Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 5, Chapter 1

Giving this grave letter a resolution!

 Translator: Skythewood

Editor: Darkdhaos, TaintedDreams

Part 1

— I, want to have Kazuma-san’s children.

When I heard these passionate words, I stood stiff on the spot with tea leaking from the corner of my lips.

The blushing Yunyun whose fists were trembling.

I was not the only one who turned stiff.

Everyone else was dumbstruck too.

That was obvious, since Yunyun suddenly blurted that out…

“Hey Megumin, can you hold on and not make your move yet? If you let me take back my move, I will give you this weirdly shaped rock I found in a hotspring in Alcanretia.”

… No, there was someone who couldn’t read the mood or pay attention to the conversation.

And that was the troubled Aqua who was sitting opposite Megumin, with a chess piece in her hand.

I pulled myself together and wiped away the tea from my mouth. Darkness remained still with her teacup tilted, her tea spilling all over the carpet.

I placed my cup onto the table and asked Yunyun seriously.

“… What did you say?”

“I, I said, ‘I want to have Kazuma-san’s children’!”

Yunyun yelled in with a flushed face in answer to my query.

It seemed that I wasn’t mistaken then.

“… I want the first child to be a girl.”

“No, no you can’t, the first born must be a boy!”

I thought she was an introverted girl, but she stood her ground stiffly when she needed to.

But I couldn’t give in either. All men want their daughter to address them as daddy…!

“No you two hold on, why are you talking about boys and girls!? How did the conversation progressed to such a state! And Yunyun, why are you saying such nonsense!? Do you know what you’re saying!?”

Megumin came back to her senses and jumped.

“I, I agree with Megumin. You are Yunyun right!? I don’t know what happened between you and Kazuma, but don’t be rash! You know what kind of man this thing is!?”

Darkness said something unpleasant.

“Hmm? Please wait a moment! Yes, this is it! If I place the originally useless crusader here…!?”

Aqua was unaware of the commotion and mumbled to herself with a chess piece in hand.

Her opponent Megumin was grabbing Yunyun by the shoulders and shaking her violently.

“Wake up! Or rather, you will lose sight of things because you are too rash! Please tell me in detail what is happening exactly!”

“Be, because!! If I don’t have Kazuma’s children the world will—! The demon king will…!”

Yunyun who was being shook by Megumin shouted through sniffles:

“Is that so, the world will… No problem, everyone, you don’t need to say anymore. Leave the world and the demon king to me. I will have a baby with Yunyun, defeat the demon king and the world will be saved right? How can I reject the request of someone in need?”

“Why, you! And you were always so resistant when I asked you to take on quests!”

“That’s right! You refused to listen to others usually, why are you so compliant at a time like this! And why don’t you have any doubts about this sudden turn of events!?”

I said to the two of them who were interrupting me:

“Shut up! What are you two going on about from just now!? This is a matter between the two of us right!? Those not involved just shut up! It’s a rare chance for me to be so popular, so don’t get in my way!”

“This man is twisting the facts and blaming us! And how am I not involved, my friend is going to be abducted by a weirdo, of course I have to sound out!”

To shut the persistent Megumin up, I continued:

“After all, I have been meeting pretty girls and beautiful women all these while, it is strange that there are no developments at all! Aren’t we the heroes who defeated multiple bosses of the demon king army!? Didn’t we resolve many incidents somehow!? It wouldn’t be weird for pretty girls who admire me or adventurers who want my signature to pop up!! Hey Darkness! You’re sort of a noble, so at least give me a medal in recognition of my merits!”

“Y,You! Don’t say it out loud even if that is how you feel! All your hard earned achievements will be ruined if you say it out like that!”

Yunyun watched on as we squabble.

“Please, please calm down! Sorry, it’s all my fault so please calm down!”

“She timidly placed herself between us, but…

“I heard that people will normally get married between sixteen to twenty years old in this country, but it is fine to do so from fourteen! Yunyun and Megumin are classmates, so she is fourteen right!? Then there is no problem! Wonderful, simply wonderful! A blissful life not bound by laws! The joy of not being a lolicon! This is the first time I’ve liked this world!! And what is with the lot of you? You all have a thing for me? Jealous because I’m going to date Yunyun!? Then just spit it out, you bunch of Tsunderes!”

“This guy! Darkness, let’s get him! Let him taste death once!”

“Yes, watch me beat up this useless bum who is only good at yapping!”

“Oh? Oh? What, you want to fight? You girls never learn huh! I can attack by using drain touch, and touching your body is proper self defence! No matter where I grab, it won’t be sexual harassment!”

I opened and closed my hands rapidly to intimidate the two of them as Megumin gradually lifted her brows.

At that moment, someone tugged at the cape of Megumin, who was ready to pounce at any second.

“Hey, it’s Megumin’s turn to move. Look here, this is a move I am really confident of. Hurry up!”



Megumin who was being pulled by Aqua shouted explosion as she flipped over the chessboard without even looking at it.

“Uhh… Uhhh… I should have banned the explosion rule…”

I glanced at Aqua who was sniveling as she picked up the chess pieces scattered all over the carpet, as Megumin pointed her staff at me.

“Despite my appearances, I have been training everyday with the goal of being the strongest mage. Scum like Kazuma with weak stats will be defeated easily even if I don’t use magic!”

“Ara, even I will take offence from that. What makes me dangerous is how I defeated so many powerful foes despite my low stats. I will never lose against a dumb explosion mage who can only use one spell. The muscle headed crusader is not even worth mentioning.”

“Muscle headed Crusader!?”

Admist the atmosphere on the verge of a fight, Yunyun suddenly shouted with tears in her eyes:

“Megumin, listen to me! The Home of the Crimson Magic… The Home of the Crimson Magic is going to disappear!!”

