Consulting with this Masked Devil! – Volume 1 – Chapter 4

Today as a Bodyguard

Translator: yuNS
Editors: Sine Nomine
Part 1

“Vanir-sama, this is just a small gift, but please take it.”

A pretty lady bowed deeply while presenting something to Moi, who was seated behind the counter of the magic tool store.

Of course, to refer to Moi as “-sama”, she clearly wasn’t human.

“…Though amongst the devil races, the succubi are ranked fairly low, but to present a small gift to Moi, it seems you want to have your existence extinguished.”

“Y-y-y-, you’re mistaken, Vanir-sama! For us, this is something that took all our efforts to get! It’s just that it is something that does not match Vanir-sama’s greatness!”

Yes, the female before Moi was a succubus.

An existence that bestowed the men of this world with wet dreams, and took their spiritual energy.

Although Moi have encountered this succubus many times, she had never formally greeted Moi. This led to the current state of events.

“Vanir-san, to say ‘this is a small gift’ is just a standard greeting, alright? My name is Wiz, nice to meet you.”

Hearing Wiz say that with a kind smile, the succubus wetted her lips, and her eyes shone with a strange glimmer.

“She is really cute, isn’t she? As expected of Vanir-sama’s acquaintance. She appears to be a human magician, it is also nice to…”

“Did you hear that, Vanir-san!? She just called me cute!”


Witnessing Wiz’s ecstatic reaction, the succubus shouted in surprise.

“Though it seems like you used your ‘charm’ ability, but it won’t have any effect on the store owner who is also a lich. More importantly, it seems that your words have made this overage store owner needlessly happy.”

“You just said ‘overage store owner’, didn’t you!? Though I haven’t battled Vanir-san since I gave up my humanity, I suppose it would be nice to do so occasionally!”

Feeling the intense magic power and negative emotions that were flowing from Wiz, the succubus’ body shrank and turned pale.

“S-S-S-S-, Sorry! I didn’t realize that you are a Lich that rules over the undead, please forgive my insolence! A-A-Also, anger will damage your rare beauty!”

Having heard what the succubus said, Wiz’s mood seemed to lighten, and she hurriedly left to go make tea.

Seeing Moi simpleminded friend leave, the succubus lowered her head and said.

“Vanir-sama, please forgive me for using charm on your friend. I didn’t have any bad intentions, so…”

“Moi understand. Human males aside, females are your natural enemies, so Moi understand why you would use ‘charm’ to control them. However, Moi recommend that you no longer come close to this store. A vicious creature that sees devils and undead as enemies occasionally comes to this place.”

“For Vanir-sama to call it a vicious creature, what kind of creature is it!?”

Then, the shaking succubus suddenly seated herself on the floor, and lowered her head towards Moi.

“Actually, I did not come today just to give my greetings, there is something else. The succubi that live in this town want Vanir-sama’s protection. Even though all we want is peace and stability, the men with animal desires attack us day and night, and the priests of various sects come to hunt for our lives… What we want is to pass our days peacefully. If Vanir-sama would protect us, then every month, we will offer a portion of our profits to Vanir-sama, so please do consider it…”

“Moi thought the adventurers of this town were protecting you well, so what kind of scheme is this?”

“………To come to our store occasionally, and host hand-shake parties, signing parties, and things like that……”

Though Moi did not sound or look very convincing, but Moi was the duke of hell.

As a great devil that had a large amount of subordinates and territory, Moi name was well-known amongst devils.

Basically, for low-ranked devils like her, Moi was an existence beyond the wildest imaginations.

“Moi have said this many times, but Moi am not interested in devils like you that have not lived long. If you want Moi recognition, then come again in about 500 years. Here, this is the skin that Moi shedded just now, so go home for today.”

“Vanir-sama likes older women!? I will treat this skin as a family treasure, but I will not give up!”

The succubus hugged Moi skin shell to her chest, and ran out of the store.

“––The tea is ready…Eh? Did she leave already?”

“Mm. In return for her ‘small’ gift, Moi gave her Moi shell, and then she quickly left.”

“Just give her something better! How could you give a girl something like that!?”

Though the person in question was very happy about it…

As Wiz – who was carrying the tea – angrily said so, the door flew open, and the bell that signaled a customer rang.

“Good morning~! The brilliant me has come to play! … Hm, Wiz is waiting for me with tea prepared? But it is lukewarm.”

Just as the succubus left, the vicious creature that sees devils and undead as enemies arrived.

The creature that did as it pleased, indulgently drank the tea that was on Wiz’s tray.

“Good morning Aqua-sama, I will go make the tea again.”

Without any doubts, Wiz left to go make the tea.

“Neh, isn’t the smell of devils particularly strong in this store today? And it’s the scent of a devil weaker than you. Please don’t bring devils that I don’t know to my place.”

“Since when was this your place?”

Part 2

Because of the stubborn goddess living there, Moi left the store to take a walk.

“Vanir-sama, where are you going? May I come with you?”

Though once Moi arrived on the street, Moi was pestered by a succubus.

A few days ago, after the commotion with the adventurer guild’s receptionist lady, this loli succubus began to come to the magic tool store to play whenever she wanted to.

However, since Moi was in their care during the Eris Thanksgiving Festival a while ago, Moi could not simply dismiss them.

“Moi do not mind, as Moi have nothing special to do. Moi am just looking around town while thinking of new ideas for merchandise.”

“So you are taking a walk! Then I will accompany you!”

The loli succubus hummed as she followed behind Moi.

It would be troublesome to drive her away, so Moi let her be.

Then, accompanied by some jeering voice, something rolled towards Moi.

“––Oi, are you a new merchant here? Who gave you permission do business here!?”

“The government office gave me permission…”

A middle aged lady who owned an apple specialty store was being harassed with a brutish-looking man. The back of the man’s shirt bore a bird-shaped mark.

The objects that had rolled to Moi feet were the products of the lady’s store.

Anyhow, it appeared that the man had dumped the lady’s products over the floor.

As the succubus picked up the scattered items, the man drew closer to the lady.

“That’s not what I meant! What I was saying, is that to run a stall here, you have to get our permission first! I am someone from ‘Yatagarasu’! You’ve heard of the name, haven’t you? Come on, if you understand, take the stuff out already!”

TL Note: Yatagarasu is a crow god that stands for guidance in Japanese mythology, its appearance is often interpreted as divine intervention in human affairs.


The man who loudly threatened the lady outstretched his arm and opened his palm. With troubled feelings, the lady picked up several damaged apples from the ground and passed it to the man.

“Not these! Who told you to give me this junk merchandise!?”

The man violently shook his head as he struck the apples from the lady’s hands to the floor.

“Uhm, including the cost of damaged apples, the price is 3500 eris…”

“You still want money!? And at such a ridiculous price! What don’t you get about ‘Yatagarasu’!? I’m a member of the massive security organization from nearby towns, ‘Yatagarasu’, you know!?”

The man stamped the floor.

“From a security organization, you said…? Um, my son is in charge of the household all year round, could you employ him…”

“We’re a real security organization! It’s not a place where you dispose of NEETs! Ahh, come on already!”

