Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 4, Chapter 2

Gifting these shameless blockheads with a warm welcome!

 Translator: Skythewood

Editor: Darkdhaos

Part 1

I was sitting on the couch in the living room when the nervous Megumin pleaded with me.

“I apologize for what happened earlier… Please turn back into the old Kazuma.”

Megumin was sitting properly on the carpet, lowering her head to me who was lying back on the couch which had a furry coat draped over it.

After Megumin stayed outside for a short while, she had been acting like this since she returned.

What happened earlier…?

Ahhh, when she doodled on my body there.

“I am not bothered by such trivial matters. There is no need for quarrels if you have money. Forget that, how about having some tea, Megumin? I got a huge batch of quality tea leaves.”

I said with a smile to Megumin.

Megumin started snivelling, she was probably moved by my generosity.

“I am really sorry! I was wrong, please turn back into the old Kazuma! The current Kazuma is really disgusting! Please! Please!!”

“Why do you keep saying strange things like ‘turn back to the old me’. I am always like this.”

A teacup was presented to my seat before the fireplace gracefully.

“The red tea of the highest grade is ready, Kazuma-san.”

Aqua who passed the red tea to me said as she sat beside me.

I took a sip…

“… This is plain water.”

“Ara ara, look how clumsy I am. My apologies, Kazuma-san.”

“Don’t worry, you can just make another pot of tea. Thank you Aqua-san. I will drink this anyway.”

“What is happening!? What happened these few days while I am away!? Please, turn back to normal you two!”

I calmed the noisy Megumin down as I sent Aqua to brew a new pot of tea.

Aqua probably touched the tea accidentally and turned the tea into plain water.

However, someone as calm as the Buddha like me won’t get angry.

… At this moment, Darkness gestured at Megumin who fell into confusion.

Darkness told the tired looking Megumin what happened these past few days—

Part 2

—The next morning after Megumin ran away.

“That loli bitch ahhhh! I will strip her when she comes back! Absolutely! I will do it! I will make that wild kid beg for mercy!”

The slightly blushing Darkness said to me as I raged.

“You will be arrested if you do that, Kazuma. In, instead of that, can you tell me specifically how you will make Megumin beg for mercy…”

The living room.

I was hugging my knees inside my kotatsu screaming my head off while Darkness questioned me curiously.

Aqua who was in front of the fireplace said:

“So noisy in the morning. Really, stop squabbling. Everyone should be calm like me. Other than bath time, I had been here after coming back yesterday.”

“I don’t want a bum who spends the entire day right there to say that about me! Damn it! That ink is hard to wash off after it dries! I won’t forgive that girl! I can see her crying face right before my eyes!”

“Tell me in detail how you made her cry…”

Suddenly, the main door was knocked.

“Is that Megumin! You came back?”

“In detail… erm, that…”

I got out of the kotatsu and was planning to walk to the door…!

“Hahahaha! Thou think it’s the crimson magic girl with a screw loose? Too bad, it’s moi! As the stubborn shop owner who has amazing talent in holding on to trash is terrible at judging things, moi, who could see though all sort of things will negotiate business with you. Rejoice at moi arrival and honored by moi presence. Come, let me see the merchandise thou plan to place in our shop…! Hmmm?”

Over there was a devil wearing a strange mask.

Seeing him, Aqua slowly got up from the couch before the fireplace—

“Nah, how did you get in here? Outside this mansion is a holy barrier meant to keep out harmful insects like you.”

“Ahh. You mean that half baked thing that was covering the mansion? So it was a barrier. It was too weak, so I thought it was a failed product by a rookie Priest. Pardon moi, but it broke when the powerful moi merely passed through it.”

Aqua who got down from the couch stood in front of Vanir.

“Ara ara, although you are saying that, you are tattered all over, Devil-san. How should I say this… I never thought the legendary duke of hell would get so beat up over a barrier of this level.”

She smiled innocently as she curiously poked at Vanir’s crumbling body.

“Ahahaha! This body is but dust anyway! Moi have plenty of substitutes. Moi was just curious about the quality of that thin layer outside the mansion. Well, it isn’t too bad for a newbie priest huh? Quite good for a human— and rookie priest! Hahaha!”

Aqua furrowed her brows, staring at a close distance from the laughing Vanir like a delinquent.

Vanir matched Aqua’s eye level and glared back.

“Hey hey, this looks bad. Darkness, help me stop these two…! … What are you doing there? Why are you turning away?”

“… It’s nothing.”

She was asking me something just now, and was probably throwing a tantrum now because I ignored her.

Darkness snuggled into the kotatsu by herself, ignoring the commotion that was happening.

“Hey you two, I know it in your nature to fight, but this is my house. Stop that for now.”

After I intervened reluctantly, the two of them pulled away from each other.

“Nah Kazuma. I don’t know the specifics— Could it be that you are making things like kotatsu in order to do business with that thing? Nah, are you going to collude with that pest? With that parasite that steals souls and always finding trouble with humans in order to live off their negative emotions? Really, what an unfunny joke! Fufu!”

“Ahaha, Devils like moi are trustworthy since we honour our contracts. Unlike those who target innocent people and gather them with lies like ‘believers will receive salvation’, a scam group that con money under the guise of helping the poor. What are the common catch phrase they have… ah, like ‘God is always watching over you’. Hoho, preposterous! So that guy who was caught recently peeping at the bathroom with gentle eyes is actually a god?! Ahahaha!”

The two of them laughed without emotion…

“……” x2

And fell silent suddenly.

“Sacred Exorcism!”

“Elegant Shedding!”

In response to Aqua’s sudden shout, a pillar of light appeared from under Vanir’s feet.

But Vanir immediately threw his mask away.

His original body was consumed by the light pillar and destroyed, but the mask which was his true body evaded the exorcism spell.

When it fell onto the carpet on the ground, it began constructing a new body.

Aqua lunged towards the mask and attempt to peel the mask from the new body.

“Ahahhah, so this is it! This is your true body! I caught it! I finally caught it! Well then, what should I do?! How should I deal with this thing?”

“Ahahaha, even if thou destroy moi mask, there will be a 2nd or 3rd me one day…! Hey, don’t pull mot mask off while I am talking, moi body will crumble! At least wait for moi to say moi line…”

“Hey calm down. It is about time to settle down.”

I once again intervene between Aqua who was peeling off the mask excitedly and Vanir who was resisting with a tattered body.


— Vanir kneeled on the carpet as he appraised the items I had made.

“Hmm. Moi judgement of thou is spot on. This will sell. It will definitely sell well. This Kotatsu thing is also a great tool to keep one warm.”


