(Manga) Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! – Chapter 1!

First a Radio Show, now a manga!? What!!!

Anyway, enjoy. (will work on batoto or something like that when I feel like it.)

Translation: yuNS
Typeset: yuNS
Redraw: Katomon, Seathice, yuNS
Editors: yuNS


18 thoughts on “(Manga) Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! – Chapter 1!

  1. Fantastic work! Thanks!

    On a side note, it’s already on mangafox. You may get unwanted attention from this, I’m affraid. But since it’s manga, what else can you do? It sucks!

  2. Thanks!^^
    this is a nice reminder on how Kazuma used to be the reliable straight man…you know, only when he’s surrounded by ‘more special’ people…
    why does he degrade so fast the moment he doesn’t have anyone to take care of?…
    he’s switching positions with the rest of the party who’ve been getting more competent and sane!…or did I just get too used to them? XD

    1. im agree with u

      maybe the degenerate kazuma will become the last arc, each volume is always circle around one of the heroines.

      so.. the last would be kazuma’s vol, that sounds great imo

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