The man pulled on his hair in frustration, and then grabbed the lady’s collar and dragged her away.

“P-Please stop! I have an immobile adult son and a useless husband! At least wait till I’m done with work to…!”

“What do you think I’m thinking!? If you want to do that kind of thing, you have to be a bit younger…Grandma, why is your face red!”

––As she carried the apples in her arms, the succubus that had observed the situation turned and asked Moi.

“Um, Vanir-sama? That woman looks like she is being harassed, but…”

“Wait, this situation is superb. Look, that store owner is wholly satisfied with the situation, but she carries that unwilling expression. Also, those apples over there are usually not that expensive. With the incident of the damaged apples in mind, it would be safe to assume that she intentionally provoked the man.”

As if they had heard what Moi said, the store owner and the man stopped.

“I see, then let’s just leave to be.”

“That would be fine. In any case, it appears that the man’s job is to harass people. It would be bad to disturb someone’s work.”

The store owner wildly fixed her clothes, and looked disdainfully in Moi direction.

It would appear that she had been looking forward to the situation.

Holding deep interest in the events that unfolded, the succubus looked at the two people with admiration.

“The jobs that humans can have…, there are all kinds of them, aren’t there…?”

“I suppose he is acting like a ruffian in order to show the world the necessity of a security organization. By the way, there is a troublesome girl that comes to the store everyday to drink tea. If possible, I would like to request the security organization to chase her away.”

“Ah, if no incident occurs, the police wouldn’t act. I see~”

As we were having this conversation, the man – now red faced – loudly stamped towards us.

“Oi you… guys…Uuuhmm…W-, who are you people?”

The man who spoke confidently at first, became weak at the sight of Moi mask.

“That is Moi line. Moi heard that you were from a security organization?”

Hearing Moi words, the man’s confidence returned.

“Y-,Yea! I am from the security organization Yatagarasu. Just now, what were you bastards whispering about? If you have something against me, then let’s hear it! If you wanted to intervene out of your sense of justice, then…”

“Moi has nothing to say about what you were planning to do with the lady store owner. Rather, Moi have a job that Moi want to entrust to you. The store where Moi works has a vicious frequent customer.”

“What an eyesore… Eh, you have nothing against me!? Rather, I was harassing and extorting her, you know? To not do anything is a bit inhuman… Well whatever, you said you have a job for me?”

The man let off an undignified laugh.

“You know your place quite well, don’t you? Here, if you give me a portion of your profits each month, I will protect your store. What about it, the vicious customer is just some rowdy adventurer, ain’t he? I’m from an organization whose members are experts at man-to-man combat, just leave it to me.”

He then looked to the succubus who stood beside Moi.

“You’re from the surprisingly popular coffee store in the town’s alleyway, right? Does your store need protection as well?”

“Our store has a lot of frequent customers, so we don’t need protection.”

Though your store owner had come to Moi to ask for protection just now.

“…Hehh~? Are you alright saying that? Since your store looks so profitable, surely there will be some burglars that will try to rob you…Well, just be careful, alright?”

Towards the succubus’ unexpected answer, the man showed an expression of interest.

“The people of this town know that our store doesn’t make much money, so burglars won’t come. More importantly…your opponent is someone whom the extremely powerful Vanir-sama judged as ‘a vicious customer’. Onii-san, will you be alright?”

The man stopped smiling.

“…You, are you really that strong? Though you wear a weird mask, I can tell that your physique is quite good. W-Well, ‘vicious customer’ is just an exaggeration right? What does this customer usually do?”

“Hmpf, the moment Moi am seen, the customer casts brutal magic towards Moi, and the store owner has almost been erased several times. That’s about how vicious the customer is.”

“O-, Oi wait a second. Could I ask about your store’s profits? No, I’m not scared or anything. Since I have to face someone like that, I was wondering if I could get my money’s worth for my work.”

“Recently, all Moi have seen are red digits. The store owner has not eaten anything solid for a week.”

“Then don’t think about getting a security guard, just close the store and do some normal work!”

––After that incident, the succubus and Moi parted ways.

“Ah, welcome home, Vanir-san!”

For some reason, when Moi returned to the store, Wiz seemed to be in a good mood.

Moi found the reason for her good mood on top of the store counter.

“What’s this? Is this something that the neighbors gave you?”

“You’re mistaken, Vanir-san. When I was watching the store, a bunch of scary men came and suddenly asked me ‘Excuse us. Oi, this store seems like it could earn a lot of money… but it doesn’t look like it makes money… How much money does this store make each month?’ When I told them that the store loses money each day and that I haven’t eaten anything in a while, they…”

On the store counter was bread and meat-sticks that were probably bought from the nearby stores.

They were probably the companions of the man Moi had spoken with.

That person’s companions had come to do business, but after seeing the state of poverty this store was in, they instead gave some food and left peacefully.

“Uhm, how should Moi say this… Isn’t this great, we can eat till we’re full.”

“Yes, I haven’t eaten anything in a long time! It’s great that we can consume something that stays in our stomachs. Unlike how they look, they’re actually really good people!”

Truthfully, you can’t judge people by their looks.

Part 3

The next morning.

As Moi finished sweeping the storefront, Moi decided to sweep for the nearby stores as well. It was then, that Moi saw something stuck to neighboring store’s door.

“Is this a symbol of a crow?”

Stuck on the door was the seal of a three-legged crow.

Glancing at the other stores nearby, it seemed that all the doors had the same seal stamped onto them.

“––Store owner, about the seals that have been stamped on the doors of the nearby stores, would you happen to know what they are?”

As Moi returned to the store, Moi absentmindedly asked the store owner.

“The people from the security organization yesterday carried the same seal I think. Also, if you walk along the streets you can see the seal everywhere. Is this a new trend?”

Once Wiz said ‘security organization’, Moi realized what had happened.

It was something done by that man who was harassing the apple store owner yesterday.

“Don’t mind it. Anyway, come accompany Moi for a moment. Since it doesn’t seem like there will be any customers coming today, let us go look around town.”

––For a couple hours, Wiz and Moi walked around town.

Wiz, who hummed as she paced along the street, suddenly murmured.

“Without noticing, almost all the stores in the town of Axel have that steal stamped on the doors. Heh~”

Yes, it truly felt like it had happened without Moi noticing.

Originally, the public order of this town was already quite good, so Moi thought that it would be unnecessary to hire a security organization.


“––Wait you people, give it a rest already! If you keep doing this then the other customers can’t come in!”

Loud shouts could be heard coming from the set-menu restaurant in front of Moi.

In any case, it was about noontime.

For any restaurant, this was the prime time for business.

“We understand what you’re saying, but we’re also customers, ya’ know? What’cha gotta say about it?”

At the same time, the group of men became possessed by laughter.

As Moi took a glimpse inside, Moi saw 5 bulky and crude men taking up all the seats in the store.

All of them wore shirts that had the bird-shaped mark on the back.

It was the bird that was currently trendy.

“A ‘customer’ has to order something to be called a ‘customer’! You guys, since you’ve entered the store you haven’t order anything, and have just been seated the whole time!”

The lady owner gazed strongly at the laughing men.

