Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 1, Chapter 4

Ending this poor excuse of a battle!

Part 1

I rushed to the main gate.

The lightly armored me led the way, Aqua and Megumin reached shortly after. Only the heavily armored Darkness was still on the way.

“Oh, just as I suspected. This guy is here again.”

When we reached the main gate, there were many adventurers gathered there already.

And that guy was at the main gate which all the novice adventurers kept a distance away from.

That’s right, it was that demon army boss, Dullahan.

I was a bit curious when I saw the troubled faces of the adventurers preceding me. But I understood why when I looked at what was behind the Dullahan.

Unlike the last time, he brought a whole gang of monsters with it.

It was a group of knight wearing tattered armor.

The cracks in the armor and helmet was semi-visible. If you looked closely, they probably didn’t have a proper meal for quite a while. You might even catch a glimpse of their rotten body which would leave psychological trauma.

With just a glance, it was clear the armored knights were undead.

After it saw Megumin and me, it roared.

“Why didn’t you come to the castle, you are inhuman–!”

I walked in front of Megumin to protect her and asked the Dullahan.

“Well… You asked why we didn’t go to the castle, but why must we go? And what do you mean by ‘inhuman’? We had stopped casting explosion magic, so why are you mad?”

The Dullahan was furious when he heard me and was on the verge of throwing the thing in its left hand onto the ground… But it remembered that was its head and moved it to its abdomen:

“”Stopped casting explosion? You say it stopped? Stop lying to me! That crimson magic clan girl with a screw loose had never stopped coming!”


After hearing him, I looked at Megumin besides me.

Megumin averted her eyes immediately.

“… You did go right. I told you not to, but you still went all this while.”

“Hurts hurts hurts, it’s painful alright! No, listen to me Kazuma! I was satisfied with casting explosion on an empty plain not so long ago… But after I knew the charm of attacking a castle with magic, my body changed and I could only accept big and hard things…!”

“Don’t fidget around and say those kind of things! And you couldn’t move after casting your spell! That means you have an accomplice! Who in the world…”

I pinched Megumin cheeks and said, and it was Aqua’s turn to avert her gaze this time.

“It’s you right—!”

“Wahahah–! Because because, that Dullahan caused me to be unable to work normally, I want to vent my frustration! I was lectured by the store owner every day because of him!”

You were lectured because you didn’t take your work seriously.

As I grabbed the collar of Aqua who attempted to escape, the Dullahan continued:

“I am not so furious because of the explosion magic! Don’t you all have the will to save your comrade? I might be this way now, but before I was executed because of unjust reasons and morphed into a monster, I was a honourable knight. In my eyes, that crusader who was cursed while protecting her companions was the classic model of a knight, but you abandoned her…!”

When the Dullahan reached this part.

Darkness who arrived in her clanking armor late quietly made her way to my side.

The Dullahan locked eyes with Darkness who was blushing because of the compliments.

“… He, hello…”

Darkness looked a bit guilty, timidly lifting a hand to the Dullahan in greeting…

“…… What, what is up with this—-?”

Seeing her action, the Dullahan yelled in surprise.

It’s expression was blocked by its helmet, but he probably had a ‘WTF?’ face.

“Why? It had been a week since Darkness was cursed but she is still alive, that shocked it right? That Dullahan definitely thought we would head to the castle to break the curse and was waiting for us in vain huh? It didn’t even know I broke the curse in no time after it left right? Pu he he! This is too funny! Super~ funny!”

Aqua pointed her finger at the Dullahan and laughed nonstop.

The Dullahan’s expression still can’t be seen, but from the way it’s shoulder was trembling, it was definitely very furious.

But since Aqua broke the curse and we knew it was definitely a trap, we had no reason to visit the dangerous castle.

“… Hey, you there. If I get serious, I could kill all the adventurers in town and massacre the townsfolk. Don’t think I will keep letting you off! I am of the undead and will never know fatigue. You bunch of rookies won’t be able to hurt me!”

Aqua’s taunt pushed the Dullahan’s patience to its limit and it had a dangerous air about it.

But before the Dullahan could do anything else, Aqua extended her right hand and shout:

“I am the one who has no reason to let you off! I won’t let you escape this time. To act so flashy for a mere undead, how arrogant! Disappear, ‘turn undead’!”

A bright white light illuminated from Aqua’s outstretched hand.

Even though it saw Aqua casting a spell, the Dullahan wasn’t scared and didn’t plan to dodge.

As expected of a boss of the demon army, seemed like he was really confident.

The gentle light which came out of Aqua closed in on the Dullahan…!

“You think the boss of the demon king army wouldn’t be prepared to fight priests? Too bad. Including me, all the undead knights in this band had received the protection of the demon king. We have very high resistance against holy spell ahhhhhhhh–!”

