Where is Konosuba!?

Hello world!

It’s been a busy semester here at college but its finally nearing its end. Hopefully without Organic Chemistry next semester I’ll finally be able to devote some time to translating.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, the previous release of Konosuba is a month ago, while the last release of Akashic is over 2 months ago (which is why the next release will be Akashic). In part due to long waits, Cannongerbil (site link here) will be picking up Konosuba alongside myself, and has committed to releasing weekly. Chapter 1 and 2 of volume 12 is available on his site. 

While his translation is lacking in polish (mostly due to experience) with a few translation errors or hiccups here and there, it is certainly more than readable. I usually bring this up as a benchmark for myself, but its much better than my translation of Consulting with this Masked Devil back when I first started, in terms of readability. I’ll also be working with him on-and-off.

As some would still rather read my translations eventually, I’ll continue working through Konosuba at my own pace.

Also, for those concerned about a chemistry-semester relapse, fear not, for I shall be withdrawing from a possible chem minor, as my courseload is (apparently) too much with 2 majors already.

Till next time,

15 thoughts on “Where is Konosuba!?

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Will go read that other translation in the meantime then.i read several times good novels anyway so I will read your part when you finish;)

  2. So basically youre saying we having 2 translator for Konosuba or just a temporary partnership for translating? (Just asking)

  3. The text was flickering here and there and I thought something was wrong with my eye. I thought I had to stop using computer for so long, that’s when I scrolled up to the image at the top and realized that it was just a simulation of snow falling!! yuNS, please use a better background, so that it would look pretty.

  4. Organic chemistry? I feel for you. All those lines and cathalysts and “this molecule reacts this way but this other one which is about the same reacts differently”…

  5. Doing Organic Chemistry this symester as well, so i know a bit of your pain ;)
    Take your time, I will definetly come back to a read of your take on this volume as well!

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