“What are you saying? Aren’t we looking at the menu right now? There are too many delicious dishes, so we’re stuck trying to decide. Right, everyone?”

“Yea, all of them are a feast for my eyes!”

“Though there are only 5 set-menus to choose from!”

The men began to laugh again, though Moi did not understand what was there to laugh about.

As the lady balled her hands into fists in frustration, one of the men approached.

“Hah?? Against this kind of troublesome customer, you need a security organization, don’t you? Even if you call the cops, if these guys just order when the cops arrive, then the cops can’t do anything about it. You should realize that no matter how hard you try, it’s futile, right?”

The man’s face did not carry a threatening expression, but rather a lecturing expression.

“You see, if this store puts this seal on its storefront, then nothing like this would ever happen from now on. Even though you have to give a bit of your revenue every month for this seal, this store can handle it, right?”

As the man said that, he presented the seal in his hand.

––Moi see, so it was like this.

These people were a criminal organization that pretended to be a security organization.

They wanted to gather customers like this, and take a portion of their customer’s revenue as a ‘protection fee’.

“––Hey, you’ve worked hard. All the food stores in this area except yours have already fallen under our jurisdiction. Though I said that, now that I look closely, aren’t you quite cute~? So…”

As the man put his hand on the lady’s shoulders.

“Please wait!”

Wiz, who stood beside Moi, shouted at the men.

Perhaps due to her heightened emotions, magic power furiously protruded from Wiz’s body, as she approached the men step-by-step.

Sensing Wiz’s presence, the men shifted slightly backwards.

“Wiz-san! If Wiz-san is here, then it’s over for you people! It seems like you people have come from another town, so let me tell you. Wiz-san, before she opened a magic-tool store, was a powerful arch-wizard!”

Faced with the lady’s proud boasting, the man holding the seal – despite his worried demeanor – raised his chest high.

“W-What’dya gonna say about it! We’re people from the security organization situated in the nearby towns, people from Yatagarasu…”

Towards the men who tried their best to hold their bluff…!

“The only thing I would recommend from this store, is the toad teriyaki set menu! The toad meat that usually has a light taste, is really juicy here, and it goes really well with rice! With only one piece of toad teriyaki, I can eat two bowls of rice!”

“Alright, impertinent store owner, please come over here for a bit. Moi will give thee who has the same situational awareness as that brutish goddess a lecture.”

“Ah-, what for, Vanir-san? I heard that they didn’t know what to order, so I gave them a recommendation…!”

Wiz was taken aback by Moi words. On the other hand, the man glanced at his companion to signal something.

“…Sorry for disturbing you. We’ll come again, at that time give us a good response, alright?”

The group of men quietly left the store.

“––Babir-han, this is really belishish! If you aren’t going to eat, then I’ll really take your meal as well, ok?”

“The reason Moi would usually eat in front of the empty-stomached you, is because Moi would feel a surge of negative emotions. So you don’t have to be so considerate, go ahead and eat Moi portion as well. Anyway, just stop talking for a moment.”

After the group of men left, the lady gave us a meal as a show of thanks. Wiz tried to be modest at first, she then wolfed down food without remorse.

As the lady owner briskly poured tea for Wiz, she said.

“Wiz-san, thank you very much. Recently, those people have been coming here to make trouble…”

It was obvious that all the stores in this area had been coerced by the ‘security company’ into signing a contract.

First they would make a ruckus in a store, then they would solicit the owners to sign the contract for security.

Moi see, it is indeed quite a clever strategy.

The man at the apple store yesterday had attempted to do the same thing.

“Hmph, Moi have learned a lot today.”

“What are you saying, Vanir-san!? As an employee of a store in Axel, how can you just let this be!? Also, there is no saying when our store will be targeted. Though I still think that they were just troubled about what to order…”

Those people had come to our store to do business before, but after seeing Wiz’s state of poverty, they had peacefully left.

“However, the things those people did can’t be decisively judged as illegal. Am Moi right? Although it does hurt business, the police can’t act towards small incidents like these.”

Even though Moi was a devil, even though it was a terrible incident, Moi could not lecture those who were working to subsist their livelihood.

No matter if they were kind citizens or someone like those people, to Moi, what was truly important was whether or not those people could allow Moi to taste the best of negative emotions.

––As Moi preached the reality of the situation with effort, Wiz – who had finished two persons’ worth of set meals – slapped the table as she stood from her seat.

“I’m very disappointed in you, Vanir-san! I thought that you were strange, but I also thought you were kind on the inside! Does Vanir-san not have a sense of justice!?”

Though, if I were to be persuaded by that kind of talk, then it would invalidate Moi existence.

“––However if we look closely, they’ve already controlled this many stores.”

On the way home from the restaurant that became busy after we had driven the men away, Moi saw the seal stamped on the doors of various stores.

“Ugh… Vanir-san, is there really no way? Shouldn’t now be the time to use your clairvoyant power for the greater good of the people?”

“Though Moi have occasionally thought of that, what exactly dost thou see in Moi?”

Moi would drive away the crows from the garbage disposals. Moi would also repel the monsters around Axel. However, Moi did that not to innocently help the people, but rather, because there were some benefits for Moi to receive.

Moi lowered Moi shoulders and tiredly walked.

“Anyway, there is no need to use Moi power of clairvoyance. Living in this abnormal town, did you think that this incident would end just like that?”

––Returning to the magic tool store, Moi saw a lot of stores stamped with the seal of the security company.

“Welcome~ Home!”

At the same moment Moi opened the door, I was greeted by the goddess who indulgently made tea for herself while Wiz and Moi were gone. Moi was beginning to wonder, despite the circumstances, that this store needed security guards the most.

“We have returned, Aqua-sama, did you take care of the store while we were gone? Thank you very much!”

“Though this is coming from me, but you should pay a bit more attention to locking and closing the entrances to the store. Also, no customers had arrived while you were gone.”

As Moi showed an expression of disdain towards the goddess who drank tea––

“Wait you! What kind of attitude are you showing this wonderful me, who after a long time had performed a goddess-like deed!?”

The goddess, who was in a surprisingly good mood, said things that no one wanted to hear.

“Well, just listen! At the store where I usually go to buy alcohol, I saw a group of men wearing strange black shirts. So I used my holy fist to chase them away, but when I did that, I accidentally touched a canister of wine. Then, the Oji-san store owner whose wine turned to water began to cry, even though I protected the peace of Axel!”

“That is wonderful, Aqua-sama! Actually there is something I want to discuss with this magnificent Aqua-sama…”

“…Ho-ho~, so the people I drove away were doing that kind of thing, huh? I guess as a goddess I can’t just leave this be.”

See, the leader of the troublesome duo had already come up with a funny-man act.

Part 4

A couple days after that ––

The town of Axel had become different from its usual self.

“Damn it, I’ll remember this place!”

As Moi was returning home after delivering the merchandise, the men with black shirts that had a certain mark on their back, shouted at the store that looked like a café from the outside as they ran.

Moi was familiar with this café.

“Frequent customers, thank you for your help! As a show of thanks, please dream well tonight!”


It was the café run by the succubi.

The men who chased out the Yatagarasu released a resounding cry of joy.

