as well…”

“O-, Oi Aqua, what the heck happened? I don’t really get it, so could you explain?”

Unable to read the situation, I turned to ask Aqua.

“A while back, I was teaching the children in the neighborhood how to play baseball, and we were just playing around, you see? Then I hit a super comeback out-of-the-park ball. It broke the window of some distinguished person’s mansion and destroyed the piece of artwork that decorated the hallway.”

“Then, since sensei did not have the money to compensate for the damage, she offered to draw a new piece in exchange… The work was more than enough to compensate. Rather, it was so wonderful, that it is now my master’s family heirloom…”

Amazing! Actually, is it really? To be honest, I don’t really know what to say anymore…

Wait no. To be able to scribble something that makes nobles cry out in admiration really is amazing, but the reason the artwork was destroyed is… Oh you little…

“Anyway, I’m not an artist so I won’t take any money. I need to go right now to mess with a certain store that doesn’t have any customers, so I’ll have to turn you down.

“W-, Why… Aqua-sensei, I will not give up…!”

The gentleman painstakingly left.

“If you’re that good at drawing can’t you just take him up on his offer?”

“No way. I’m a goddess, you know? An archpriest, you know? I have some pride for what I do. Well, not like a shut-in who’s never worked a day in their life would understand!”

As I grabbed ahold of Aqua and concocted a plan to make her beg for mercy, someone suddenly showed up to intervene.

“Master! What is happening master!? Who is this man? Is he some sort of hoodlum!?”

“Ah, you’re that disciple person! This man is an evil existence who is trying to harm me! Beat him down! Use the power that you’re so proud of to beat him down!”

“Please leave this to me, master!”

“Hey, wait-…!”

––In response to Aqua’s disciple who suddenly appeared and attacked me, I used ‘Drain Touch’ to render him immobile.

Breathing heavily, I looked down at the man who couldn’t move after his magic power was drained.

“T-, The heck is this guy supposed to be!? And what’s ‘master’ supposed to mean!? Explain properly!”

“This person is my self-proclaimed disciple. I think he’s a sculptor or something. When I was engraving the holy symbol of the Axis Cult on the door of Wiz’s shop to kill time, he was like ‘what amazing skill!’ and kinda became my disciple or something like that.”

“J-, Just give it a rest already. Wiz can’t get into the store if you do that, right? Anyway, you’ve been wandering about doing this and that when I haven’t been paying attention huh. Wandering aside, it’s not like you’re a dog or cat, so just come on and admit it already. You’re interested in this sort of thing, right? It’d be better to just be honest with yourself, you know?”

“You should be the one to admit it already! Recognize me for who I am! I mean, just who do you think I am, anyway!? Tell me, who am I, and what is my profession?”

“The airhead artist Aqua-san?’

“It’s the archpriest Aqua-sama! The heavens are telling me that your face wants a piece of this holy fist!”

As Aqua angrily moved to catch me—

A girl who was running by us suddenly turned around.

She slipped from her momentum and ended up grazing her arms and knees.


Just like that, the girl began to sob like a certain crybaby I know.

Aqua leaned towards the girl—

“‘Heal’! …Alright, it doesn’t hurt anymore, right? Now, get up. It would be a waste of your cuteness if you cry alright?”

Such archpriest-like thing….

“Gu…, hic…”

“Geez, I guess it can’t be helped then. I’ll show you something good, alright? Now, inside the handkerchief is, woah….”

Although she didn’t seem like she would stop crying anytime soon, she stopped immediately when she saw Aqua’s art.

…Since Aqua was doing an archpriest-like thing for once, I’ll do my best to back her up.

I turned away from Aqua and the girl, and headed towards a stand where an old man was selling roast skewers…

“Look, there are so many thin-winged violet-red butterflies! For your knowledge, it’s a heavily protected monster species…!”

“Amazing onee-chan! Amazing! Amazing… I-, It’s super-duper… a-, amazing….”

I hurriedly turned to look, but there was already a huge crowd of onlookers.

“Oi girl, show me one more time!”

“O-, Onee-chan, I want to see it one more time…!”

“One more time!” “One more time!”


“That just bothers me though. You can form a crowd all you like, but it really just makes me feel bothered though. I’m a priest, so it really bothers me if you ask me for art though!”


I think you really need to get a class-change.


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