(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 15. & Some Status Updates

Hey all, it’s been a real while.

Work has been the same as ever I guess.

Anyway, now that I’ve completed the latest ultimate raid in FFXIV and Atelier Ryza, I’ll be looking to put maybe around 3-5 hours per week into translation depending on my work schedule; so maybe more, maybe less.

As for status updates:
– Akashic Records: The chapter is done, but I’ll be coming back to this after Vol 1. of Shaved is finished. I’ll finish the Konosuba/Akashic chapters sometime in the interim.
– Fate/Prototype: I’ll likely be handing this off  to another translator after finishing Vol. 1 Act 3. If there’s enough of a log to release this on a regular schedule, I’ll look for an editor to help review the grammar and vocabulary.
– Shaved: (Un)surprisingly, an anime for this series has been announced! Given the type of series this is though, I’m hoping that it’ll be a series of 5-10 minute shorts, since I’m not sure how the series would be represented otherwise. I’ll continue trudging through this series until at least Vol. 2, at which point I’ll review the TLs of a few translator volunteers to possibly pass this series off to.


7 thoughts on “(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Chapter 15. & Some Status Updates

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your works. I was led to you by Akashic records and I’m glad. Although it has been a year since this post I will wait to see your hard work in translating the volumes. Good luck.

  2. Thank you for your work for us. Please take your time and enjoy your life.
    Also where can i find akashic v5? I know its already animated but we know it’s missing many part.

  3. Hi! I’m one of those who regularly check this site for updates of Shaved. Just go at your own pace. I just wanna say thank you for your work and I do understand the frequency of updates.

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