(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Short Story.

And that’s the end of volume 1! If you missed it, please do take a look at the Afterword Section, I did put quite a bit of effort into explaining context relevant to the story!

As for the future of volume 2 and beyond, I’ve still yet to hear back from someone who wanted to pick up the series, so it may be a while before the next update.

Anyways, as usual, do enjoy!


7 thoughts on “(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Short Story.

  1. I hadn’t read any of your translations in a long time, so when I decided to start reading this I was pleased to see you’d picked it up.
    This was surprisingly enjoyable. I was cautiously optimistic about it when I read the synopsis, but other than the main character being a way too dense I’ve no complaints, and by the end I was very invested in the story.

    I hope you continue this series, as the quality of your translations was even better than I remembered.

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