After getting blasted by the magic, the parts that was hit emitted black smoke.

The Dullahan that was so confident was smoking all over. He was shaking all over and couldn’t even stand properly, but he still put on a strong facade.

Aqua shouted when she saw this:

“Nah, nah, Kazuma! This is strange, it’s not working on him!”

No, it looked plenty useful to me, he was screaming ‘ahh–‘ so loudly…

The Dullahan took unsteady steps and said:

“Hmmp, hmmhmm… Wait for me to finish. I am Beldia, one of the boss of the demon king army, Dullahan Beldia! With this armor that was enchanted by the demon king and my own powers, ‘turn undead’ from a normal priest won’t work on me!… It shouldn’t work at all…

As it spoke, the Dullahan shifted the head in its hand so it was slanting to one side.

It was probably trying to tilt its head.

“… Never mind. Because our diviner was raging on about a strong light descending near this town, so I came here to investigate… In the beginning, I thought it was too much of a hassle and considered destroying the entire town…”

Beldia who was starting to get as unreasonable as Go*a held its head with its left hand and lifted his empty right hand up here.

<TL: the bully from Doraemon™.>

“Hmmp, you are not worthy enough for me to do it personally… Go, my brothers! Let them know what hell taste like!”

Ah! That guy was definitely scared because Aqua’s spell was unexpectedly effective! He is planning to use his minions to attack us while he escapes by himself to somewhere safe!”

“That that that’s not it! This was my plan from the very beginning! The boss of the demon king army are not weaklings who escape on their own! You wouldn’t fight the boss at the very start, of course you would need to defeat the underlings first, that’s the tradition since ancient time…”

“Sacred turn undead–!”


Beldia only spoke halfway when it screamed due to Aqua’s spell.

A white magic circle appeared at Beldia’s feet and a light that led straight into the sky was there.

Beldia’s armor was fuming black smog, and it rolled on the ground as if it was attempting to put out the fire on it.

Aqua said in a panic:

“What, what should we do Kazuma! This is strange! My spell is not effective on it!”

Looking at the way it was screaming its head off, I thought it was pretty effective.

No, ‘turn undead’ should be able to destroy the undead in one shot.


“Damn, damn you…! Let someone who is talking finish! Enough! Hey, my brethens…!”

Even though smog was coming from all over its body, Beldia stood up slowly and lift its right hand…

“All the people in this town… Kill them all!”

He cut his right hand down as the cue!

Part 2

Undead knights.

A monster one tier higher than zombies.

Although their armor were tattered, but with their defensive gear, it was a threat to novice adventurers.

“Wahhh–! Priests! Get the priests here–!”

“Someone go to Eris church for holy water, get all that you can–!”

As the adventurers shouted tensely, the undead knight invaded the town.

The adventurers tried to intercept them.

But as if to mock their effort, Beldia laughed loudly…!

“Hmmp hahaha, come, let me hear your screams… of… despair…?”

… As it was laughing,

“Wah, wahhh–! Why just me? I, I am a goddess! A goddess so I always do good deeds!”

“Ahh! How, how scheming! I am the one who always does good deeds, why are all the undead knights running over to Aqua…!”

Aqua said something ungoddess-like, while Darkness said something that was hard to comment on with an envious face.

For some reasons, the undead knights didn’t lay their hands on the townsfolk and were chasing after Aqua enthusiastically.

“You, what are you all doing! Don’t just chase that priest, cover this town with the blood the residents and adventurers…!”

Beldia shouted in panic when it saw the situation.

I wondered if these mindless low tier undead were seeking salvation, and gathered at the side of the Aqua goddess because of their instincts.

Although I didn’t know why the undead were chasing after Aqua, but this is a great chance!

“Hey Megumin, could you cast an explosion spell on that bunch of undead knights?”

“Eh! This is inside the town and they are too dispersed, I might miss some of them…!”

At this moment,

“Wahhh, Kazuma-san–! Kazuma-san–!”

Aqua brought a large crowd of undead knights with her and came in my direction.


“You fool! Hey, don’t come this way! Lure them somewhere else and I will treat you to dinner tonight!”

“I will pay for dinner, just help me get rid of these undeads! They are weird! I couldn’t purify them with ‘turn undead’!”

Damn it, is this the protection of the demon king Beldia mentioned…!

No, wait, wait a minute…?

“Megumin, wait outside the town and standby your spell–!”

“Huh? Got… Got it!”

After shouting to Megumin, I brought Aqua who rushed to me and charged out of town.

I intentionally pass by the adventurers that were battling the undead knights, getting as many undead knights to follow Aqua as possible…

After that…!

“Kazuma-san! How does it look behind me! I think we got all the undead knight in town to follow us–!”