Darkness who hid her legs in the Kotatsu kicked Vanir’s hand which was meddling with the Kotatsu curiously away.

I don’t know why Darkness had been throwing a tantrum from just now, but I hope she won’t interfere with the business discussion.

“Hmm, give moi a quote then. The previous agreement was ten percent revenue of the sold products to be paid monthly… Brat, art thou interested in selling the intellectual rights of the product itself? Including all of these items, moi am willing to buy it for three hundred million Eris.”

“Three hundred million!?” x3

We shouted at the same time while Vanir inspect a rubbery object I created.

Three hundred million…! Three hundred million is an amount you can live an entire life without working as long as you don’t splurge!

We were too shocked to move, but Vanir continued speaking.

“But moi thinks getting the monthly payout is a good idea too. After setting up the manufacturing line, thou can get one million Eris every month. We can tie down the detail when we move into the retail phase… By the way, what is this thing used for?”

One million a month or one time three hundred million payout.

Oh no, what should I do, my life suddenly went into easy mode!

It might not sell so well forever, so I should take the three hundred million?

No, in order to not worry about the money in my account running dry, maybe getting a monthly payout would be better?

Oh right, the one making the deal is this devil.

This fellow is wandering around town with this mask on, wouldn’t he get arrested?

“This is known as a ‘balloon’, it is a toy that will become bigger if you blow into it. Let me play with it.”

Aqua took the rubber from Vanir and started blowing.

“Oh. Give me one too…”

Darkness was curious and placed the rubber onto her lips.

… At this juncture, I am too afraid to tell them they are failed condoms I gave up on producing because I couldn’t make it thinner.

“Any, anyway, wouldn’t people notice if you walked around town in that get up?! Wouldn’t people shout ‘that’s a Demon King Army boss’ and attack you?”

“? What nonsense are you saying. This mask is different from moi previous one. Can’t thou see the ‘II’ shining brightly on moi forehead?”

So what.

Darkness gestured at me before I could retort.

“Kazuma. The personality of that devil is problematic, but he won’t do things like arson, murder or robbery. He seemed to have given up the maintenance of the demon king’s castle barrier., so the higher ups of the adventurers guild want to observe him for now. Besides, he is staying at Wiz’s shop, so if anything happens, the reputable shop owner will stop him in time.”

Darkness whispered to me as I snuggled in the Kotatsu.

I see, as long as Vanir doesn’t create any crisis, instead of aggravating him, it was better to leave him alone.

This devil was an ex-boss of the demon king army after all.

Who knows how much casualty there will be if they attack him head on.

“In summary of the above, the demon king army boss is deemed to have been defeated. The guild won’t say ask for the bounty money to be returned.”

That would be a great help.

I finally had a little chance of making it rich, I wouldn’t want to be burdened with debt again.

… But could you please stop speaking with a serious face while playing with contraceptives?

“Hmmm. It will take some time before the product is ready for retail. We can decide on the payment method then. Moi am a bit worried about the shop and will take moi leave now.”

“That’s great. Or else you will stink up my holy sanctuary. Go, get lost!”

Vanir was chased out by Aqua who was waving her hand, and he left begrudgingly.

— One million monthly or one time three hundred million…

Part 3

“— These two had been acting this way ever since then.”

“I see. I finally understand why these two are acting like fake celebrities.”

After listening to Darkness’ explanation, Megumin looked at me and said.

By the way, my favourite Kotatsu had been taken away by Vanir.

I thought I will fight with Aqua over the special seat in front of the fireplace, but after gaining financial stability, my heart became as generous as the sky.

Aqua and I sat on the coach before the fireplace cordially.

Megumin who stared at us blankly for a moment finally stood up.

“Anyway, it is great that we have money. Since funding is no longer a problem… Let’s grind some quest! We need to keep raising Kazuma’s level!”

Megumin said with a cheerful smile while holding her staff…

“Ah? Don’t wanna, what are you saying? We already have so much money, why do we still need to work, raise levels? That doesn’t matter anymore.”

I received the second cup of plain water from Aqua, and said unhesitantly while sipping it.

… Hey, it’s about time you let me drink real tea.

“… Ah?”

I said to the stunned Megumin:

“It happened before right, we prepared the equipment and drew up a battle plan, but I still died. I have decided. I won’t go adventuring anymore. I will work on my business from now on. I won’t do dangerous work like adventuring, and lead a stable life.”

“Nah, Kazuma-san, that won’t do. If the demon king is not defeated, it would be troubling for me.”


“Then we will make more money and hire lots of powerful adventurers. They will help us raise our levels and then help in battling the demon king. That’s right, lead an army of high level adventurers to invade the demon king’s castle. How does that sound? Taking down the demon king sounds much more realistic right?”

“That’s right! As expected of Kazuma-san, we will slap the adventurers in the face with our money and squeeze their value dry. After they have whittled the demon king’s health away, we will go in and deal the final blow!”

“That’s the way. As expected of the one who followed me the longest, you are sharp.”

While Aqua and I were laughing, Megumin started trembling.

“I, I won’t acknowledge defeating the demon king through the power of money! I won’t acknowledge it! What do you think the demon king is?! The existence of demon king, requires training and leveling up with comrades, awakening of your mysterious power, before finally taking him down after a hard fought battle! What the heck do you mean by hiring high level adventurers to defeat the demon king!”

“No, that might be so, but considering it pragmatically, no matter how high our levels get, there is still a limit. Even if I equip the most expensive equipment and get to a super high level, I still have the confidence of dying to the demon king in one hit… After we defeat the demon king boss and dispel the barrier, how about hiring tons of high level thieves, and ask them to use the hide technique to assassinate the demon king…”

“What is with this shameless fighting style! That should be the way the demon king army fight correct? Say something darkness! I have a feeling these two will get worse with each passing day… Darkness?”

When she heard Megumin, Darkness seemed to snap out of her deep thoughts.

“No… While watching Kazuma slowly turn into a bum, I am curious how much of a jerk he will become… Will he laze around and drown himself in alcohol and women, and start splurging his money… And in the end, he will say to me— ‘Hey Darkness, use your slutty body to earn me some cash…!’ With the belief that Kazuma will turn over a new leaf one day, I started prostituting myself…!”

“There is another depraved one over here! Ahh really, what should I do?!”

“Hey Megumin, don’t lump me together with that pervert. I am someone who died recently okay? I even broke my neck in the fight with the Lizard Runners, At least let me recover my wound in peace.”

“Didn’t you hurt yourself after falling from a tree? Normally, you will need time to heal, but didn’t you recover completely after receiving perfect treatment?”

