Changing Domain Servers & Status Updates

Hi all!

I’m changing the servers associated with the domain so you may find the site blank or unreachable for a short period of time in the near future.

Anyway, regarding the translations on my site, some messages I received have left me a little disillusioned, but I’m sure that that’s the from an outlier amongst minorities. With that said, I’d just like to reiterate that the translations and other stuff I post here is a hobby.

That aside, I’ll be starting up with Shaved again in the near future once I get the site hosting and server-move settled.



6 thoughts on “Changing Domain Servers & Status Updates

  1. WTF? People actually are bitching about yuNS not translating when they:
    a. Do translating as a hobby
    b. Haven’t gotten a damn cent from translating on this site
    c. Have never promised to have a consistent schedule or quota (or anything similar)
    c. Haven’t put ANYTHING behind a paywall
    ? How entitled can you get?

    Can we all just say THANK YOU to yuNS for translating for us? They put so much effort into translating this (as seen by the phrasing and lack of minor errors that commonly happen when one just puts a text through a machine translator). Why can’t we just be happy that someone is translating this for FREE? Would I like more frequent translations? Hell yes I would! But it’s ultimately yuNS’ decision in the end when they post/translate.

    Sorry to rant, but it feels like we as a community give a lot of shit to translators who don’t deserve this stuff. They are doing US a favor, not US doing THEM a favor, and we need to respect that they are human too.

  2. If people are sending you rude messages or telling to hurry. Just ignore them, there subhuman garbage that aren’t worth your time.

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