I turned back and the undead knight chasing Aqua had turned into a large crowd.

Aqua and I left the town and the undead knights followed. At this moment,

“Megumin, do it now–!”

Under my command, Megumin took off her eye patch, raised her staff and her eyes were shining.

“What a wonderful situation! I am grateful, thank you Kazuma!… I am Megumin! The elite wizard of the Crimson Magic clan, user of explosion magic! Demon king boss Beldia! Watch my power closely! ‘Explosion’–!”

Megumin cast the explosion spell she was great in and ignited it in the center of the undead army!



Part 3

The explosion spell created a crater right before the main gate, blowing all the undead knights away.

As everyone was in silence because of the power of the spell.

“Hmm hmm hmm… Everyone is lost for words after witnessing the power of my explosion… Fu ahh… including narrating this speech, all this… feels so good…”

Megumin could be heard saying proudly.

“… Want me to piggy back you?”

“Ah, thank you. And I couldn’t move because I was too pleased with the spell, could you help me put my eye patch back?”

A short distance away from me.

Megumin who exhausted her mana was lying face down there.

I lifted Megumin up, put on her eye patch and carried her on my back.

“My mouth… is full of sand…”

Aqua who was closest to the undead knight spat the sand out of her mouth as she walked towards me.

It seemed that the explosion spell made her trip and fall.

The dust from the explosion had not yet settle when all the adventurers in town cheered.

“Woahhh! That’s awesome, girl with a screw loose!”

“The Crimson magic girl with a screw loose took all of them out!”

“So aside from your weird name and loose screw, you are great when it is time to perform, I am impressed!”

Megumin wriggled on my back when she heard the cheers coming from town.

“Sorry, I want to cast an explosion on those people, please bring me over there.”

“You have used all your mana. You did great today, be confident and have a good rest… Thank you for your hard work.”

Hearing me say that, Megumin hugged on to me with her heart at ease.

And of course, I felt something soft on my back…

Something… soft…?

… She was pressing her chest onto my back, but I didn’t feel sensation like that…

… Well, it’s expected of a loli.

“Crimson magic clan have high intelligence.”

Megumin suddenly said.

“… Want me to guess what Kazuma is thinking about?”

“… I am thinking that Megumin’s breast was bigger than it looks.”

It was obvious I didn’t mean it, which caused Megumin to attempt to strangle me.

At the town entrance, Beldia stared at us.

More accurately, it was staring at Megumin who was on my back.

Finally, Beldia’s shoulders started to tremble.

Was it angry that all it’s undead minions were wiped out?

… No.

“Fu hahaha! Interesting! That’s interesting! To think my minions would be wiped out in a novice town like this! Alright, I will keep my promise!”

… Hey, hold up.

Hey, wait!

“I will take care of you all personally!”

Beldia who was standing at the town entrance lifted its great sword and charged at us!

Part 4

Long before Beldia reached us.

Lots of armed adventurers surrounded Beldia at a distance in order to protect us, and approached him slowly.

When Beldia saw this situation, it held its head in one hand and a sword in the other, and shrugged happily…

“… Oh–? The target I prioritized should be those two over there… But… Hmmp, if you all could defeat me through a stroke of luck, you would get a hefty sum of bounty… come, novice adventurers dreaming of getting rich instantly. All of you come at me at together!”

When they heard it talking about getting rich instantly, the adventurers who were closing in started discussing among themselves.

And then a man who looked like a warrior…

“Hey, no matter how strong it is, it don’t have eyes on its back! Surround it and attack!”

An adventurer on the flank of Beldia shouted.

He had raised an obvious death flag.

“Hey, the opponent is a boss of the demon king army, how could such a simple tactic take him down!”

I warned the male warrior who said the script of victim.

And to support them, I drew my sword…

… No, think about it carefully. Even if a super low level like me slash at him, the results would be clear.

More importantly, I had to bring Megumin on my back to a safe place…

… Bring her to a safe place and then what?

Megumin was out of mana.

Aqua’s spell couldn’t deal a fatal blow.

… How about telling everyone to run away?

As I was thinking about these, the male warrior who had Beldia surrounded prepared to attack…!

“Just buy more time! After hearing the emergency broadcast, the ace of this town will definitely rush over! If that guy is here, the boss of the demon king army would be done for! Hey brothers, let’s go together! Aim for its blind spot! All at the same time!”

Facing the man who shouted this as he attacked, Beldia tossed his head high into the air with one hand.

…The ace of this town?

I don’t know who he was referring to, but was there such a famed and capable adventurer in town?

As I was thinking about those, Beldia’s head was high in the sky and looked downwards. I felt a chill when I saw this scene.

Not just me, the adventurers around me realized it too.

