Gifting this Wonderful World with Explosions! – Volume 1 – Interlude & Epilogue

Translator: Sine Nomine
Editor: Skythewood, Vysne


—Greater Demon And Demonic Girl—

“Oh, Komekko.”

“Oh, Hoost.”

I stood before the evil god’s tombstone. At this moment, Hoost flew over with something.

“We haven’t met in a while… Yes, what is the matter? It seems the area around the tomb is really messy. There is even a region where the trees were flattened. What happened here?”

“I heard the evil god revived, which then woke up the nameless goddess. They fought and the evil god was destroyed.”

Hoost dropped whatever it was holding onto the floor.

It was a cage containing a chicken and a few small chicks.

“You, You must be joking!!”

“That is what the adults said.”

Hearing this, Hoost lowered its head dejectedly.

But I was more concerned about the clucking chicken in the cage.

“Why would Lady Wolbach’s seal be… What is this. In just the time I was away… Eh? But this is very strange. If Lady Wolbach’s other half was destroyed, I won’t be able to remain in this world…”

I sat by the cage, observed its interior. Hoost suddenly shouted.

“That’s right! Lady Wolbach’s other half must have survived! It must be hiding somewhere. I must find it quickly and protect it…!”

Hoost looked over here.

“…Uh, that. That’s how it is. I must go. I probably won’t ever see you again… I don’t need this offering anymore. You can have it.”

“I will eat the mother hen. Chomsuke can eat the little chick.”

“Don’t eat it! Wait, this is not good for the kid’s moral and emotional education. I better bring it along. By the way, what the heck is Chomsuke?”

“A black magical beast about this big. Want to see?”

“Who cares? It’s probably just a cat, right? At least give it a proper name… Seriously, what’s wrong with these people from Crimson Magic Clan…”

Hoost spread the wings on its back.

“……Are you leaving?”

“Ah? Didn’t you hear what I said? I need to find Lady Wolbach… What, don’t look so sad. This can’t be helped, and uh, you belong to the Crimson Magic Clan, right?”

I nodded.

“I have a strong feeling that you will become a great wizard. If my contract with Lady Wolbach ended… At that time, if you can summon me, I will establish a familiar contract with you.”


“You would have to summon me first! Hm. But the chance of successfully summoning a greater demon like me is very low. You might not be able to summon…”

Hoost was hovering in the air with its wings. It tilted its head and hesitated, then dropped back on the ground. It squatted down to my eye level.

“That is how it usually is… But I feel you have the potential to become a demonologist. Who knows, you might actually be able to summon me.”

“I will work hard at it!”

Hoost said, “Still not possible, right?” to dampen my enthusiasm, then he roughly ruffled my hair.

“Then, good bye, Komekko! You must do your best to become a great wizard! My name is Hoost! The greater demon who attends to the Evil God Lady Wolbach, Hoost!”

“My name is Komekko! Watching the house is my job. I’m Crimson Magic Clan’s Number One Femme Fatale little sister! Also the one who will ultimately control Hoost!”

I flipped my cloak and made a pose at Hoost.

Hoost laughed loudly, spread its wings, and flew away from the village.

I watched my first friend, who frequently grumbled yet always brought me food, flew away.

I waved my hand until his silhouette vanished beyond the horizon.


At the shopkeeper’s urging, I sat on the chair in the dark shop.

This shop is the house of divination owned by the diviner, Soketto.

Just as I thought everything was settled, Soketto suddenly called me over.

“……You really encountered quite a few incidents, Megumin.”

Soketto smiled at me, who didn’t even know what I was doing here.

“A few incidents” should be referring to me being chased by the evil god’s minions, right?

“……Better buy your sister a proper toy in the future.”


Seeing my surprised expression, Soketto laughed heartily.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Diviners are usually very tight-lipped, okay? I did not call you here to talk about this.”

She raised her hand to the crystal ball. I sighed heavily.

“Then, why did you call me here? Ah, is it about Buzucoily? Did that guy did something stupid again? Even if I know that NEET somewhat, please don’t take it out on me.”

“No. He sometimes walks around my shop, but it’s not that troubling.”

Soketto beckoned to me with her hand, wanting me to come closer.

“Today… I want to divine your future for you.”

Soketto smiled.

“Divine? Divine what? I’m not interested in love topic.”

“Ah, that’s regrettable. But that isn’t it. I just want to see what you would accomplish in the future. Based on my intuition as a diviner, you will do an extraordinary deed.”

“Out of curiosity? Well, fine. But if you see anything unfortunate in the future, please don’t tell me.”

“Hehe, future can be changed. Helping you to avoid future misfortune is part of my job.”

Soketto happily infused the crystal ball with her mana.

“……Hm. Firstly, you intend to leave the village, heading for a city named Axel. So that’s how it is. You will encounter all kinds of trouble there, and finally meet some good companions. These people are really excellent… excel… lent…? Uh, this, these people, personality-wise are excellent… Ah, eh…? This youth… ugh…”

“What!? Continue talking, I’m very concerned! What’s with my companions? They are excellent, respectable, and gentle, right?”

Soketto silently looked away.

“To give suggestions on avoiding future misfortune is your job, right!? Spit it out!”

I grabbed Soketto’s shoulders and shook her. Suddenly, Soketto’s expression changed.