Moi then approached the leader of the succubus, who saw the black-shirted men run off.

“Did those people come to this store as well?”

“Vanir-sama! …Um, I don’t know where those people heard it from, but they said ‘this store does shady business right?’ and threatened to report us to the police. The frequent customers in the store became angry after hearing that, and attacked those people.”

It would be correct to say that the frequent customers of the shop were mostly high-level adventurers.

“Moi see. However, establishments like brothels in this town are seen as extremely profitable, so Moi think they won’t give up just like that. Please be wary.”

“Thank you very much, Vanir-sama! …Um, then about my request for Vanir-sama to protect us…”

“Why should Moi care? The humans that would seethe with negative emotions at Moi presence aside, you as a devil should act so attached to Moi. Either way, if your entourage are truly devils, then you all should defend yourselves.”

“That’s terrible! But this cold attitude isn’t bad either!”

For some reason, the succubus that Moi had given the cold shoulder, smiled warmly at Moi.

––As Moi leisurely walked on the street, Moi saw the Yatagarasu who continued to perform their solicitation activities. Though the current situation was different, it was within Moi expectations.

“How are you going to recompense me! Your company is responsible for protecting us! If you’re going to say that, then why is there even a contract!?”

“Even if you say that, there is nothing we can do. You didn’t tell us that this store is a gathering place for Axis cultists! What do you want us to do when you pay us so little anyway!”

It was this kind of situation.

“A contract is a contract! When the Axis cultists start drinking, they start to harass the other customers, and a large amount of frequent customers have already been driven away because of it! You’ll recompense me for the debts incurred, right!? If you can’t then I’ll tell the other stores that you can’t even properly do your job!”

“Goddamn, we’ll pay up! But we’ll dissolve our contract with this store!”

“Like I’ll let that happen! The contract period hasn’t ended yet, so remember to send people every day to guard the place! If the Axis cultists come, then properly chase them away!”

The tavern owner was restlessly arguing with a man from Yatagarasu.

Of all things, they just had to sign a contract with that troublesome store.

The people of this town, who are used to dealing with abnormal antics, wouldn’t have their argument doused so easily.

Even though Moi had not used Moi clairvoyant power, Moi had already expected this outcome.

On Moi way back to the store…


“––What the heck is your security company doing?! Because my divine relic was stolen last month, I decided to hire you filthy people! But this time, a large amount of my treasures were stolen…! How are you going to take responsibility for this!!?”

“P-P-, Please forgive us, Undine-sama, even if you say that, this theft was the work of the famous ‘silver-haired thieving group’. For our small and weak security company, isn’t this opponent is too strong…? Anyway, we did not ask Undine-sama for this contract…”

“What did you bastards say!? Are you trying to say that your company is unwilling to defend noble families!!?”

“I-I-I- I didn’t mean that!”

The noble, whose house had been raided by unknown thieves, continued to berate the man from Yatagarasu.

“––Oi what is it!? Who did this, what happened!? Were you guys attacked by a mob that didn’t like the way we work!?”

“N-No, a crimson-eyed kid suddenly ran into me. That little brat then scolded me saying, ‘Are you looking for a fight?’ and attacked…”

“A crimson-eyed kid… Oi, could that kid be a Crimson Magic clansman? I heard that they have really high intelligence, so they can’t be that short-tempered, right? You, did you do something else to offend them?”

“Even if you say that, I can’t think of anything else…”

The man who had been attacked by a magic user, insufferably squatted on the ground.

“––Please save me! A golden haired girl in a full set of armor said ‘You villainous scoundrels! In Eris-sama’s place, I shall defeat you insolent people!’ and began to slash her sword at us!”

“Then go tell the police! Anyone who uses weapons in town will be immediately arrested!”

“I did! I even ran into to the police station asking for help! But when I walked in, all the officers there pretended to not see anything…!”


“––Stop!! What the hell are you doing? Stop joking around already!”

“Oi, someone stop him already! Why are you doing this? What do you have against us!?”

“Wait a second, I’ve seen this gold haired delinquent before. If I’m not wrong, the adventurer’s guild issued a warning announcement telling people to stay away from this guy!”

Before Moi eyes, the merchandise of a street stall lay scattered and shattered across the floor. Several people from Yatagarasu pinned a man down to the floor.

“Heh~, after spending several days in a detention cell, I hear that a bunch of weird guys were oppressing the people in town. Well too bad, ‘cause I’m the one who owns this town. Under my rule, you guys better hurry up and run.”

As the man freed himself, he said something that even Moi had never heard him say before. He had proclaimed himself the ruler of this town.

He was the person that one had to be wary of in the town of Axel, the delinquent adventurer Dust.

Even as he drowned in the angry shouts of the men from Yatagarasu, he continued – without pause – to destroy the merchandise from the stall.

“I told you to stop it already! Do you not understand that this stall is under our protection!? Are you looking for a fight!?”

“If you make such a big ruckus, the police won’t just stand there and ignore it, you know!?”

To the men who shouted in rage––

“Amazing, you guys are really amazing! First you take advantage of a gray area to solicit the stores around here and sell protection, then when you’re supposed to do your job, you go ask the police to do it instead! You guys look really greatttt––!! Hahahaahaha!”

As Dust taunted the men, he began to laugh uncontrollably.

In a few moments, he even began to clap his hands and slap his knees.

“Also, let this police expert tell you one thing. If the police don’t receive a damage report from the victim, they won’t act whatsoever you know? So what are you grampies gonna do, file a damage report? Hahhahah––!”

“We won’t. If we do that, you’ll hold a grudge against us, and with your terrible reputation, who knows what might happen to us afterwards.”

“You said it right––!”

There were the men who looked as if they were unrelated to this incident, there was the stall owner that had to endure through this mess, and then there was Dust who continued to laugh uncontrollably.

“Wait a second, grampies! Are you sure this is fine? Look at the broken merchandise on the floor, you just gonna take a deep breath and walk away!?”

The surrounding crowd looked on in puzzlement.

On the other hand, the stall owner took a deep breath from his cigar, and blew loudly. Then, he said.

“What kind of nonsense are you saying? Hey, you people, I hired your protection services and you couldn’t protect my merchandise. If that is the case, then as the contract says, shouldn’t you recompense me for my losses?”

“S-, Stop joking around! If you want us to pay for it, then at least report this to the police…”

“You people can’t even defend my merchandise! You think you can defend me from this man!?”


The men gritted their teeth and gazed at Dust.

“Oi, since you were willing to do such a thing, you should understand what I want to say, so come over here. You seem to be an adventurer with a lot of confidence in your own skills, but we are a group that specializes in fighting against people. We’ll make sure you regret picking a fight alone.”

“The only thing we’ll promise is that we won’t beat you to death. Of course, we’ll make sure that you’ll recompense the store’s products. Well then, now that that’s said, ya’ ready to brace yourself?”

As they said that, the men moved to surround Dust.

However, the person in jeopardy showed a nonchalant attitude. Rather, he shouted towards somewhere.

“Heh~, so you understand quickly! However, who said I was alone? Oi, little brat, it’s your time to shine!”