“Stop! Don’t go…”

I shouted, attempting to restrain the adventurers whose name I don’t even know…

But Beldia seemed to have eyes on its back, dodging the attacks of all the adventurers.


That was the sound the adventurers slashing at him uttered.

I wasn’t sure which adventurer it was.

Beldia dodged all the attack easily, it gripped its great sword in both hands…

In a blink of an eye, Beldia slashed at all the adventurers who attacked it.

The people who were alive moments ago were now dead.

Such illogical things made me realized the realities of this world.

It was the sound of the men falling limply onto the ground.

Beldia listened to these sound with satisfaction and raised a hand into the air.

His head landed safely into his palm.

Beldia didn’t think much about this series of actions and said leisurely:

“Who’s next?”

All the adventurers on scene were intimidated by these words.

One girl said in a high pitch:

“Trash, trash like you…! Trash like you will be done in with just a slash from Mitsurugi!”

… Huh?

My mind kept working.

The Mitsurugi she mentioned was the one whose sword was taken by me and sold…

“That’s right, just hold on a bit longer! When that magic sword guy comes, he could definitely take on the boss of the demon king army…”

“You are Beldia right? Let me tell you, there is a powerful and high level guy in this town!”

… Shit, oh shit.

I looked at Aqua with a pale face, but Aqua was already gone from that spot.

Other than Mitsurugi, Aqua was the only one with the ability to be an ace. She didn’t even looked at the Beldia, running to the side of the killed adventurers, doing something as she stayed close to their corpse.

Maybe it was her obligation as a goddess to send the dead on their way.

After seeing the adventurers in solid armor dying in one blow, nobody wanted to stand before Beldia and oppose him…

“… Oh? So you are my next opponent?”

Beldia held its head with its left hand and a sword in its right.

It looked at Darkness who was standing before it, protecting Megumin and me. It thought it was interesting and moved the head in its hand closer to Darkness.

Darkness took a stance holding a sword with both hands, shielding the two of us behind her. She doesn’t looked like a pervert anymore, but a dependable crusader.

After witnessing Aqua and Megumin’s strength, Beldia probably thought Darkness was powerful in her own way too.

Beldia maintained its posture against Darkness, keeping on guard without moving.

Darkness’s tough and white armor glittered under the sun in contrast to Beldia’s black armor.

The adventurers who attacked Beldia were all wearing armor too.

But this boss of the demon king army still slaughtered them despite their armor.

Darkness was always boasting confidently that she was harder than anyone. I don’t know if she could withstand Beldia’s attacks.

As I was wondering if I should stop darkness, she probably noticed my worry and announced confidently:

“Don’t worry Kazuma. In terms of toughness in taking hits, I won’t lose to anyone. And I can use my skills on my weapon and armor too. Beldia’s sword might be powerful, but you do really think it could cut through steel armor like paper? From how the adventurers were killed, Beldia probably possess powerful attack skills. I want to find out how my defence does against it!”

Darkness was aggressive today.

But even if you defended successfully, your attack still won’t hit right?

“Don’t do it. Beldia not only hits hard, it is great at dodging too right? All the adventurers attacking at the same time couldn’t hit him, there’s no way you could with how clumsy you are.”

Even after hearing what I said, Darkness remained in place to oppose Beldia.

“… As a crusader… As someone with the job of a guardian, there is something that I will not back off from. Let me protect you two.”

Although I don’t know why, but Darkness seemed to have a reason why she doesn’t want to retreat.

I was speechless for a moment. Darkness maintained her postures and charged at Beldia!

“Oh! You are taking the initiative! As a Dullahan, going head to head with a crusader is unavoidable. Alright, come at me!”

Beldia prepared to face the attack.

Seeing Darkness holding her sword with both hands, Beldia didn’t want to block it and lowered its stance, preparing to dodge.

With Beldia in front of her, Darkness used all her might and swung her sword…!

… And because she misjudged the distance, the attack landed a few centimeters before Beldia’s feet.

“… Huh?”

Beldia lamented like a deflated balloon.

It stared at Darkness blankly, and all the other adventurers followed suit.

… Enough. To miss an opponent that wasn’t even moving, how embarrassing!

And this is my companion!

I heard that a novice swinging a sword recklessly could cut their own feet. But no matter what, this is too…

Darkness seemed to think missing her attack was normal and took a step forward and used a horizontal cut.

She was probably embarrassed to have missed that badly after putting on such a cool front, so her face was a bit red.

Seemed like this attack would definitely be on target, but Beldia lowered its stance and dodged nimbly.

“Seemed like I expected too much. Enough… Well then…”

Beldia seemed to think its opponent was too boring and raised its sword and casually slashed diagonally down at Darkness.

“Alright, next… is…… Huh?”