I ignored Aqua who was saying unnecessary things beside me and rubbed my neck exaggeratedly.

“… I get it.”

Megumin lowered her head and said softly.

“So you understand. Well then, I will take a nap in order to recover earlier and get back to the frontlines. I made an appointment with Dust and the guys to go drinking tonight, so someone please wake me up in the evening.”

Megumin said to me as I was about to return to my room.

“… I get it. We will go to treat Kazuma’s wounds.”

Megumin kept her head down and continued.

“Treatment? It’s fine, I will get better after idling for a while.”

“Let’s go for the treatment. To the city of water and hot spring, ‘Blah’.”

“Wait, what did you say?”

I heard something about hot springs.

I will say it again because it is very important.

I heard something about hot springs.

“Hot springs!? Nah, are you talking about blah? We are going to the city of water and hot spring, Alcanretia!?”

Aqua had a bigger reaction to the word Hot Spring than me.

She claimed to be the goddess of water, so it was natural for her to be interested in the city of water and hot springs.

Speaking of hot springs.

Speaking of hot springs, you…!

“Oh, hot springs. Sounds great, after the consecutive battle with powerful enemies, I am getting mentally tired. My debts are gone too. Splurging every now and then and taking a trip to the hot springs isn’t too bad.”

“Really, Kazuma-san, why are you acting so fake about this.”

Aqua look at my profile from a close distance under the glow of the Kotatsu.

Don’t stare at me from so close.

… At this time, I noticed the eyes of Megumin who was keeping her head down shining.

“… I take it that Kazuma and Aqua is fine with the trip to the hot springs?”

I couldn’t see her face because she was lowering her head, but Megumin seemed to be smiling deviously…

“How about you, Darkness…”

“— And after I became more and more depraved, I will say this! Please don’t throw me away! I, I will do anything, Master ahhhhhh!”

After seeing the blushing and squirming Darkness lost in her own world, Megumin became stiff.

“… It would be better to leave her to watch the house.”

“… Erm, if Darkness don’t tag along, the journey there will be a bit hard…”

Megumin replied reluctantly while looking at Darkness after hearing what I said.

… The journey there?

Part 4

— The next morning.

“It’s morning! Hey, how long are you going to sleep! Is everyone ready!? Hurry and get up, move!”

It was still early, but the noisy Aqua was making a racket.

She was probably looking forward to the hot spring trip and got up very early.

As for me—

“Of course, I am ready to go! Really, those two keep saying I am a bum, just how long are they planning to sleep!?”

“Right! I will wake them up! Kazuma you go to the carriage station and keep the best seat for us.”

“Okay, leave it to me. But I will make a detour before going there.”

Detour?— I leave the job of waking those two to the puzzled Aqua.

And left the mansion with my luggage.

— The city of water and hot springs, Alcanretia.

I heard it would take a day and a half if we travel by carriage from Axel town.

If we take the first morning carriage, we will only need to camp outside for one night.

Since I don’t know how long I will stay there, I wanted to tell that guy I will be away for some time.

I opened the door of the magic shop that is ready for business early in the morning, and has barely any customers.

“Welcome!… Hmmm, the brat whose active hours are similar to the undead. Why art thou here so early in the morning? If thou art looking for the owner, she had been burnt to a crisp by moi punishment beam inside. Help thyself if thou want to see her.”

Vanir was working hard in packing something.

Peering into the depths of the shop, I found the burned Wiz lying on the floor.

“… Wiz is your employer correct? Is it fine to do that?”

“Don’t joke with moi. If I allow the shop owner that collect junks free reign, we will be in the red even if moi works for a thousand years. She will bring in incredible goods when I am not paying attention, wiping out all the revenue moi brought in.”

I was really concerned with what exactly happened, but I was looking for this fellow today, not Wiz.

“No, actually, I am looking for you today. I will be going on a hot spring trip. So I hope to discuss our business dealings after I return.”

“Oh, so it’s about that. The manufacturing line had not been setup yet, so thou can look forward to your mixed bath.”

“I I I I, I’m not looking forward to the mixed bath or anything alright!? My neck injury hurts so I just want to go for treatment!… By the way, what are you packing? And why is Wiz burned up?”

After I asked him, Vanir showed the thing he was going to pack to me.

“That charcoal owner said while crying to moi ‘This is an excellent product! It will sell! It will definitely sell! So Vanir-san, please don’t prepare your killer beam as you come near me!’. She was showing off this to moi. I am planning to return it and is packing it into boxes… thou want to buy it?”

“…? What is that, a magic item?”

“It seemed to be able to help adventurers with the problem of going to the toilet outdoors. A magically compressed portable toilet that will be ready once you open the cover. To protect the privacy of the user, it is designed to produce the sound of water.”

“That sounds great, isn’t that convenient?”

For adventurers who need to camp outside, sanitary was an important issue.

“The cons are that the sound to cover the privacy of the user is too loud and will attract monsters. The water creation mechanism is too powerful, and will result in flooding…”

“Forget it then. Is there any magic item that you recommend?”

When he heard me say that, Vanir picked up a bottle from the shelf.

“Recommendations? How about the bottle that will explode once thou open it, purchased by moi debt ridden shop owner. Just thirty thousand Eris for one. If thou bring it to the bank and attempt to open it at the counter, thou will get a large sum of money. How about one?”

“Who will want that. Isn’t there any normal magic items in this shop…”

Vanir sighed deeply in response.

“The ditzy shop owner has extraordinary talent in buying things that couldn’t be used. She will buy weird things whenever moi was not paying attention…”

Vanir stopped at this point.

“… By the way, Brat. Thou mention thou art going on a hot spring trip correct?”

“…? Yes, what about it?”

Vanir shoved his mask over fiercely.

“Can thou bring this ditzy shop owner along with thou? In order to mass produce thy product, moi need a large amount of money in the near future. But with this thing in the shop, she will buy strange items and waste moi capital. This owner is only strong in her power as a lich. Moi foresight might seem powerful, but it can’t see the future of someone as strong as moi.”

“… So you want me to watch over Wiz for a while? I am fine with that. But I don’t know how Aqua who hates undead will react…”

“…The shop owner who looked thin while wearing clothes actually loves the baths. This devil that can see through everything prophecize: ‘During this trip, thou have a good chance of entering a mixed bath’.”

“Leave it to me, I will take her there!”

— When I reached the carriage station, Aqua and the others were already there waiting.

“Hey, I thought I told you to save some seats for us… What is that on your back?”

