(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 12.

Hello world, it’s been a while.

So I’ve graduated now, yay \o/. I also have a job, so I guess I got that going for me too. In other news, the site’s been demonetized, which is kind of sad, but since I have a job now I guess I’ll survive regardless.

Coincidentally, it’s also Father’s Day! So Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! I guess this one’s for Yoshida too, in a sense.

Anyway, enjoy!


21 thoughts on “(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 12.

  1. Absolutely enjoying this series. I started with the illustrated version but had to have more. Can’t wait for chapter 13.

  2. As I see a new chapter, my heart blossom! However, I saw this week ago but as I translate new novel and have an expectation of comment feedback. I think you need one from me as reciprocation. I love the fact that you do this as a hobby just like I do. Congrats on your graduation. I wish that day will come for me sooner. Perhap so, many adult told me study life is much easier than the real work. Nevertheless, thank you.

  3. Best of luck, yuNS!
    Full fledged adult, heh 😀

    Could you spill the beans why it was demonetized? (by WP I gather)
    Is it because of the “Shaved…” title?

    1. They tell me it’s cause there is mature content on the blog (which is why I moved the shaved manga off-site), but they also said that the block won’t be lifted even if the content is removed. Might be because of copyright infringement though.

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