Beldia had the confident to kill with one strike.

But its sword only left a large scratch on the surface of darkness’ armor, making a screeching sound.

Darkness pulled away from Beldia temporary.

“Ahhh! I just got my armor from the shop!”

Darkness looked at the scratch on her armor sadly and glared at Beldia.

Although her foe left a deep scratch on Darkness’ armor, her body wasn’t hurt.

Which means…

“You, what is with you…? Why aren’t you hurt after being hit by me…? Is that an armor made by a famous artisan? No… it’s not possible even with that… That arch priest and that arch wizard that loves explosions too, who the hell are you people…”

Using the chance when Beldia was mumbling about something, I joined the other adventurers.

After entrusting Megumin to another adventurer, I said:

“Darkness! You can withstand that guy’s attack! Leave the attack to me, I will support you!”

Hearing what I said, Darkness focused her eyes on Beldia and nodded.

“I leave it to you! But please create a chance for me to hit him once, alright?!”

I answered “Got it!” loudly in reply, and shouted to the other adventurers:


After hearing my yell, the wizards remembered their jobs and started chanting spells. The other adventurers also took action, looking for things they could do.

This is our fight against the demon king boss.

The enemy dared walked into our town so openly, we had no reason to let it return safely.

Beldia stuck its sword into the ground to free up its right hand, pointing at the wizards who were chanting.

“All of you will in one weeks time–! Will die in the streets–!”

Beldia cursed all the wizards chanting spells with premonition of death.

The wizards who were cursed lost their nerves and stopped chanting.

The other wizards who were planning to join in stiffened their faces after seeing their compatriots get hit with a premonition of death, not daring to cast their spells.

Damn Dullahan, using such detestable methods!

“Alright, I will attack seriously this time!”

As it shouted, Beldia threw its head high up into the sky.

… Can we get an archer to shoot that head down?

As I was thinking about that, Beldia held its great sword in both hands and attacked Darkness!

The head in the sky was facing the ground like before.

He was probably overlooking the entire battlefield with that head in the air.

If beldia used this, it would have no blind spot and could easily see where its opponent wanted to dodge.

“Ka, Kazuma! Darkness she is…!”

I heard Megumin screaming behind me.

Almost all the adventurers in town were gathered here.

The people I saw a few times, that guy who told me the weak point of a monster.

The girl who pulled her bow fully but was afraid of hitting Darkness who was facing Beldia, told me about the beverage called Neroid.

The old man holding a long spear who was attempting to flank behind Beldia once chastised me for not drinking beer.

If Darkness fell and Beldia wills it, everyone present would be killed.

Darkness probably understood this, and switched the hold on her sword with the broad side facing forward, using it as a shield without taking a single step back.

She seemed to be saying ‘except for the head without the helmet, you are free to attack anyway you like’.

“Oh, how straightforward! Okay, how about this?”

Beldia raised its great sword steadily with both hands. The demon king army boss then went beyond the human limits and slashed multiple times at Darkness.

One, two, three, four hits…!

The slashes hitting Darkness exceed double digits in no time, every blowmaking the armor screeched and scarring the armor.

In the face of such attacks, it won’t be a surprise for normal adventurers to be cut into pieces. But Darkness remained unmoved, blocking every blow.

A few strands of Darkness’ long blond hair were cut after coming into contact with the blade and flew in the air.

Beldia stopped its fierce consecutive attack for a moment and caught its falling head with one hand. It switched back to holding the sword with one hand and was impressed with Darkness’ tenacity.

Seeing how Darkness endured all these hits, those wizards…

The people whose face turned pale and couldn’t move…

Steeled their resolved and started chanting.

… At this moment, something warm sprayed onto my face.

I wiped with the back of my hand and found out it was…

“Hey, Darkness you are hurt! Enough, come back! All the adventurers will scatter and come up with a new plan!”

Looking closely, Darkness’ was bleeding from her face and the cracks in her armor.

I shouted at the injured Darkness, but she refused to back down.

“Crusaders will never retreat when protecting someone behind them! I won’t ever compromise on that! Also!”

Speaking such cool lines, Darkness’ face blushed as she defended with all her might…!

“Also! This Dullahan is very skilled! It had been chipping my armor off slowly bit by bit…! It didn’t stripped me naked directly, but left pieces of armor behind, making it more sexual than being naked. It wants to humiliate me in public…!”


Beldia stopped momentarily when it heard what Darkness said and backed off a little: I concentrated the mana in my hand as I scolded the true pervert who was showing her true nature at such a critical juncture.

“Look at the time and place you unrepentant pervert!”