While piggybacking Wiz who was burned and showing the white of her eyes, I explained the situation to everyone.

“Hmm? Eh, I am fine with that. But this child is turning transparent.”

Unexpectedly, Aqua accepted it readily. The unconscious Wiz was really turning transparent.

“Hey hey, is that really okay? Use recovery spell… Ah, that will have the opposite effect on the undead!”

“Calm down Kazuma, use drain touch and share your life force with her!”

“Traveling out of town huh… When I was little, my father brought me to the royal capital for the birthday of the princess, I haven’t left this territory since then… Erm, what is it Kazuma, why are you holding my hand ahhhhhhh!?”

I took the hand of Darkness who was reminiscing something and used drain touch.

I used the life force I got from Darkness and pushed it into Wiz on my back. Wiz started turning opaque and regain consciousness.

“Hmmm…? Isn’t this Kazuma-san, this place is…?”

As Wiz started surveying the surrounding after waking up, Darkness started strangling my neck.

“You you you jerk! I was recalling my past memories, why must you do this so sneakily every time…!”

“Uguu, I have no choice, this is an emergency! You have the most vitality among us so it has to be you!”

“Customers! If you don’t get on now I will leave you behind!”

Part 5

Although adventurers like us could be employed as escorts, I didn’t want to fight even if something happens. So we paid the fee and chose to be normal passengers.

I don’t want to fight.

That’s right, I died fighting the creeps around this town, so I didn’t think I could handle dangerous monsters that will attack a large group of carriages.

Fortunately, we received about  ten million Eris each from the battle with Vanir.

It was a rare chance for a vacation, so there shouldn’t be any problem with splurging a little.

“Nah Kazuma! Let’s take that carriage! My judgement says that riding that carriage will definitely be awesome. By the way, I want the window seat. I want to sit in the place where I can see the scenery clearly. Hey Kazuma, go buy the tickets. To stop the others from getting the seats on that carriage, buy it now!”

Aqua said these demeaning words as she stared at the most expensive carriage with shining eyes.

The smaller carriage had a cargo compartment built behind the passenger’s compartment.

The cargo compartment was already packed full of luggages.

Behind the driver were the wooden passenger seats.

There should be seats for five people there…

“… Hey Oji-san, why has one of the seats been taken? What is this? It is so bothersome.”

One of the five seats had been occupied.

On the seat was a lizard kept in a small cage.

A red eyed lizard the size of a cat looked fierce with its glowing eyes.

Eh, could this be…

“Customer, that is a young red dragon. Its owner is on that carriage over there, but he paid the fees for this dragon. Even though it will be a bit uncomfortable, I will need one of the customers to move to the cargo compartment behind…”

I see— I accepted the carriage driver’s words.

Actually, one of the tickets was lower for that carriage.

It wasn’t good to let one of us take the carriage with strangers, so let’s take this one.

“… And now, here is the problem…”

“Rock paper scissors! I think that is the best way to decide in this situation!”

When I was about to say something, Aqua interrupted me.

She seemed to realized that if this went on, she will pick the short straw just like usual.

Aqua knew from experience she will be relegated to the cargo compartment.

“Erm, well… I think I should go since I joined it out of the blue…”

I already explained to Wiz that Vanir asked me to bring her to the hot spring trip. She raised her hand timidly.

But I already gotten Wiz’s share of the travel fare from Vanir.

I can’t let her be treated unfairly.

“No Wiz. We should do this fairly. Alright Aqua, rock paper scissors huh. No problem.”


Aqua was probably surprised by how easy I agreed to this and made a surprised sound.

…Rock paper scissors. Okay, I accept.

So rock paper scissors exist in this world too.

Maybe the Japanese who came here before me spread all sorts of culture.

Darkness and Megumin seemed fine with it and got ready.

Aqua seemed to be focusing all her strength in her fist…!

“Then let’s go! Rock paper scissors!”

I showed scissors while the other chose paper. I won alone.

As I was about to enter the carriage, Aqua stopped me.

“Who said you can leave after winning, the rule is the five of us keep playing until only one loser emerges.”

“Don’t bullshit!”

I knew she had some scheme in mind when she mentioned rock paper scissors.

… Fine.

“Hey Aqua. Want to duel with me? I will play three rounds one on one with you, if you win just one time, I will go sit in the cargo compartment.”

“Really?… Kazuma is actually an idiot right? Do you even know about probability? Kazuma’s chance of winning three in a row is astronomically low.”

I faced Aqua who was speaking arrogantly and shooed the other three people inside.

“I won’t ever lose in rock paper scissors.”

Three rounds. Rock paper…!

“— This is too weird! Too weird, you must have cheated! Please, once more! If I lose again I will go sit in the cargo compartment!”

Aqua who lost three straight in a row promptly complained to me on the verge of tears.

Really, this girl is annoying.

“Don’t go back on your words okay? If you throw a tantrum again, I will tie you up with a rope.”

After hearing what I said, Aqua sneered.

“So you accept right. No take backs Kazuma! I don’t know what you have up your sleeves, but I have a way too! Blessing!”

“Ah! How shameless!”

Aqua casted buffing spell on herself.

This spell blessing grants blessing from the gods.

The effect differs from person to person, but it will improve one’s luck for a limited time.

“Luck is part of one’s skill, including luck bestowed by magic! Let’s go! Rock paper scissors!”

I won.


I gestured at Aqua to shoo her to the cargo compartment, and said at the same time.

“Actually, I have never lost in rock paper scissors since I was little, it’s incredible.”

My strong luck seemed to only work in such a situation.

“Despicable! This is a scam! This is cheating, a cheating ability! You are born with such a unique power!? Then bringing me to this world as part of your cheat item is void! Send me back now! Let me go back to the heavens you con man!”

This bitch!

“Are you looking for a fight! You are telling me my special power is ‘winning in rock paper scissors’? Are you stupid, how can I fight with monsters with such an ability! You want me to tell the demon king ‘stop bothering the people if I win rock paper scissors’ you dumb broad!”

“But! But!!”

I grabbed Aqua who refused to let the matter go.

“The most infuriating thing is you claiming to be my cheat item! Don’t make me laugh, what kind of cheat is that!? If I can return you and receive a unique ability, I want to do it right now!”

“Wahhhahhh! You actually dare say that! That hurts! Stop pulling my cheeks!!”

Part 6

I didn’t knew how long we spent on the clattering and shaking carriage.

The town we were staying in was out of sight, and unfamiliar scenery spreads out before our eyes.

The side of the carriage had a small window, I seldom leave the town and was enjoying the scenery outside casually.

