[Updated 07/03] (Release) [Shaved] Volume 2, Chapter 1.

So begins volume 2! A group has expressed interest in picking the series up, but since volume 2 has started I’ll finish the volume and gauge their interest again when the time comes.

In case you’ve noticed some changes with the site, I’ve been messing around with options to let the site self-sustain it’s content and hosting. I’m also using a new editor layout on wordpress after moving the site, so if there’s any janky formatting issues do let me know through discord or email.

As always, thanks for reading and bless Yuuki, who flexed his editing muscles this chapter.



4 thoughts on “[Updated 07/03] (Release) [Shaved] Volume 2, Chapter 1.

  1. I truly hope this goes the way of him gaining a daughter rather than a lover. Though I must say, as Yoshida’s been built up so far, he does sound like quite the catch if only he had any self awareness.

  2. Are you going to finish translate it until volume 3?
    At least I’m glad you’ll finish volume 2.
    Thanks for the translation.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. hmm. I think i’ll have to put this LN on a shelf until i can confirm whether she is not a virgin anymore. On a different note, thank you for the hard work :)

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