“Don’t call me a little brat! Uuuu-, I am doing good things, I am doing good things, I am doing good things…”

At Dust’s called, Yunyun who had hidden herself in the alleyway revealed herself.

She muttered to herself as she drew her wand.

“I heard from Dust-san! You people have been harassing the people of this town, forcing them to sign contracts, and profiting from your misdeeds! As a Crimson Magic clansman, I cannot overlook your acts of evil!”

“That’s good little brat! Well said! You look cool!”

“Stop calling me a little brat already!”

With the sudden appearance of a Crimson Magic clansman, the men’s resolve shook.

“This is bad, it’s a Crimson Magic clansman! I heard just now that someone was suddenly attacked by a Crimson Magic clansman!”

“I heard about it as well! I heard that there’s a degenerate Crimson Magic clansman here, who would rather cast magic than eat three meals a day!”

“I heard that that person is also the cause of the explosion sounds outside town every day!”

“““So that person is you!!”””

“No, it’s not! It isn’t me!”

Yunyun became worked up due to being framed out of the blue, and her eyes began to shine bright crimson.

“That color in her eyes means she’s about to attack! Damnit, everyone run!”

“This is why we shouldn’t mess with Crimson Magic clansman––!”


Yunyun’s cry was futile, if anything, the men ran even faster.

With an unsatisfied expression, Yunyun sheathed her wand.

“Uhm, oji-san, are you alright? I don’t know why Dust-san went crazy, but he seems to have destroyed all the jugs… You won’t be able to run your business now…”

“Who did you say went crazy…? Really now, what are you saying with such a serious expression?”

Ignoring Dust who quietly murmured, Yunyun gazed the stall owner with a sorry expression.

The stall owner blew smoke from his cigar once again, and shook his head.

“I’m not really a stall owner anyway, I’m just a freelancer.”


Yunyun stared blankly at the man, as if unable to comprehend what he meant.

“Well then, Dust-san, leave the rest to me. We can feel free to take whatever we want.”

“Yea, I’ll leave this to you, you requested their security services after all. Either way, as long as we have the contract to shield us, we can grab as much as we want. Whad’ya wanna do? How about we ask for ten million per jug?”

“Isn’t that a bit too much? Let’s not choose a number that won’t put us at a disadvantage in court.”

As Yunyun stared dumbfounded at their exchange of words, Moi approached the three.

“Oh, if it isn’t boss Vanir? What are you doing here?”

“V-, Vanir-san!? You came at a good time! Um, please listen, that oji-san and Dust-san are saying things that I don’t understand…”

Moi kneeled down and picked up a broken piece of a jug.

“…According to Moi power to see through all, this is just a failed product that was dumped by the ceramic store.”

“Then isn’t this just a scam!?”

Hearing Moi identification of the ‘merchandise’, Yunyun – who had inadvertently become an accomplice in fraud – became worked up once again.

“How rude of you to call it that. I was merely trying to make it big with the trash I picked up. After I opened the stall for several days, I coincidentally encountered those security people and requested their services. I did nothing wrong.”

“And I was coincidentally in a bad mood and coincidentally took it out on these jugs that I coincidentally saw. I did nothing wrong.”

“Of course it’s wrong! How could that have happened coincidentally!? You two know each other right!? By the way, haven’t I seen you before!? Aren’t you that oji-san that sells junk by saying ‘This monster is gathered from the dungeon, and is a treasure with unknown effects’ to little kids at the park!?”

“H-, How rude of you! I am merely just selling dreams to those innocent kids! Stop calling me a fraud!”

As Yunyun lashed out at the supposed stall owner, the man who had come up with the profit-strategy spoke up.

“Oi, we can go to ten more places today. I mean, it’s pretty easy work. All we need to do is go to the stores that requested us, and destroy the junk they put there while pretending to be strangers. If those people show up, you’ll job of driving them away, my close friend.”

“So you do know each other! Also I’m not your friend, and I’m not your close friend either! I’m just someone you happened to know! Please don’t involve me in this anymore!”

Well, since those stores left it to these people, their plan will be over before long.

“Ah, I see the next store! I asked that homeless old man with too much free time to open the store these couple days.”

“So this entire scam is set up by Dust-san!? Please stop, everything is happening as my close friend said it would! Please don’t lead me to do wrong things anymore!!”

After using Moi power to foresee their futures, Moi decided to leave before Moi was dragged further into these criminal affairs.

Part 5

On a certain night, a few days after the news regarding the arrest of a man that attempted fraud involving a security organization had spread––

As Moi was arranging the storeroom, a shout came from the neighboring store.

“––said, I don’t know anything––”

“––joking around, you didn’t pay––”

Moi did not understand the conversation, but it seems like the neighbors were having an argument.

Moi glanced at Wiz, and decided to go inspect the situation.

“––Didn’t I already say that I wasn’t the one who tore it down? Couldn’t some kids from somewhere have torn it down!?”

“Is that the truth!? Recently, a lot of stores have one-sidedly voided the contract, couldn’t you have thought the same!? Don’t try to cheat the system! Do you know what happens to the store that don’t have the seal!?”

Entering the store, Moi saw a man wearing a shirt imprinted with the seal in question.

The female owner of the neighboring store showed a relieved expression as Moi entered.

The man seemed to have noticed this as well.

“Cheh-… There are a lot of things I have to do tonight so I’ll let this be for now. I’ll bring a new seal later, and this time, remember to put it where the kids can’t tear off! Got it!? Well then see ya! …How many stores does this make, ku–”

The man left in a bad mood.

“Vanir-san, you really helped by coming here. For real though, who is tearing down the seals…”

“Moi does not know whose prank it is, but this is a quite a disaster. However, from the marks left by the seal, it seems that it was torn quite precisely. Moi do not think that this is the work of a child.”

“Ah is that the case? Since I can’t confirm whether the seal on the door in my position, I can’t figure out when the seal was torn down… Also, our store may reconsider our contract with that store, but since my husband left early… Leaving a woman alone to watch the store is a bit unsafe, so we decided request security, but…”

“There is nothing to worry about, after all, Moi live next door. For troubles like that, you can come talk to Moi about it.”

For a price, of course.

Though Moi intentions did not seem to be understood, and the lady store owner instead showed a small, tired smile.

“Don’t treat an oba-san like me so kindly, otherwise I will misunderstand…”

“What are you saying, you are still young. To Moi, you are no different from an infant.”

“Vanir-san… Fufu, I’ll really misunderstand, you know? Calling an oba-san like me an infant is a bit too much after all.”

The lady owner turned her flushed face downward, and murmured with a small voice.

A human in their forties was about the same as a newborn.


“W-Wiz-san!? Since when were you here!?”

The lady owner shouted in surprise.

Wiz was spying with an expression of anticipation.

“Peeping store owner, what art thou doing?”

“Well, Vanir-san hadn’t come back after so long, so I was worried about our neighbor, and came to check on the situation…”

Wiz embarrassedly walked into the store.

“You’re mistaken, Wiz-san, this is all a misunderstanding! I am devoted to my late husband…!”

“Ah, please don’t worry! After all, Vanir-san and I don’t have that kind of relationship! So you don’t have to be considerate from now on!”

“––Then Vanir-san, is our neighbor alright?”