Darkness trembled for a moment when she heard me lecturing her:

“Ugh…! Ka, Kazuma you should be the one watching the time and place! I am my limits as I am being ravaged by the Dullahan in public, and Kazuma is humiliating me too…! What are you trying to do to me, ganging up on me with the Dullahan!”

“Huh huh?”

“No want wants to do anything to you pervert! ‘Create water’!”

I cast water magic that had the effect of being a retort at Darkness.

As I shouted, water appeared on top of Darkness and Beldia.

A large amount of water poured down on them like an overturned bucket.

Darkness was soaked entirely while Beldia leaped backwards in a panic, avoiding the downpour of water.


Why was Beldia so panicky…?

… The soaked Darkness’ face turned red and spoke softly:

“… To use this skill so suddenly… You, you are good, Kazuma. I don’t really dislike this. Although I’m fine with it, you should watch the time and place…”

“Wrong, this is not some weird sexual play! This is what I wanted to do! ‘Freeze’!”

I followed up by chanting basic magic that freezes water.

This was a spell that didn’t have any effect if used alone, but…

“!? Oh, freezing the ground around my feet to stop me from moving…! I see, you thought my strength lies in dodging? But…!”

Beldia seemed to had something to say as it looked at the frozen ground, but I used the skill I really wanted to use before he finished.

… That’s right, it was the skill used against Mitsurugi, my strongest weapon right now!

“Stopping you from dodging would be enough! I will take the weapon from you,take this, ‘steal’–!”

The skill that gave you a chance to take an item from your opponent, ‘steal’ was activated.

Skills and magic existed in this world.

Using them won’t use your stamina, but a power everyone possess known as mana.

That’s what Aqua said.

In the past, many people could use magic, they had just forgotten how to use it.

The more mana you concentrate, the stronger the power of the skill or magic would be, and it would increase the chance of success.

Creating Beldia’s weak point and preventing him from evading, I used this at the best possible moment, my ultimate skill ‘steal’…!

“… This skill is a good idea. You might be confident, but I am a boss of the demon king army after all, so this is the difference in levels. If our power are a bit closer, it might get dangerous for me.”

… It was ineffective against a boss of the demon king’s army.

Beldia reached out its hand and pointed at me.

… I could only surrender, as expected of a high level boss of the demon king army. I couldn’t beat him with ‘steal’…

… As Beldia was about to curse me.

“Don’t harm my comrade!”

Darkness who was normally cool and collected displayed her emotions at this rare moment. She shouted as she dropped the heavy sword that couldn’t hit the enemy, charging at Beldia with her shoulder.

But even with the ground frozen, Beldia evaded easily and gripped its sword calmly.

In order to charged at Beldia, Darkness abandoned her heavy sword.

That means she didn’t have anything to defend against Beldia’s sword.

Before I realized it, I was shouting at the people around me.

“Thieves, hear me out–! The chances are low, but we will win if we snatch its sword! Everyone who can use ‘steal’ come and help!”

There might be someone who had higher level and luck than me.

Stealthily, the thieves came near with their hide skills showed themselves when they heard my call.

“Steal–!” x 3

But the consecutive use of ‘steal’ didn’t had any effect.

Beldia didn’t thought of us as a threat, pointing its sword at the defenceless Darkness… And threw its head high into the sky.


The adventurers screamed in terror when they saw this movement.

Because Beldia will use his 2-handed sword swing after throwing its head up.

“… Ugh…!”

Darkness moaned when she saw this action.

Oh no oh no oh no!

What should I do?

I don’t have any special power or hidden talent.

I have nothing to be proud of, or any skills that is useful in this situation.

I only possess great luck which I was borned with.

Other than that, I have knowledge of games accumulated since childhood.

I neglected all other things and immersed myself in games, and now I have to pay the price.

Coming to this alternate world happily and dying without accomplishing anything?

“Darkness! Kazuma, Darkness is in danger!”

Megumin shouted in despair.

Think! The foe is a Dullahan, what is its weakness in role playing games?

If I have a strong point, that would be finding the attack style my opponent despised the most when fighting PK with other players in online games.

Observe that guy in detail.

Why did it dodged the water I created with such exaggerated movement?


… Flowing water?

Even the major undead series monster, vampires were afraid of flowing water.

So, what about that Dullahan?

“I had fun, crusader! For me who was originally a knight to cross swords with you, I am grateful to the demon king and god of evil! Alright, watch this…!”

“‘Create water’–!”


Beldia who was slashing at Darkness…

Didn’t move forward, but stayed where it was.

In the end, it didn’t press the attack and caught its head that dropped down.

“… Kazuma, erm… I am fighting seriously here…”

Darkness who was even more soaked looked at me with grudging eyes. Normally I should apologize, but I didn’t have the time right now.

I shouted loudly.

“It’s water–!”

Part 5

“‘Create Water’! ‘Create Water’! ‘Create Water’!–!”

