RokuAka Episode 10~!

Rip Volume 5 is being “adapted” so to speak. I guess I’m a bit of a LN supremacist, but everything is a bit rushed, as in, whole volumes are being adapted in 2-3 episodes, and a lot of events are changed/missing. They most definitely wanted to get to this arc, as we saw the flashback in the 1st episode for no real reason.

Anyway, for comparison, KonoSuba had 5 episodes per volume, and even then many events were removed from each volume (meeting Wiz, Kazuma’s adventure with Dust’s group, Kazuma’s excursion with Yunyun to name a few), so even without reading it’s not too hard to get an idea of how much they seem to have left out.

Mildly salty rant aside, the animation quality looks a bit better for this final arc.

21 thoughts on “RokuAka Episode 10~!

  1. Ah.. I’m also an LN supremacist i guess. That’s why sometimes it’s best to watch anime before you read so you won’t get angry and depressed when you watch it. XD

  2. I, 100%, agree. RokuAka’s anime adaption was being rushed WAY too much since episode 3. I still remembered it too…

  3. kadokawa has been doing that for a while now, they just do an anime adaption just to promote the LN, still they dont butcher that much if you compare them with 4kids.

  4. Did they adapt the tournament bit properly or was it also rushed and if yes did they cut out a sizeable chunk or mostly minor stuff?
    I would’ve liked that part to have been a little longer

    1. Nobody’s gonna appreciate this but go to a pirated(pirate?) site like kissanime or something like that

      1. He posted the comment before the translated version came out. The raw comes about about 4-5 hours before the translation comes out usually.

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