After we returned to the magic tool store, Wiz asked such a question. For some reason, she seemed to have great expectations.

“Mhm, apparently someone had pulled a prank, and the lady owner was caught up in it. Since those Yatagarasu people had left in the end, the problem is resolved for now.”

Wiz exhaled with a relieved expression after hearing that.

“So it was like that… then onto the main question. I will ask you directly––. What do you think of the neighbor!?”

“Moi think that she is a good neighbor that would give her late husband’s old clothes to us.”

“That’s not it, I was asking what you thought of her as someone of the opposite gender! I heard from the succubus that come around to play occasionally, that Vanir-san likes older women!”

“So you think Moi would do anything to humans that are merely forty years old? Moi am not a lolicon. Anyway, didn’t Moi tell you that devils have no gender?”


As Wiz looked at Moi with a regretful expression, the door suddenly flew open.

Moi was wondering who would come at this time, but it was actually the familiar loli succubus.

The succubus showed a painful expression and cried.

“Vanir-sama, our store! Our store has a serious problem!!”

Part 6

At the behest of the crying succubus, Wiz and Moi rushed along the streets at night.

“Well, what has happened? What do you mean your store has a serious problem?”

To not stray too far from Wiz and the succubus, Moi slowed my pace to match theirs, and asked about the situation.

“That is, a group of Yatagarasu people came at night to attack our store!”

Despite her crying, the succubus desperately continued to run in order not be left behind by Wiz and Moi.

The frequent customers of that store – in anticipation of their wonderful dreams – would return home and go to sleep early.

Though Moi felt that the Yatagarasu that attacked the store didn’t know the succubi’s true identities, but they seemed to be in luck, as they had chosen to attack at a time when no male customers were present.

However, for Moi to make things clear.

Moi abruptly stopped moving.

“If you are suddenly attacked by people, it is no good to immediately come ask Moi for help. Even if you are a minor devil, you should be able to feed on the spiritual energy of normal people and use that power to fight. Moi devils are a class above humans, you know?”

Said Moi frankly to the succubus, who was wondering why Moi had stopped.

“Vanir-san!? What are you saying to this young child!?”

Though this succubus appeared to be young, there was no doubt that she was older than Wiz.

“…It’s alright, I understand that what Vanir-sama said is correct…”

As the succubus’ shoulders dropped depressively, Wiz glared fiercely at Moi.

“I thought that you were better than this, Vanir-san! Even though this child has come to beg for your help, you decide to ignore her. Vanir-san, are you even human!?”

“Though, Moi am a devil.”

“This is not the time for jokes!”

Though, Moi was not joking.

“Devils have their own rules and values. The weak are discarded, and the strong dominate. Devils that have power are justice, those that don’t are forced to serve. To act freely according to your own desires is a devil’s morality. Only the weak are chained by their beliefs of self-governance.”

“E-Even if you say suddenly say such earnest things, I won’t be fooled…”

Wiz was visibly shaken by Moi, who suddenly recited the values of a devil.

“What Moi said was nothing earnest. Moi was merely explained a devil’s pride and way of life.”

Moi continued to lecture Wiz.

“Moi, in order to dine on the negative emotions of humans, have done all types of things to all types of people. Just the other day, Moi sold a bunch of products to a certain brat, claiming that it was the underwear of the sexy store owner. The next day, Moi said ‘Oops, the things Moi sold to you yesterday was actually the underwear of a crossdressing man, please forgive Moi mistake’ and made him cry.”

“Wait, you said something that I can’t ignore.”

Moi then turned Moi head to meet the gaze of the succubus.

“Of course, Moi, having done that, am prepared to be hunted at any time. Yes, Moi desires is to make the deepest and largest dungeon in the world, and to meet the blows of the adventurers would eventually arrive at the lowest floor. Then, after they defeat Moi in a deadly battle, Moi will disappear while laughing at the adventurers staring at an empty treasure chest.”

“Though, now that I’ve heard that, I’m starting to wonder if I should really help make Vanir-san’s dungeon…”

Ignoring Wiz who said some troublesome things, Moi said to the succubus.

“Then allow Moi to ask thee, whom treat this town as an oasis, and have thrown away a devil’s pride. Originally, the succubi are an existence that shouldn’t be loved by men, but rather, feared. Even so, dost thou desire Moi protection? If thou would have Moi help, then by Moi name as the duke of hell, I shalt trample across them and show those humans true fear. …Now, choose.”

Wiz seemed to be flustered by Moi earnest attitude. On the other hand, the succubus took a deep breath, and raised her head to face Moi.

“Vanir-sama…I have decided. Until now, we have always been following your image, but tonight, we will show you the true power of a succubus! Humans are a tasty meal! For us, they are a meal that contains an infinite amount of spiritual energy!”

“That is the way, Moi countrymen! How could we devils be bullied by mere humans!? Allow Moi who art the devil that sees through all, witness thy grand performance!”

Hearing Moi words, the succubus’ expression shone brilliantly––!

“––Though Moi am righteous as to never tell a lie except for when Moi am preparing a meal, allow Moi to take back what Moi said.”

“What are you saying all of a sudden, Vanir-sama!? What about my spirit that was prepared to do what I needed!?”

Having arrived outside the succubus’ store, Moi saw an unexpected sight.

On the ground in front of the store was a pile of men.

Of course, they could be none other than Yatagarasu’s men.

However, the succubus that had driven off the men, stood frozen in front of the store, their faces pale like toads encountering a snake.


The culprit that caused the succubus to stop, said to Wiz and Moi.

“You guys, what are you doing here? Did you come to witness me gracefully exterminate these succubi?”


Part 7

What kind of situation was this.

“Vanir-sama, do you know that person? I’ve met that priest before. When I infiltrated a certain mansion to do my work, that person captured me with a barrier, and I was almost erased.”

In this sudden situation, the loli succubus did not seem to understand who their opponent was.

However, the succubi who froze at the doorstep seemed to have already noticed the true identity of this unknown girl.

That is, the fact that she was the natural enemy of all devils, a goddess.

“That strange creature sometimes comes to Moi store to drink tea. That creature has the habit of seeing devils and undead as enemies, and has the bothersome property of changing all the liquids it touches into pure water. Yes––”

Moi pointed to the twitching goddess.

“It is what you might call ‘the Axis cults’ goddess’.”


The infamous Axis cult.

Before the ringleader of said cult, the succubi began to tremble in fear, and collectively gathered behind Moi.

From behind Moi, Moi could hear frightened murmurs saying ‘please save us’.

“Aqua-sama, what are you doing here at this time of day!? Um, I don’t really understand what is happening…”

Feeling the tense atmosphere between the goddess and Moi, Wiz hurriedly tried to smooth things over.

“…I heard that people have been sticking these seal thingies to people’s stores, and that it has been causing the townspeople a lot of trouble. So I decided that it was display my exquisite gum-removing technique by tearing down the seals.”

“Aqua-sama, I told you before that it was not the storeowners that were troubled by the seals. The unrest in town was caused by the forced solicitation of storeowners by the people selling those crow seals…”

Though Wiz had quite precisely explained the situation, it seems that the goddess failed to understand.

