[ENG SUB] Sword Art Online: Alicization Opening 1 – ADAMAS by LiSA

Streamable link with video (YT blocks video): https://streamable.com/28ziy

Translation I did cause I’m procrastinating and the existing one on YouTube is well… of questionable quality to put it nicely. Also wanted to test out the wordpress video function, since I haven’t bothered with it even though this site is over 2 years old. Apparently full-screen is broken on the wordpress player.

Anyway, a quick update regarding translations. Fate/Prototype will return after the first volume of Shaved is done. After the first volume of Proto I’ll finish a volume of Akashic and repeat the cycle all over again. Depending on how time management goes, I might work on Shaved concurrently with the other series since the chapters are a whole lot shorter compared to Akashic.

Also, Shaved is a bit ahead in terms of translation, so in the meantime I’ll be finishing up the Konosuba short stories I didn’t do while back.

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