Although I was an adventurer, this was the first time I set off on a journey after coming to this world.

Darkness beside me was kneeling in her seat while dressed in armour, sticking to the window like a child looking at something curiously. She stared at the scenery outside with shining eyes.

For the daughter of nobility, the world outside the town was new to her.

Maybe Megumin had seen more of the world than we did, compared to the scenery outside the windows, she was more interested in the dragon inside the cage.

Although she mumbled ‘Chomusuke is cuter’, but she was still searching her pockets for something to feed the dragon.

Wiz smiled as she patted Chomusuke’s head as it rest on her lap. For some reason, Chomusuke was sticking close to her.

— During this peaceful journey.

“Kazuma-san! Kazuma-sama! My butt hurts. It really hurts. It’s about time for someone to swap places with me!”

I can hear Aqua’s voice from the shaking cargo compartment.

… Can’t be helped.

“I will trade places with you at the next resting stop. Endure it before that.”

Aqua was overjoyed when she heard me say that, and hug her knees while she hummed.

“Wouldn’t it be better for me to change with her? By the way, why did Vanir-san suddenly ask me to go on vacation? Hehe… Vanir-san always takes care of me in little places like that. He will say ‘Wiz, just sit at the counter and smile at the customers. Please don’t work.’ He cares deeply about me…”

Wiz said with a smile.

I didn’t tell her the real reason she was tagging along with me.

I couldn’t say it.

“Hmmm~? That strange masked man is a devil, but he takes such good care of others? Does he have another hidden intention?”

“Aqua-sama, Vanir-san has his good points too. He is working hard in chasing the crows gathering at the garbage dump, the housewives in the neighbourhood calls him crow slayer Vanir-san.

Why was that devil sucking up to his neighbours?

Including our carriage, there were several carriages advancing in a single file.

On the carriages were a lot of escort adventurers and travelers, filled with all sorts of goods.

If men and carriages congregate in large numbers, weak monsters will run away.

It should be safe to be in the centre of the carriage convoy.

… Even though I know how screwed up this world was.

While I was idly thinking about this.

— The first to notice was me.

I was thinking this was a good time to use it, so I used my farsight skill to watch the scenery outside the window and noticed a cloud of dust some distance away.

Although it was still far away, but from the way the dust cloud was getting bigger, I could tell something was closing in at incredible speed.

“… Hey, what is that.”

I pointed to the dust cloud and asked Darkness who was looking out the window on the other side.

Darkness who didn’t have farsight probably couldn’t see the dust cloud I was pointing at and frowned.

I had an ominous feeling and said to the driver Oji-san.

“Excuse me, I can see a cloud of dust coming our way. The speed is really fast… Do you know what is that?”

When he heard what I said, the driver who was holding the reigns casually answered.

“Dust cloud? The creatures in the vicinity that is fast enough to kick up a cloud would be the Lizard Runners right? But I heard the Princess Runner that was leading the pack was defeated, so it might be a sand whale shooting out sand? The only other creature that fits the bill would be ‘Hawkite runners’.”

… What is with this monster that has a joke like name.

“Ara don’t look at me like that customer. I didn’t come up with the name. This is a hybrid of hawk and black kite, the king of birds. It is a bird but couldn’t fly, on the other hand, it has extraordinary leg power. It can run at high speed, and will pounce on its prey, a very dangerous monster.”

I don’t want to be attacked by a monster with such a stupid name.

The Oji-san saw something from my expression and said with a smile:

“No problem customer. Like the Lizard Runners, these fellows mating season is during spring. In order to attract females during the bird’s mating season, the males will take part in a bravery contest known as Chicken Race. They will sprint towards some hard object that looks very painful if they crash into it, and they will avoid it at the last moment. Some of them won’t be able to stop in time and dies from the impact. These fellows have the instinct of searching for tough and hard objects. They will definitely crash into the trees or boulders beside them.”

I see. That’s a relief.

After accepting this answer, I returned to my seat once more.

And look at the dust cloud…

— It was getting nearer.

It was obviously nearer than just now.

And that dust cloud was heading straight for us.

“Excuse me, sorry for troubling you! I think they are charging us more energetically than before. Will it really be okay?”

Hearing me say that, the driver pulled the reins to slow the carriage down and squint at the dust cloud…

“… Hmmm, those are Hawkite Runners. Yup, that’s definitely it. But why are they heading this way— Something is wrong customer, maybe someone in the convoy is carrying some hard ores like adamantite. These critters will chase after hard objects. The others in the convoy seemed to have noticed too, please rest easy……? They seemed to be heading this way. In fact, they seem to be heading towards this carriage. Or rather…!

They were definitely charging towards the passenger seats of this carriage.

Which means…!

“Kazuma! Some creatures are charging at us fast! Or rather… I think they are staring at me! What, what a passionate gaze! Ah… Ah…! Oh no, Kazuma, this is bad! If this goes on, I will collide violently with that group speeding over here and get trampled…!!”

“So it was you!!”

I felt an onsetting headache.

“Customer, I will pull over for now! That way, the escorts on the other carriages will protect this carriage and the customers!”

… I am sorry everyone, my crusader is too hard.

I whispered to Darkness.

“Hey Darkness, those monsters are aiming for you. I heard they like to crash into tough and hard objects. Their aim is your rock hard muscles.”

“Hey Kazuma, I am a cute and frail girl, stop saying rock hard muscles alright? It is because my armour contains a small quantity of adamantite. With my defensive skills on top of that… That must be the reason why they are lured here… It, it’s true. Don’t look at me like that. My body is not that hard…!

After the carriage stopped, Darkness and I jumped off.

“Megumin, Aqua, it’s our turn to go! By right we don’t need to fight, but the enemy seemed to be brought in by us this time. We have to clean up after ourselves!”

After hearing what I said, Megumin and Aqua alighted too.

“I will help too!”

Wiz shouted and got ready to alight.

“Vanir asked me to protect Wiz! I know Wiz is strong, but stay in the carriage for now! Help me protect the driver Oji-san!”

Wiz nodded in agreement, and the Oji-san who didn’t know the truth shouted.

“Customer! Customer you are not hired as escorts and paid for the carriage ride! Please hide somewhere safe!”

Sorry! My comrade was probably the reason why this was happening!

The apology in my heart naturally couldn’t be conveyed.

“Adventurers! We are counting on you!”

With the voice of some guy as the cue, the adventurers who took the job of carriage escorts picked up their weapons and leapt off the carriages!

Darkness walked straight towards the Hawkite group charging towards the flank of the convoy.

It was shameful to say, but I hid behind Darkness.