It would also appear that the seal stamped on Moi neighbor’s door was removed by this goddess who liked to do superfluous things.

Needless to say, the goddess continued to boast about her supposedly righteous activities.

“I’ve endured and worked hard you know? Day after day, I went around town to removing these seals. I grew tired of this dull job at first, but then I started to find joy in removing these seals gracefully and perfectly. Before I knew it, I was right behind these people were stamping these seals.”

…How did this theatrical mess even begin?

As Moi was troubled by this question, the goddess continued on with her monologue.

“Just like how I enjoy removing these seals, these people must find enjoyment in stamping them. Sadly, the end of these happy days seems to be coming.”

The goddess looked towards the Yatagarasu people as if they were worthy rivals and continued.

“I don’t know why, but today these people are stamping these seals at a crazy pace. As I continued to keep up, these people continued to stamp. Then I heard these semi-desperate sounding people shouting ‘Oi, what the heck is happening!? Who is doing this!? If this keeps going on then this’ll never end! At this point, why don’t we just do a big place first!”

––By ‘big place’, they meant the stores that made large profits.

Due to the abnormal people of this town, these men were unable to make large profits, on the contrary, they were actually carrying large debts. Furthermore, when their contracts were voided through the removal of the seals, they had no way to tell who the culprit was.

Because of that, the men could not tell whether the store intended to void the contract, or whether their seal had simply been removed by some unknown entity.

In their desperation, they decided to attempt to forcibly take control of the only brothel in this town. One could say that it was popular enough to be called a money tree.

However, at the same time, it appeared that this café was reaping comparable profits, so they had trouble deciding which target to attack.

“So because I didn’t really understand what these guys were saying, I decided to follow them in order to find out, but then they suddenly started attacking this store! So then, the sensible me considered my choices, and decided to wait until the people of this store were in a pinch to make my grand entrance!  I was sure that I would be revered as a goddess, then why…”

The goddess pointed to the succubi that stood near the store entrance.

“Then why did these succubi appear from the store!? So then you see, these succubi used ‘charm’ and all sorts of techniques to defeat these people. Seeing these succubi, I planned to taste the satisfaction of wiping them all out in one go.”

‘Planned to’?

Why goddesses were allowed the freedom to do as they please, Moi could only wonder.

Then, one of the succubus that stood where the goddess was pointing, shouted to Moi.

“V-Vanir-sama! This place is dangerous, please make your escape!”

The succubus that spoke was far below Moi in terms of status; she was the succubus leader that had asked Moi for protection.

That time when they had asked Moi for protection, it had been an excuse to get closer to Moi.

“Y-Yes, Vanir-sama please leave at once! Vanir-sama, I will work hard from here on out! Like Vanir-sama said before, I will defend my devil’s pride and try to buy as much time as I can, so…!”

Even the succubus that hid behind Moi since the beginning began to say such things.

“Everyone! Uhm, please calm down for a moment! Aqua-sama, the people who caused the trouble in town are those people over there! Since they attacked a store this time, we can leave for the police to handle, so let’s just call it-…!”

“Don’t but in as you please. As a goddess, I can’t just overlook these succubi you know? Wiz and the petty devil over there, hurry up and move aside. Otherwise you’ll be caught up in my divine aura and disappear alright?”

The goddess who had cut Wiz off gave her final warning.

The subject of the warning – the succubi – seemed to have all come to a decision, and stood ready to resist.



The loli succubus looked up and showed a questioning expression towards Moi, who had not moved one step from Moi position.

“Store owner, hurry up and go to that mansion. Call the guardian of this annoying and violent goddess over here.”


After seeing the hurrying Wiz off, Moi turned towards Moi fated enemy with a fearless smile.

“By any chance did you tell her to go call Kazuma? I’m going to tell you that that’s pointless, no matter what you do or say, I’ll be sure to exterminate the evil succubi that have encroached themselves upon this town. No one can stop me from doing this righteous duty, and Kazuma has no reason to be angry at me either.”

“The devil that sees through all shall now announce: thy guardian who shall rush here will punish thy thoroughly, and thy shalt cry whilst begging for his forgiveness.”

The sorrowful loli succubus that stood behind Moi, began to cry at the sight of Moi opposing this goddess.

“Vanir-sama, please escape from here! Recently I have increased my remaining lives, so I will be fine even if I die once!”

If this goddess decided to show her true power, it would be a simple task for her to completely annihilate these low-ranked devils along with however many lives they had.

“This child is correct Vanir-sama! The duke of hell cannot be erased in this kind of place…!”

Moi ignored the succubus leader.

“For a devil, a contract is absolute. Do thou understand what Moi mean?”

“O-Of course I understand! But now…!”

Moi listened to the crying succubus leader, and calmly said.

“Thou asked Moi for protection, did thy not? Moi said to this young succubus earlier: ‘Dost thou desire Moi protection? If thou would have Moi help, then by Moi name as the duke of hell, I shalt trample across them and show those humans true fear. …Now, choose.’ Since this young one murmured ‘save us’ to Moi, then as Moi had promised, Moi shalt be thou bodyguard. Now. Moi has the duty to protect ye from this mad dog of a goddess before us.”

Hearing what Moi said, the succubi collectively took a deep breath.

“Hey you, are you perhaps trying to pick a fight with me? Until now, the only reason I didn’t purify you is because Wiz would be sad if you disappeared you know? You aren’t thinking that I would hold back because of such a situation right?”

As a dangerous atmosphere surrounded us, the goddess began to release her divine powers.

The succubi who felt her divine power, huddled closely together and began to cry.

––To shield the frightened succibi, Moi took a single step forward.

“Fuhahahahaha! Fuhahahahhaa!! So you are saying that until know, you have been holding back against Moi. Please, allow Moi to show the proper etiquette. Thank you very kindly! Though you really don’t have to worry about Moi. You proclaim yourself to be all-knowing and all-powerful, yet, don’t talk about Moi, you haven’t even defeated the demon king yet! So why should Moi be scared!?”

As Moi fanned the flames, the goddess’ eyebrows briskly rose.

“Bring it on you small fry devil! I’ll quickly defeat you, and get my fill of experience points!”

“If you can then do it! You useless goddess who won’t grow up no matter how many experience points or levels you get!”

“Waaa–! For you to also call me a useless goddess–! I will absolutely annihilate you until there is nothing left!”

“You’re the one that shall be buried instead. Allow Moi to disband the annoying and troublesome mess called the Axis cult!”

The mad dog goddess and Moi, charged at each other with battle cry!

“““““Vanir-sama–!”””””  jpg


Part 8

Noon the next day––

At Wiz’s magic tool store, the goddess that kneeled on the floor lowered her head to Moi.


“Eh, eh, I don’t really…Um, Ah, ok!?”

“Right, O-O-O-O-Of course, um, right!? We were lucky that no one lost their lives anyway!”

In response to the goddess’ honest apology, the two succubi anxiously gave their forgiveness.

As they were the most involved in this incident, the loli succubus and the succubus leader had been sent as representatives to hear what the goddess had to say.

––Moi – who had fought against this goddess in a deadly battle last night – had Moi body destroyed several time, but somehow managed to protect the succubi until her guardian arrived.

