yuNS in Japan! What I’ve been up to recently… and some announcements for the future

Hi everyone! So I’m in Japan right now… It’s a bit risky to upload any translations at the moment, so I’ll be holding off until early September when I leave.

Being in Japan and not having too much to do, I’ve watched pretty much every anime movie I’ve wanted to watch, namely, No Game No Life Zero (Madhouse), Uchiagehanabi (SHAFT), and Prisma Illya, Oath under the Snow. All of these were pretty good by the way.

So in the future, I’ll probably be subbing each of the movies above, in addition to scanlating Uchiagehanabi the manga in a less-effortful manner. Less-effortful being no cleans of the SFX like we do in KonoSuba’s manga.

Finally, Kato (redrawer for KonoSuba) has offered to clean the illustrations for Akashic Records after Mofu’s redrawer went missing!


Edit: Also, the person who was meant to buy the short stories for KonoSuba 12 and the new spinoff fell through but never told us, so I’ll be looking on getting the stories via auction.


17 thoughts on “yuNS in Japan! What I’ve been up to recently… and some announcements for the future

  1. Good to see that you are enjoying :).
    While i’m for my dose of new konosuba chapters, i’m re-reading all the volumes for the third time haha.
    Heard there are wonderfull kazuma x megumin development in the vol 12 <3 haha so i'm quite anxious to see what will happen, since they are my favorite ship of all times, even a depressed fellow like me cant help but smile when they advance their love relationship haha.
    Anyhow, take care and enjoy your trip, yuns! And thanks for all the translations and for taking time to update us about everything .

  2. Hey, yuNS, are you involved with Noblesse Oblige Translations? They translated vol 6 of your pride and joy (Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor). I just saw it on facebook post from Karoshi’s Krispy Memes and went to Novelupdates and to their own website to confirm it. Did they stole the Project from you or did they asked first or did you even took part in it? Quite aa unsavory subject. If it’s a steal, I thought these things didn’t happened, at least with same language projects.

      1. Oh. It sucks. I hope you are able to find the motivation to keep translating the series. If you do not, I understand and take the opportunity to offer my appreciation to all the work you and the other contributors have done.

      2. The problem with major aggregator sites going with someone else’s translation is that everyone else’s translations get overlooked. In essence, they become uncredited translation checkers for the translated version at the aggregator as the translator groups read other peoples’ translations and incorporate any updated corrections.

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