Even if I stepped up by myself, I will definitely die after getting hit by monsters running at such a speed.

I got Aqua to cast buffing spells and ask Megumin to prepare explosion magic to be cast at a moment’s notice.

These birds with the head of a Hawk and the body of an ostrich were faster than horses and bigger than bulls.

They charged on with no signs of slowing down.

“Hey, that crusader over there! You are not an escort, so get back!”

A man who looked like a warrior said.

But Darkness didn’t stop.

“Hey! The monsters are heading straight for that crusader…! It’s ‘decoy’! Crusaders can use luring skills to aggro the enemies! That crusader isn’t an escort, but she is still pulling all the enemies towards her!”

An archer man said.

— I apologize. She was not using any skills. I apologize again.

“Nah, that crusader shows no sign of backing off in the face of so many enemies! So, so cool…! How…, how brave…!”

Some female wizard commented.

— I apologize. I think she was doing it for a completely different reason. I apologize.

As Darkness was walking forward with a blushed face full of excitement, an adventurer in a thief outfit chased after Darkness with a rope in hand!

“How can I let a paying customer who is not even taking the salary for escort duty face danger! I will provide support, take this— Bind!”


Darkness reacted immediately when she heard that.

I heard Chris mentioned this skill before.

The skill of a thief, Bind.

When Darkness and Chris adventured together, their tactics was for Chris to use this skill on an enemy and Darkness hitting the immobile foe.

Ahh, I see.

That was the reason why the clumsy Darkness could move that fast after hearing the name of that skill.

Darkness charged towards the Hawkite in front of her… that didn’t happen.

Instead, she seemed to be shielding the Hawkite the thief was targeting—

And happily ran into the space between that man and the Hawkite.

Darkness was immediately bounded by the rope and look just like a bagworm, squirming on theground.

With a red face and heated voice, Darkness shouted at the stunned thief.

“Uguu!? how disgraceful! To be bound before the enemy! If this goes on…! I will be trampled by that group of monsters!”

— I apologize. I am really sorry for this pervert of ours.

The monsters kicked up dust clouds as they charged at Darkness who was down on the ground.

The man who looked like a thief screamed in pain as he looked at Darkness.

“Could it be, she was afraid I will get targeted by the monster because of my skill, so she took the Bind in the place of the monster!? I am sorry! I wanted to support you but got in the way instead, forgive me!”

— I apologize! I apologize for this comrade of mine! Really, I am really sorry!

Part 7

— Chicken Race

This is a speed game that tests courage as one speed dangerously close to a cliff or obstacle and avoid it the very moment before death.

And now, the obstacle chosen for this dangerous game was—

“Kazuma, Kazuma! It’s coming! The next one is high! This is it this time! Ahhhh, it is going to crash!”

Darkness whose limbs were bounded.

The Hawkite Runners that were charging at Darkness with their heads down…!

Just when you thought they would collide, they will jump just above Darkness with their chest facing the sky like high jumpers.

They would then start running again nonchalantly and move passed me and the other adventurers.

There were more that charges towards Darkness, but they would jump straight up, do splits or even somersault over Darkness the moment before impact.

“Kazuma! Is this part of anxiety play!? Leaving the close shaves aside…! What is going on, the horny males are jumping over me one after another…!”

“Hey shut your mouth, there are other people watching!”

Aqua beside me puffs out her chest with a gleeful expression, as if she was saying ‘praise me’.

“Alright alright, well done. I will trade places with you after this is over.”

When she heard me say that, Aqua clenched her fists and cheered.

I made her cast buffing magic that will improve Darkness’ luck for a period of time, Blessing.

Darkness who was squirming around anxiously had great luck due to the spell, so she won’t be hit for now.

In the meantime, the adventurer escorts made their move.

“Spells! The enemy moves fast, so use spells!”

“In response to these words, the mages started chanting at the same time…!


“Blade of Wind!”

“Fire Ball!”

The spell flew chaotically at the approaching monsters.

The Hawkite hit by the spells maintained their speed despite losing consciousness, tumbling into the carriages and adventurers one after another.

They already reached a certain speed, so taking them out won’t stop their body charging forward due to inertia, they couldn’t be stopped simply.

The adventurers and carriages collided with the speeding Hawkite, causing serious damages.

The surviving Hawkites that leapt over Darkness did not slow down and turned around.

The merchants and adventurers who saw that was shaken.

What were they planning!

What I saw was— the squirming Darkness that was targeted by the monsters.

… Looking at her, an idea came to my mind.

“Oji-san, is there anything like a cliff around here!?”

I grabbed the driver who was watching blankly and asked him.

I want to use Darkness as bait to lure the monsters and lead them to their death.

By hanging Darkness before a cliff so she won’t fall off.

That way, after they jump over Darkness, they will fall off the cliff one after another…!

“No, there are no cliffs around here… Aside from a cavern that provides shelter from sudden rain, there is nothing around here.”

When I heard the Oji-san’s answer, I thought that things wouldn’t proceed so smoothly—

… Cavern.

“Oji-san, is that cavern nearby!? If it is , let’s take the carriage there! Megumin, Aqua, get on!”

I instructed the people beside me and ran towards Darkness.

As I struggled to undo the ropes on Darkness…!

“!? Hey what the hell, there are no knots!? How in the world?!”

I want to undo the ropes but there are no knots…!

I turned to the man who casted Bind on Darkness.

“Sorry! Once Bind is cast, it can’t be undone before the effect time is over! You can only cut the ropes one by one with something like a knife…!”

Hey, are you kidding me?

I turned back to look at the Hawkite Runners, the leading monster was already heading this way.

There was no time!

“Kazuma! I don’t know what you are planning to do, but don’t mind me, just drag me with you! This rope is tough enough, this is faster than cutting it one at a time! Don’t waste time, this is an emergency!”

“That is true, but I don’t want you who made things a mess to tell me that!”

I dragged the heavy Darkness with me and move towards to the carriage that was ready to move.

“There are Hawkites over there!”

Someone warned us.

At the same time, I heard the sound of consecutive magical explosion.

Ignoring this noise, I tried to board the carriage…

“Hey, what should we do now! You are too heavy, I can’t carry you onto the carriage alone!”

“Don’t, don’t say I am heavy, correction, it is my armour that is heavy! Just tie me to the carriage with a rope and drag me along! It can’t be helped, this is an emergency! Don’t hold back, there is no other way!”

Depravetina argued with anticipation in her eyes.

“Hey, use this rope! Sorry for troubling you!”

The one throwing me the rope was the thief that bound Darkness.