“Hmmp! Woah? That was close!”

With me in the lead, the wizards all over the place started chanting spells.

Facing the water splashing down from the top, Beldia managed to dodge all of it.

Damn, I knew this might be its weakness, but the problem is the attack couldn’t hit!

The other wizards were getting frustrated.

If this goes on, before we could take revenge on Beldia, everyone’s mana would be exhausted.

At this time.

“Nah, why are you guys messing around? Why are you playing with water with the demon king boss? I was working seriously, so how could you start having fun, Kazuma? Are you an idiot?”

What is with this girl, I wanted to give her a slap.

As I was chanting water spell with all my might, Aqua who went somewhere all this while was walking over slowly while sprouting idiotic words.

“It’s water, water! This fellow’s weakness is water! And you are a goddess of water right! Or are just a phony goddess? Can’t you even summon water?”

“!?Don’t be rude, careful of my divine retribution! What is this phony matter, I am a true goddess! Water, you want to talk about water with me? Your weak stream is nothing, I can even summon a flood! Apologize! For accusing me of being a phony goddess, apologize!”

As if you could!

Wrong, if you could then do it now!

“I’m fine with apologizing how much you want, summon it if you can you useless goddess!”

“Wah ahhh–! You dare say I’m a useless goddess! Watch this, I will show you how great I am if I am serious!”

After bickering for a moment.

Aqua took a step forward because of what I said.

A mist emitted from her side…

… Huh?

“You small fries, your water is ineffective against…?”

Beldia caught the sight of Aqua and stopped moving.

Should I say as expected of a boss of the demon king?

Aqua’s imminent action made him sense danger.

Or rather, even the people around who could use magic was looking at Aqua with uneasy eyes.

Aqua wasn’t bothered about the situation around her and mumbled:

“My familiar of this world…”

The mist around Aqua turned into droplets of water, floating around her.

I could feel powerful magic in each droplet.

“The goddess of water– Aqua commands you…”



… I had a bad feeling about this.

The air around her trembled.

This tense feeling was similar to Megumin when she was chanting explosion magic.

This meant the spell she was about to cast had the same level of danger…!

Beldia who was fighting against us probably felt this intense air too.

It turned its back to Aqua unhesitantly and prepared to run…

… But Darkness appeared before it!

Aqua opened her arms.

“Sacred create water!”

She chanted the magic to create water.

Part 6

I remembered this was how Aqua put it.

She could summon a flood if she wanted to.

“Hey…! Wait…!”

“Hya–! Water, wa tahhh–!”

Including the target Beldia, Darkness and the adventurers near Beldia, Megumin and me in a distance, even Aqua who chanted the spell were hit…

“Pu ah…! Wait, I’m choking on water…!”

“Megumin, Megumin–! Hold on tight, don’t get swept away!”

The sudden flood washes over everyone on scene.

The water volume was enormous, splashing waves at the main gate of town and flow into town.

After the water subsided, the ground was full of exhausted adventurers and…

“Hey… Hey…! What were you thinking… Are you an idiot? You must a moron…!”

Beldia who was also exhausted stood up unsteadily.

I wanted to agree strongly with Beldia, but now was not the time to say that.

Now, use this great chance…

“Do it now, my stellar performance had weakened that guy, use this chance to defeat him, Kazuma! Hurry up. Hey, Hurry up you!”

This bitch–!

I made up my mind to steal everything from this girl in public until she cried. After deciding that, I reached my hand out to Beldia…!

“I will definitely snatch your weapon this time! Take this–!”

“Just try it! Even weakened drastically, it is impossible for a mere novice to take my weapon!”

Beldia shouted at me as it threw its head high up again and held its sword with both hands to use its full power.

As expected of a boss of the demon king. Even severely weakened, just opposing him like this made my legs shivered.

And I head towards the demon king boss…!


I used ‘steal’ that was pumped with all my mana!

I felt something hard, cold and heavy in my hand as I used my skill.

This raised the thought ‘did it work?’, which might become a flag for failure.

I definitely mustn’t think in that way.


The adventurers all around made sounds of disappointment.

I looked at Beldia, it was still holding its sword tightly.

And his swift attacks…

Did not came at me, he just stood there in that position.


Nobody knew what happened and it became quiet. At this moment, I heard a voice that sounded a bit troubled and panicked.

“Ex, excuse me…”

It was Beldia.

Beldia said in a whimsical voice:

“Ex, excuse me… Can you… return my head back to me…?”

Beldia’s head said as it lies on my hands.


“Hey everyone, let’s play soccer! Soccer is–! A game that forbids the use of hand and using only your feet to control the ball–!”

I kicked Beldia’s head to the adventurers!

