Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! Volume 11, Prologue

Release of Volume 11!

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After Kazuma and Co. completed the bodyguard mission, they were visited by Megumin’s younger sister, Komekko. The younger sister’s shows of respect have placed Kazuma, Aqua, and even Darkness in a good mood. To show her their heroics, the three have decided to go to on a quest for once(?)

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Translator: yuNS
Editors: Uranophane, Deus-ex-Machina



That day–

At the Japanese-styled room in Belzerg’s royal castle.


“Ahahahaha! Ahahahahaha! Hey Kazuma, look at this! I used the flyers from the shopping street to make that weirdo devil’s mask!”

“Buahahaha! What the heck is this? If you didn’t tell, I would’ve never thought that this was made of flyers! You really are good at this kind of thing!”

After safely escorting Iris back, we were invited to Claire’s reception, where we let loose with drunken fervor.

“Fuahahahah! The devil that sees through all shall hence announce: Thou, who looks soberly looks upon us beholding an amused expression, who is a lady who possesses large biceps; the digestion of alcohol requires protein. If thou shouldst drink more, then the hard muscles that troubled thee may soften somewhat.”

“Buhahahahaha! That’s just like him!”

“S-, Shut up you drunkards! And Aqua, don’t say that I have hard muscles!”

Aqua, who wore the flyer-made Vanir mask, gave a lifelike impression of Vanir. In response, Darkness’ face turned beet red.

“Just let me drink already! I’m already of marriageable age, so why am I still being treated like a child!!?”

Megumin, who wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol, questioned Darkness.

“W-, Well even if you ask me that, Megumin, it’s not a difference of age, but more like, well, a difference of physical maturity or something like that, I guess? Megumin, uhm, compared to other people, your development is a bit… “

I followed after Darkness, who began to trail off.

“Ahyahyahyahyahyahyhya! Good one-!”

“That’s not a ‘good one’! Hey, what’s so funny, you drunkard! Hand over the bottle you’re holding please! …Ah, what are you doing with your hand, give it! Hng, agh, hiyahhhhhhhhhh!?”

I mercilessly used ‘Drain Touch’ against Megumin, who tried to pry the bottle from my hands. Seeing the situation unfold, Aqua began to cackle loudly.

“Ahahahahah, Ahahahahaha! Good one-!”

“There’s nothing good about that! Hey, I said that there’s nothing good about that, you hear me!? And what the heck are you doing Kazuma!? If you take away my magic power then I won’t be able to use explosion magic today, won’t I!? You’ll return it later right!?”

I merely showed a funny smile in response to Megumin’s angry outburst.

“Good one-!”

“This guy!”

Ignoring Megumin who grappled me, I gleefully glanced over the mess of people in the Japanese-styled room.


“Kazuma-san Kazuma-san, let’s drink all the wine they have in this castle!”

“Alrighty then, let’s fill me upper’ then I’ll show you all a ‘Create Water’ where you don’t need to use magic power at all!”

“You friggin scumbag! How dare you say such a dirty joke!”

“Oi someone come here! If you aren’t busy can you please bring these two peeps back to their rooms!?


As Aqua and I listened to Megumin and Darkness’ cries–


“Hey Kazuma, I had a lot of fun today! I mean, this is the first time that our hard work and accomplishments have actually been recognized this well!”

“You got that right! For whatever reason, when we actually got down and did stuff in the past, we would end up with even more debt or in some kind of crazy situation. Even in the best case all we got were some money or awards or whatever!”


Today, I enjoyed myself to the fullest.

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