I should be the one apologizing in all sorts of manner for this pervert of ours.

I used the rope I caught to tie Darkness to the carriage…!

“Customer, we have to go now! the carriage will get destroyed!”

I shouted in reply to the anxious voice of the driver Oji-san.

“Alright, let’s go Oji-san! Darkness, tell me if it is too tight! I will undo the rope immediately!”

Darkness who was looking forward to what was going to happen to her squirmed with a blushed face while under bondage, unable to hear what I was saying anymore.

“Ahhh… I am getting dragged by a horse while being bound by ropes…! And the males that are chasing after me while I am like this…!”

Maybe she will be happier if I just leave her here all tied up.

The carriage started accelerating with Darkness in tow.

“Nah Kazuma, Darkness she—! I know Kazuma is terrible, but this is too much!”

“This… is going too far…”

“No, no! This isn’t my idea, it is Darkness she…!”

While the two of them were staring at me accusingly after I got on the carriage, the driver yelled hoarsely.

“Customer, what should I do! They are heading this way! They are gaining on us! Where should we go!?”

The driver Oji-san probably wanted to leave us behind, but didn’t do so because he collected the travel fees from us, it must be hard on them.

“To the caverns! The caverns you mentioned just now!”

The carriage moved full frantically while the Hawkite behind inched closer.

They had the speed advantage, oh now, they will…!

“Bottomless Swamp!”

A clear voice sounded out from within the carriage.

At the same time, a large swamp appeared between the Hawkite and the carriage.

The one leading the pack fell in, its legs sinking down.

That was Wiz.

Seeing the carriage was about to be caught, she used magic to hinder their advance.

However, the monsters went around the swamp and continued chasing us.

The group of Hawkites continued their pursuit, their target Darkness was…!

“Ermm ahhh, how, how shameful—! My armour is clanking loudly! Ahh, my cape is torn, all tattered unlike any nobility…! Don’t, don’t look! Don’t look Kazuma, stop watching my torn and tattered appearance ahhh!”

Darkness’ whose cheeks were flushed kept saying ‘don’t look’, but she seemed so happy.

She will glance our way from time to time, and her face will turn red when she saw everyone’s gazes.

A leopard can’t change its spot.

Even when her body was manipulated, she still asked Megumin to strike her down together with Vanir. Where did my cool and brave comrade disappeared to?

“Heal! Heal!”

Aqua besides me busied herself with casting recovery magic on Darkness who was being dragged.

“Kazuma! I can see the caverns! I am ready to cast my spell any time!”

“Alright, wait for my signal!”

Inside the shaking carriage that was speeding along.

I gave instructions to Megumin while nocking an arrow on my bow…!

“Oji-san, stop the carriage when you see the caverns! Aqua, give me a strength buff spell!… Snipe snipe snipe!”

I stuck my body out of the carriage window and kept shooting at the Hawkite closing in.

All the arrows struck the Hawkites in the head thanks to my skill.

Seeing their own kind fall before them, the Hawkites spread their wings and cawed loudly as they ran!


I see Hawkite Runners.

The question of where the Kite element was had been answer and I felt a sense of satisfaction. The driver shouted desperately at this moment.

“Customer, we are before the caverns! No one goes near there unless it is raining, so you can go all out!… I am braking, grab on to something!”

As everyone grabbed on to something, the carriage braked violently beside the cavern entrance.

The Hawkites were right behind us.

Although we stopped, they showed no signs of stopping.

Not only that, they were running even faster after getting attacked.

— Using my strength that was enhanced by Aqua’s buffing, I leapt off the carriage and grab the rope tying Darkness to the carriage. I flung Darkness as if I was performing a hammer throw, tossing her before the entrance of the cavern!

“Ahhh!? Good, such wonderful service! As expected of Kazuma! After dragging me with a horse, you are now throwing me out as bait for the monsters Ugh…!?”

Darkness became quiet after she landed before the cavern entrance.

At the same time…!


With their shrill cries, the Hawkite Runners charged at Darkness.

Their heads were almost touching the ground, and jumped away the moment before they will collide with Darkness.

Straddling jump, Fosbury flop, western roll and even scissors jump.

The Hawkite Runners jumped over Darkness like a burst of wind and charged into the cavern.

In no time, the entire flock was inside the cavern. The instant the last one entered the cavern.

“Megumin! Now!”

I tugged the rope connected to Darkness, pulling her as far from the cavern as possible and gave the orders to Megumin who completed chanting her spell.


After receiving her orders, Megumin cast her devastating explosion spell into the cavern.

A flash of light from the tip of her staff seemed to be chasing after the monsters in the cavern and was sucked into the darkness of the cavern…!

And the knoll was blown up along with the cavern with a boom.

Part 8

Evening, after the sun had completely set.

The caravan people and us lighted several campfires.

The carriages formed a circle around the fire, acting like a barricade.

I heard that such a placement could block the wind and act as a wall against monsters that attacks them.

Although it would take some time for the carriages to start moving again, it is almost impossible to travel by carriage in the dark in case of danger anyway.

Taking that into consideration, this was a reasonable formation.

“Come eat more! Help yourself! This is high quality meat!”

The one offering the well roasted meat of some sort was an Oji-san leading this caravan.

Our excellent performance in defeating the Hawkites during the day made us very popular for some reason.

At this point, I am too afraid to say they were attracted by that crusader of ours.

Hence, I felt a bit guilty, but I still accepted his hospitality, but…

“Speaking of which, that was splendid! To think we have an arch wizard that could use explosion with us…! And an arch priest that could heal so many casualties so easily. And a brave crusader who didn’t take a single step back in the face of the Hawkite Runners and took them all on…! The lady who created a swamp with high level spells in an instant! Finally, your wise judgement to lure the enemies into the cavern to wipe them out! Perfect!”

Just spare me.

The truth wasn’t like that, everything was our fault.

“No no no, that is just a coincidence. Erm… I said it a number of times already, we don’t need the pay out for escort duties…”

“What are you saying, you are the ones that took out most of the Hawkites!”

That’s right. He was talking about giving us salary as escorts.

“No no no, really! I mean it! As adventurers, it is only normal to participate in the fight in that situation! No need! We really can’t accept this!!”

I tried my best to reject his offer.

This was like fixing a match. I am not thick skinned enough to accept the rewards so readily.

But this leader was trembling from gratitude for some reasons.

“… How wonderful people you all are! My eyes had been opened, to think in this tough world there are still real adventurers like you all!”

… And he said that.

To avoid getting exposed, I have better not talk too much with this person.

Aqua went to another bonfire to display her party tricks and conned wine from them.