“……This, heh. Truly, Megumin is very fortunate to meet such great companions.”

“What is it!? You said the future can be changed, right? Now I must reconsider whether to go to Axel or not…!”

Soketto smiled bitterly and said.

“It won’t be good if this future is changed. Uh, I won’t tell you for now.”

“Please tell me! I am really very concerned!”

Soketto ignored my question and simply smiled happily.

“……All of you will complete a great task. After that, you will return to the Home of the Crimson Magic due to certain disaster, which will probably be related to you and your companions.”

“This divination seems overly abstract… I heard Soketto’s divination is very specific and accurate.”

Soketto smiled bitterly and shrugged.

“The disaster in Home of the Crimson Magic should involve me as well. A diviner can never divine things related to herself. If an event is related to me, the crystal won’t show anything.”

She touched the crystal ball’s surface lightly.

If one can predict one’s own future, then a diviner can do whatever she pleases and changes the future accordingly. But looks like reality wasn’t so simple.

A disaster related to Soketto…

The disturbance this time, or the various dangerous things sealed in the seal— There were simply too many potential hazards and not enough clue.

“Could it be an invasion of the demon king’s army? Yes, Buzucoily even assembled the NEETs to form a strange team.”

She should be speaking of that so-called Anti-Demon King Army Guerilla Unit.


When Soketto attempted to divine Buzucoily’s future lover, the crystal ball did not show anything.

If it was related to Soketto herself, the crystal ball would be like this…?

“Buzucoily doesn’t seem like a bad guy. If he finds a job, it would be good. Then change his weird habits of stalking people. His fateful mate should appear… Megumin, what’s wrong? Why are you smiling so suddenly?”

“No, nothing. I just felt it was too much of a mismatch.”

Mismatch? —After hearing my words, Soketto tilted her head in bewilderment.

“In any case, I can tell you this. Please look forward to your life in Axel… Listen, even if you are subjected to some sexual harassment, don’t take it too hard.”

“I will be sexually harassed by whom!? Is it my companions who sexually harass me!? Hey, can this really be considered excellent companions!?”

—After I left the divination shop, Chomsuke hooked its claws on my shoulder, swinging back and forth.

Although the claws brought a bit of pain, it could still be endured.

Before I even started my travels, I suddenly received this uneasy news.

Might as well stay in the village as a NEET…

“Well, firstly I must stay in the village to prepare the money for travel. I can think about this later.”

I tried my best to convince myself and carried Chomsuke off my shoulder.

If I encountered some shameful companions, I could just drag them along. That should do it.

—My goals were twofold.

Firstly, let that big sister witness my Explosion magic.

And the other—

This world was full of monsters, criminals, and even demons.

I wanted to prove to the powers that be.

Prove that I, who learned Explosion magic, am the strongest.

Regardless of whether the opponent was the evil god or demon king—

For some reasons, Chomsuke shivered in my arms.

I held Chomsuke upright, and let my crimson eyes flared.

Yes, upon the powers that be, I would cast down my Explosion—!


What is going on?

“Big brother, I want to eat Snow Lizard Burger next!”

“No problem. Big brother is really strong. Snow Lizards or Fire lizards are nothing!”

As I was returning home after school, I saw Buzucoily trying to seduce Komekko with food. I was troubled as to whether I should complain to the adults in the village.

But, to my growing sister, this NEET is a rare sucker, so I could just pretend I didn’t see anything…

“After I grow up, I want to be big brother’s bride!”

“You bastard, how dare you seduce my little sister!”

“Hey, wait, wait, Megumin! Why are you suddenly hitting me!”

—After hearing in-depth explanations, I realized the hungry Komekko was running around, and Buzucoily was simply protecting her.

If she was allowed to run off, she would run into the dangerous forest near the village to find food.

“Listen, Komekko. There are dangerous monsters in the forest outside the village, so you must not go there alone, okay?”

Hearing what I said, Komekko replied.

“Can I go with the powerful Buzucoily?”

“No, this NEET may have battle strength, but being with him would have a different kind of danger for Komekko.”

“What are you trying to say? My taste is not that special!”

Komekko looked at us arguing.

“Between Sis and Buzucoily, who is stronger?”

“……” X2

After a moment of silence, we naturally pointed to ourselves.

“Of course, it would be me, the village’s top genius…”

“Of course, it would be me, who spend a lot of time hunting monsters daily…”

We started to confront each other before Komekko.

“……When we were young, I pushed you into the pond, making you cry. You should still remember, right?”

“……That was many years ago. Now I have this move! Light of Refraction!”

“Th-, This guy actually used magic to argue with a girl younger than himself!”

While I was complaining about how petty Buzucoily was to use invisibility magic, his boastful voice came from somewhere.

“Megumin, just admit defeat! Compared to when I was young, I am different now and can be considered as an opponent of the demon king’s army…”

“—Oh, isn’t this Megumin and Komekko?”

The one who interrupted Buzucoily was the owner of the village’s best shoe shop, Buzucoily’s father.

“I asked the fellow to watch the shop, yet he ran off somewhere. Have you seen the fool?”

Komekko and I pointed to an empty spot.

“Should be around there.” X2

At that time, there was a sound of something running away hurriedly.

Buzucoily’s father began casting magic in that direction—!

-End of Explosion Volume 1: Megumin’s Turn-