“Huh ahhahhh–! Wait, hey, don’t do that!”

The head rolled on the ground after I kicked it over, and became the best toy for the adventurers who were waiting frantically.

“Yahahaha! This game is fun!”

“Hey here! pass it to me too–!”

“Stop! Please, it hurts, stop!”

Beldia’s head was kicked around, but its body that was holding the sword was at a loss since it couldn’t see ahead.

“Hey Darkness, want to hit him with your sword?”

I picked up the sword on the ground and handed it to the soaked Darkness who was walking towards me. Darkness who was breathing heavily and dripping blood and water everywhere lifted her sword, heading unsteadily towards Beldia and stopped in front of it.

I used this chance to wave at Aqua.

Aqua who was squeezing her Hagoromo dry noticed my gesture and jogged to us.

Darkness raised her sword up high…!

“This blow! Is for the people who took care of me but were killed by you! I don’t want to hit too many times, so take all of their share with this one hit!”

And she swung down mightily.


The muffled scream of Beldia came from the head that was kicked around in the distance.

Darkness might be clumsy, but she was very strong, shattering Beldia’s dark armor in one blow, opening an obvious gap on the chest area.

I remembered this was what Beldia said.

This was an armor enchanted by the demon king.

“Great. Aqua, the rest is in your hands.”

“Leave it to me!”

Aqua lifted one hand, aiming at the crack in the armor of Beldia who had been weakened by water.

“Sacred turn undead–!”



“Wait, hold on…! Hyaaaa–!”

After getting hit by Aqua’s spell, Beldia’s scream could be heard near the legs of the adventurers.

Seemed like the ‘turn undead’ this time was effective.

Beldia’s body was covered in a white light, turned translucent and gradually disappeared.

The adventurers who were playing soccer was in an uproar, Beldia’s head probably disappeared.

… And so, without even knowing what it was doing in this place, the demon king’s boss was purified here.

Part 7

When she heard the cheers of victory from the adventurers, Darkness who was wounded all over knelt on one knee, praying with her eyes closed at the spot the Dullahan disappeared.

Seeing Darkness act this way, Megumin asked her hesitantly:

“… Darkness, what are you doing?”

“Darkness closed her eyes, replying as if she was reciting a monologue in her heart:

“… I am praying. The Dullahan was a knight who was executed unjustly, and turned into a monster because of its grudge. It might be weird to say this after smashing it with my sword, but no harm praying for it…”

“I see…”

Megumin said softly and Darkness continued:

“… Cedre’s arm strength was weaker than me, so he spread an idiotic rumour that my body was full of muscles… Heinz said this to me that time ‘Hey, its hot today, fan me with that large sword of yours alright? It’s fine if you hit me, that is if you can!’ as he laugh like a moron while teasing me… And Garilhe, I joined his party once, and made him yell, asking why I kept charging into the middle of the monster pile… They were all killed by that Dullahan. Thinking back, they might not be great guys, but I don’t really dislike them…”

After Darkness said that…

“Erm… I see. I will listen to the rest later, let’s go back to the guild for now.”

Megumin said in an attempt to end the topic.

I don’t know if she heard what Megumin said, but Darkness closed her eyes and said gently:

“… If I could meet them again… Just once is enough, I would want to have a drink with them…”

“O… Okay…” x3

Behind Darkness who had her eyes shut, some troubled voice sounded out.

Darkness shivered for a moment. Behind her were 3 men who looked embarrassed.

I remembered they were murdered by Beldia just now.

Finally, one of them spoke apologetically…

“How should I put this… it’s my bad. I didn’t know you thought of us that way…”

“That’s… that’s right, I am sorry for spreading that weird rumour because I lost to you in arm wrestling… I, I will treat you to a meal next time…”

“Actually, you were really conscious about not being able to hit your enemy? I, I’m sorry about that…”

As Darkness listened to the 3 of them talk, Darkness who remained in her praying posture with her eyes closed started to blush.

And Aqua who can’t read the mood said excitedly:

“Darkness, just leave such things to me! At my level, the fresh corpse that haven’t passed on too long, I can resurrect them easily! This is wonderful, now you all can drink together again!”

Aqua didn’t mean any harm.

But when Darkness heard what Aqua said, she remembered her monologue with the subject in question standing behind her. She covered her red face that was on the verge of tears and sat on the ground in a heap.

“Isn’t this great, meeting everyone once again. Let’s go and drink with everyone.”

I said to Darkness heartily, but she continued to cover her face and said softly:

“… I want to die…”

I said to Darkness who was like this:

“Don’t you prefer others to humiliate you with words? Don’t hold back, I will keep bringing this up for the next 3 days.”

“This, this humiliation is different from the one I want…!”

Darkness said with her shoulders trembling.