For unknown reasons, Wiz was dragged along by Aqua.

Darkness who was thrown before the cavern entrance as bait was blown away by the explosion from the entrance and her armour was tattered all over.

She suffered light wounds, but those were already healed by Aqua.

Right now she was beside me staring intently as her armour was repaired.

The one repairing the armour was me.

I never imagined the crafting skill I learned to invent merchandise was put to use in such a way.

Megumin was watching me repair the armour too.

It was such dull and tedious work, I don’t know why they were watching it with so much interest…

The dented part of the armour requires stripping away the material inside that absorb impact away, and then knocking it from the inside to flatten it. After that, the scratches will be removed with sandpaper.

Finally, the impact absorption material will be sewn back in…

“It is hard to do this when you all stare at me like that…”

Megumin replied:

“No, I think you are repairing it perfectly. I think you can make a living as a blacksmith.”

“… Hmmm, it feels great seeing my armour being fixed right before my eyes.”

Continuing after Megumin said with her eyes sparkling.

— There were more than ten carriages and the caravan had plenty of people too.

Several dozen people camping under the stars and chatting around the fire, a scene straight out of a fantasy world.

The bonfire Aqua was mingling in was suddenly in an uproar.

I looked over there curiously, she seemed to be showing some of her best tricks.

Aqua was being treated like a guest of honour—

“One more time! Aqua-sama, please do it again once more!”

“If you want money I will pay! Please perform it once more!”

The people in the caravan kept saying that.

Can’t this girl just make a living out of that?

The people in this caravan seemed to have came from a faraway city to do business here.

… I understand it now. They didn’t know about our infamous members.

If the town folks who knew us well learn about this incident, they will be probably say ‘so you guys stirred up trouble again’.

… I felt like sleeping.

We were not escorts, so we did not have watch duties.

I told them I was about to retire for the night.

“… Alright. Sleeping is fine, but please be ready to get up at any moment.”

I don’t know why, but Megumin was smiling deviously as she said that.

— Late into the night.

I woke up after hearing some sound.

Someone was on watch, but they didn’t seem to notice this sound.

Looking to the side, I saw my comrades sleeping before the fireplace.

I don’t see Aqua and Darkness, but Megumin and Wiz were still sleeping.

I had a bad feeling about this.

Faint noises could be heard from beyond the carriages that were acting as a barricade.

It would be better to wake everyone up.

“Hey, get up Megumin. Wiz too, something seems off.”

I shook Megumin’s shoulders.

But Megumin was drooling and sleeping soundly.

“… Hey. Megumin, Wiz, wake up. If you don’t get up, I will do something that will make you too embarrassed to see my face for several days. I don’t mind and won’t be trouble if you don’t get up. But with the excuse of waking you up, I won’t hold back. Can you not get up? Alright?”

“How can it be alright. What are you planning to do!”


I jumped because of the sound that came from behind me.

My heart almost came out from my mouth!

“Hey Darkness, don’t scare me like that. Tell me if you are awake. Any later and you will witness something incredible happening before you.

Darkness who was supposed to be sleeping near me just like Megumin said:

“… So you really were planning to do something. No, putting that aside…”

Darkness lowered her voice and watched the surrounding guardedly.

Right now she looked just like a decent adventurer, that indecent crusader I saw during the day was nowhere to be found.

… Oh?

I sense something. My enemy detection skill is tingling.

The person on watch is that thief like adventurer with us during the day.

His enemy detection skill was probably triggered too and he shouted.

“Hey, something is coming! Everyone get up!”

When they heard his voice or the adventurers and the caravan party got up in a shock.

Using my farsight skill, I surveyed the carriages in the dark and found numerous squirming figures.

… What was that, people? But their movement was too stiff for humans.

“Hey, there are lots of them! They are humanoid in shape but moves too slow!”

The people who heard me shouting lighted the tip of their torch with the bonfire to illuminate the outside of the carriages.

The thing squirming under the shine of the torches were…

With rotting flesh that give you goosebumps—

—  We could tell with a glance they were the mob undead monster, zombie-san.

“Wahhhh” x3

When they saw the impactful scene through the light of the torches, everybody screamed… including me.

Darkness who took off her armour picked up the great sword beside her and stood up.

I handed Megumin who was still sleeping without a care in the world to Darkness and said.

“Take care of her! I will get Aqua here, this is her stage to shine now!”

Let us quietly pay back the debt we owed the caravan during the day.

A lot of people were hurt because of the Hawkites Darkness attracted and the carriages were damaged too.

I was too timid to tell them the incident earlier was our fault, so let’s use this chance to clear the slate.

I looked for Aqua and searched around the area…!

“Wahhhh! What is happening!? Why am I surrounded by undead just when I wake up!? Kazuma-san! Kazuma-sama!!”

I looked towards the source of the voice and saw Aqua who was leaning against the carriage being surrounded by zombies.

Hmm… Hey wait, could it be…

“Attacking while I am sleeping, how dare you undead! Lost souls, please rest in peace— Turn Undead!”

With Aqua’s shout, a warm white light spread out.

The people around us were in an uproar when they saw that.

When they were touched by the light emitted by Aqua, the zombie crowd was purified and disappeared…

The ones who witnessed this scene erupted in cheers.

But seeing this scene filled my heart with a certain emotion.

— Guilt.

“Ah fu hahaha, count yourself unlucky to have shown up while this lady is here! I will purify all of you from head to toe!”

With her head high, chest out and illuminated by the bonfire, she looked like a goddess guiding lost souls back to heaven.

I muttered while I watched.

“… So, sorry…”

Seeing Aqua continuing to purify the zombies, the crowd was certain of victory and praised Aqua.

“What a beautiful priest…! She is just like a goddess!!”

“Ahh, the zombies are being purified one by one…! This lady is the comrade of the crusader who protected us during the day…!”

I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

All my comrades were so regrettable.

“It is rare for zombies to attack, but it is great that arch priest-sama is here!”

I apologize, if that goddess of ours wasn’t here, there probably won’t be any zombies congregating here.

“Easy peasy~ how is that Kazuma? I am a model goddess! I have been actively performing during this trip right? It’s about time you give me an offering or two!”

It couldn’t be helped since her body type attracts the undead, but I still felt like beating up that girl who was getting so close to me with an arrogant face.

“Ahhh!! Be strong Wiz! Someone, Wiz she…!”

I think I hear the panicking voice of Darkness. But at this moment, the leader of the caravan came before me and Aqua.

“Ara, you saved us again! I must give you all a reward this time!”

I apologize, but I definitely couldn’t accept!