KonoSuba Volume 12 Covers!

Standard Edition Cover
DCWaH7bUIAEXP52Something something where is volume 11!?

Well it’s in editing.

Something something where is Akashic!?

Well it’s in editing.


Also, I felt like Mishima Kurone had a lull with continued explosions illustrations (where everything and everyone looked the same), but I’m glad it seems to be fixed. I really like the cover of the BD edition, which I will be getting after seeing this!

Blu-ray Edition CoverDCWbUvzUQAAe2Rf

22 thoughts on “KonoSuba Volume 12 Covers!

  1. For some reason I always imagined Kazuma’s bow as a tiny one that collapses or as a crossbow. I just found it hard to picture Kazuma with a bow that big considering he has to sit down, move around, or even run as a masked thief with it on his back.

    Oh well time to program my brain into thinking he just leaves it at home most of the time.

  2. I don’t understand one thing–when saying ‘volume 11 is still in editing’, is the translator planning to release the whole volume at once? Or is it only one chapter?

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