Consulting with this Masked Devil! – Volume 1 – Prologue

Translator: YuNS

“Wahahahahahaha! Muahahahahaha! Nuahahahahaha!”

Today, in front of this pile of ashen substance, Moi went insane.

Until moments ago, the pile of ashen substance was the owner of this store.

“Despite Moi’s brilliance, I was careless! I underestimated the special ability of this ashen owner! Moi couldn’t possibly have predicted that you could spend a fortune in an instant…!!”

The substance that was once the owner of this store spoke to Moi, whose face was covered in Moi palm.

“Wa…, Vanir-san… I felt that this was the right decision… the quality of these goods goes without saying, so it can sell… it will sell…”

This pile who was still speaking nonsense, was a lich – the top-class undead, and was also the magic tools store owner Wiz.

“Like hell these expensive stones will sell! In this penniless town of newbie adventurers, who would buy these!”

Moi refuted the useless owner who spoke in an inaudible voice, whilst looking at the mountain of stones piled at my feet.

These stones, known as manatite, could be used as a source of magic power, and are a consumable that any adventurer might carry.


“Manatite usually sells well, but Moi does not understand your sinful desire to buy this much top-grade manatite! Why would anyone buy this manatite priced at millions of eris apiece! Even if someone wanted to buy consumables like these, they would rather buy magic scrolls which anyone can easily use!”

Such was the situation.

A single stone on the ground was equal in value to hundreds of magic scrolls.

Wiz who had now fully recovered, clumsily stood up and said.

“Th-This is top-grade manatite, as long as it is kept in good condition, someday a passing great magician will come and buy it all…”

“Where would you find such an idiot! Ah, ah, look at what you’ve done… Those were funds intended for establishing a casino in town, that would have  been leased for profit.”

Just the other day, Moi plundered a great fortune from reselling the intellectual rights and objects of a certain brat.

Those were meant to be invested towards the next step, but now…!

“You useless shop owner! Why!? Why is it that the harder you work the more indebted you become! Could you not think of a way to remove that curse!?”

“I-I don’t think I’m cursed…”

“… Damn it, why is it that Moi must try to profit under this shop owner whom this world considers to be wonderful… When you were still human, you were at least a well-known and supposedly charming human…! Wiz, Moi will give you some pocket money, so go on an adventure for about a decade. During that time Moi will make this place the number one store in Axel…”

“D-Don’t try to abandon me! Also, I don’t want Vanir-san who wears a mask to be called the beautiful shop owner!”

“Not only does that detestable goddess, but even you too look down on Moi mask!”

The Duke of Hell that sees through everything.

The great devil that is a general of the demon army.

Moi, whose name was once feared, was now a struggling breadwinner.

To think that when the shop owner was human, she and Moi were evenly matched…

Wiz whose face was still covered in ash lowered her shoulders while sighing and said to Moi.

“There is no problem, Vanir-san! For myself who is a lich and for Vanir-san who is a devil, there is no concept of lifespan! As long as we continue to work hard, the day will come where this will be the number one store in Axel… no, let us make it our goal to become the number one store in the world and work hard!”

The number one store in the world.

If Moi was the store owner, then this would not be impossible…

“At that time, as pledged by the contract, I will use my great fortune and magic to construct the number one underground city as a gift to Vanir-san!”

Moi looked at the spirited and determined Wiz.

Damn it, this store owner’s worst trait was her innocence.

…It can’t be helped.

For Moi dream, and for the strange lich who brings ruin when left unattended.

“I don’t want to achieve that goal alone, I want to achieve it with comrades and friends. I will work hard and think of new products…!”

If only a little, Moi will work harder.

“Then let’s look at the item catalogue Vanir-san! Look, Look at this! I feel that this will be popular in the future, let us try it!!”