Then the goddess incurred the full wrath of the guardian that rushed to the scene, which led to this situation.”

“Um you know, this is the first time I’ve seen Kazuma-san that angry. He was even more furious than the time I revealed his important perverted magazine hidden under his bed to everyone.”

Gazing upon the miserable goddess, the two succubus said.

“That person is a frequent customer of ours. The next time we meet him we’ll tell him that ‘Aqua-sama has fully reflected on her actions’!”

“Yes, we’ll say good things about you, so please cheer up!”

To see, devils encouraging a goddess, it was truly a rare sight.

The succubi even admitted the true nature of the café to the goddess, as they continued to the goddess with flattery.

Kazuma threatened me by saying that if I exterminate you people, I would become the mortal enemy of the male adventurers of this town. Sorry. Although I don’t know what you people are doing, but since you are all so deeply loved by the people of this town, I can’t exterminate you. If you two are free, could you come with me to beg forgiveness from Kazuma-san?”

“O-O-Of course Aqua-sama!”

“Eh… In exchange, please keep our activities secret…”

Looking at the three of them whilst pouring tea, Wiz muttered to herself.

“So in the end, what happened to that Yatagarasu organization?”


As the instigator of these incidents, and having caused a large problem by attacking the café, all of Yatagarasu’s members were imprisoned.

When they claimed that the succubi were running an illegal brothel business, the police immediately began to investigate. However, not only did the police find no evidence of brothel-type businesses, they couldn’t even find anything remotely suspicious.

Of course, that was the store that sold dreams.

Right now, those people were probably being taken good care of by their predecessor in prison. That predecessor was of course, the delinquent adventurer whom was ringleader of the fraudulent activities.

“Well, those people probably won’t leave the prison anytime soon. Even when they’re set free, they’ll probably be continue to be harmless. Well, that’s a case closed I suppose. Though, this incident was tiring all the same… because of a certain someone who decided to pick a fight!!”

Said Moi to the goddess who continued to kneel on the ground.

Hearing what Moi said, the goddess showed a dissatisfied expression.

“…Hey, I of all people have come to earnestly apologize already, can’t you just let this one go? Even though you claim to be a greater devil, you can’t overlook of a small incident like this?

“Hmpf. Since the self-proclaimed goddess had said so, Moi will consider forgiveness. … Yes, say to Moi: ‘This goddess that can’t face her human guardian whatsoever, is extremely sorry for picking a fight with the magnificent Vanir-sama. Please forgive me.’, and Moi will overlook this incident.

The eyebrows of the goddess that heard what Moi said, swiftly rose.

“I’ll say this to you first. Though I was ordered to not lay a hand on the succubi, Kazuma never said anything about exterminating you you know? Though, if you overlook this incident, I will let you go as a bonus. As a bonus. If you understand that much, then please fix your attitude a little.”

“Fuhahaha! As expected of the short-tempered goddess who hasn’t reflected on her actions at all! To devils like Moi, following the orders of devils superior to oneself is an absolute rule. Of course, that applies to those succubi. Of course, that means that what that brat of you hears from the succubi is closely correlated to Moi mood. After all, the succubi under Moi protection are almost the lowest-ranked amongst devils! Fuhahahaha!”

The goddess who was taunted by Moi, said to the frightened succubus.

“Hey, the things this person here said about you guys being the lowest-ranked and how you must following his orders is a bit too much isn’t it? Should I just purify this person right now?”

“Y-Y-Y-, You can’t do that!” Though Vanir-sama said such things, it is somehow good for us!”

“Yea, we’ll be alright! This way isn’t bad either!”

Naturally, the succubi rejected the goddess’ suggestion.

“Fuhahahahaha! This is Moi charisma! Unlike a certain someone who has less believers than her kouhai goddess!”

“Neh. Wiz and the succubi, could you exit the store for a bit? Otherwise, you might get caught up in this.”

After that, the goddess – like yesterday – was brought home by her guardian.


Part 9

Shortly after sunset––.

An old lamp illuminated the magic tool store.

“Honestly Vanir-san, please act a bit more like an adult. Can you even be considered a devil that has lived for a long time?”

Having been dragged into these troublesome incidents for days in a row, Wiz showed a tired expression.

“You should tell that to that goddess. In the first place, that thing was only kept in control by the efforts of Wiz, that brat, and a bunch of other people. Not to mention, that thing is the type to carelessly do whatever it pleases. Have you forgotten the mess it caused during the Eris Thanksgiving festival?”

Towards Moi logical argument, Wiz solemnly replied.

“Though that is true, isn’t Aqua-sama is cute even when she’s like thaaaaa, eeeeeeeeeh!?”

“What is it? What are you making a fuss about all of a sudden?”

“Name! Vanir-san, what did you call me just now!?”

“Moi called you the deaf store owner.”

“I’m absolutely sure that isn’t it. Deaf store owner or whatever, say it one more time! Vanir-san, please say it one more time!

Wiz relentlessly shook Moi, who had been peacefully seated on a chair.

“I beg you Vanir-san, this is the first time you called me by name since I lost my humanity!”

“…Go talk to the goddess about that. Since a while ago, that goddess has been pestering Moi about how thy and Moi met. While thy art doing so, thy can tell that goddess about how thy became a lich.”

Out of happiness at what Moi said, Wiz’s lips curled into a smile.

“Yes, I will tell Aqua-sama about it the next time she comes over to play.”

Saying that, Wiz gently laughed.

“––By the way”


Wiz’s seemed to be in an excellent mood tonight, given how she responded to Moi.

“Due to this incident, the succubus will offer a portion of their profits to Moi.  Also, about those Yatagarasu people, the townspeople seem to really hate them, so the police gave Moi a reward for assisting in their capture.”

Said Moi.

Moi looked at Wiz who carried a leather bag in her hands.

“Really… Since Moi opened the consulting center, Moi had already become a follower and an adventurer guild receptionist. Now, Moi am also the bodyguard for the succubi. In this short time, Moi had done so many different tasks. If the succubi’s offerings were added to the other profits that Moi had earned to date, there were enough funds to start a new business.”

Moi reminiscenced about the struggles that Moi had overcome to arrive at this point.

Though Moi was a devil, Moi shouldn’t have done anything to deserve this treatment. If anything had come from these troubles, it was that Moi hatred for the gods grew even stronger.

However, all those troubles led to where Moi am tonight.

After all is said and done, the new business that Moi had worked tirelessly for until now, can finally begin.

“Um… Vanir-san…”

Yes, what would also follow is––!


Wiz, who was illuminated by the lamp, spoke in a miniscule voice.

To be honest, Moi did not want to hear any more of what Wiz had to say.

No matter what she would say, Moi did not want to hear it.

Even without using Moi clairvoyant power, Moi could see what was coming.

Moi could only look at Moi current self with disdain.


“Actually, you see. About the money in the vault…”

“‘Vanir-style Death Ray!’”

To have chosen this old friend to be the one that Moi would achieve Moi wish alongside! Moi could only look at Moi past self with disdain!

Ahh, I wish––

That Moi wish, and this old friend’s wish, will one day be realized––!  jpg



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