Part 2

“Please excuse our mediocre tea and hospitality.”

“No, it’s fine, thank you very much.”

Yunyun sat on the couch as ushered, accepted the tea from Aqua and finally calmed down.

“… Well then, what is going on? The Home of the Crimson Magic disappearing is bad news. Can you explain it in detail?”

After hearing what Megumin said, Yunyun gave her a letter wordlessly.

Megumin took the letter and took out two pieces of paper.

“… This is the letter sent by Yunyun’s father, the village chief huh. ‘By the time you receive this letter, I probably have already passed on from this world’…?”

Megumin’s expression gradually became serious as she read the content of the letter.


It was understandable for Yunyun to fall into confusion after reading the content of the letter.

It seemed that a boss of the demon king’s army had appeared near the Home of the Crimson Magic, and was building a military base with the large amount of underlings there.

And the boss seemed to have high magic resistance.

And right now, they couldn’t destroy that military base…

The letter emphasized the village chief was placing the pride of the Crimson Magic clan on the line and was determined to die together with the boss of the demon king’s army.

And finally…

“‘I entrust the position of village chief to you… As the last of the Crimson Magic clan, do not let our bloodline die out…’ hold on, isn’t there another Crimson Magic clansman here!?”

“Ignore that for now, look behind! There is another page!”

When the agitated Megumin heard Yunyun said that, she started reading the other letter.

“‘—The diviner in the village foresaw the attack of the demon king army. And visage of despair for the Home of the Crimson Magic. But that same diviner also saw a glimmer of hope. As the only survivor of the village, Yunyun…’ … Like I said, why is Yunyun the only survivor, what happened to me!?”

“No, ignore that for now, continue reading!”

“…As the only survivor of the village, Yunyun hid her goal of defeating the demon king in her heart and focused on training. Some time later, she will meet a certain man in the city of beginners. Unreliable and powerless, that man was her future spouse.”

“… Why are you looking at me? The unreliable and powerless man is referring to me? And Yunyun, you came here based on just that?”

Yunyun averted her eyes when she heard that.

“I am going to read on okay? ‘Time passed in a flash. The child of the survivor of the Crimson Magic clan and that man was already the age of a youth. Just like his father, he became an adventurer and went on a journey. But that youth still didn’t know. He would be the one who will avenge his clansmen and defeat the hated enemy— the demon king…’”

“!?” x3

After hearing this, not just me, even Darkness and Aqua gasped.

“Our, our child will defeat the…!?”

“Wait, wait! What is with this nonsense!? Hey Kazuma, someone as paranoid as you, wouldn’t believe in something as vague as divination right!?”

“Hey, that would be troubling! It would be troubling for me!!”

While I was surprised by the heavy burden of my destiny, Darkness and Aqua started to panic.

… Hmm?

Could it be, they were jealous?

Ah, huh, really?

What a youthful scenario, it is really—

“I don’t want it to be so troublesome, can you hurry up and defeat the demon king!? It will take too long for Kazuma’s kid to grow up! Hey, at what age can one be considered a youth? Is three years okay? If not, let’s pretend that divination doesn’t exist!”

— Not at all.

And what do you mean three years, you want a toddler to defeat the demon king?

“The Home of the Crimson Magic has powerful oracles! Which means that divination is…!”

“I understand, leave it to me. This is for the sake of the world, it can’t be helped.”

“Why you, you, is it really fine!? You are always wishy washy, why did you pick today to be so decisive!?”


Darkness grabbed my collar and leaned her face close to mine. At this moment, Megumin who finished reading said in a soft voice:

“… On this page, the last part says ‘Legend of the Crimson Magic Hero, Chapter 1, Author: Arue.’

“!?” x3

When Megumin said that, Darkness, Yunyun and me all snapped our head her way.

Aqua leaned over and read the letter.

“Let me see. Ara, the handwriting is different from the first page. The first page is written by Yunyun’s father. The second one has the postscript ‘postage is too expensive, so I asked the village chief to send this together with his. I will send chapter 2 over when I finish it’…”


Yunyun snatched the letter, crumpled it up and threw it away.

“Waaahhhh, that’s too much! Arue that idiot ahhhhhh!!”

Feeling confused, I asked Yunyun who was kneeling on the carpet and wailing:

“Hey, explain to me what is happening! Who is Arue, what about our children. What should I do. Should I strip here or in the room?”

“You can wash up, go to your room and sleep… Arue is my classmate from the Home of the Crimson Magic. How should I put it, she is a weird girl aiming to be an author…”

Darkness showed a relief expression when she heard what Megumin said.

“Oh, so it is just a story… Hmm? Wait, what about the first letter?”

“The contents of this one should be true. The Crimson Magic clan has been an eyesore to the Demon King’s army for the longest time. This day will come sooner or later anyway. They are probably getting serious about attacking the Home of the Crimson Magic.”

“Hey wait wait, what about my tender heart? Don’t mess with me, I was prepared to take my pants off and now you tell me this? What about Yunyun? Yunyun and I will become sweet lovers right!?”

“It won’t happen. You are in the way, just step aside and play with Aqua… By the way Megumin, why are you so calm? Aren’t you worried about your family and classmates? Your home village is in danger right?”

Prompted by Darkness’ words, the wailing Yunyun lifted her head suddenly.

“That, that’s right. Now is not the time to be crying! Hey Megumin, what should we do!? I think it’s true that our village is being attacked! What should I do!?”

After listening to Darkness and Yunyun, Megumin said:

“We are the Crimson Magic Clan that even the Demon King fears right? I don’t think the people in the village will helplessly await their demise. Also… If Yunyun the daughter of the village chief is here, the bloodline of the Crimson Magic Clan won’t be broken no matter what happens to the village. So, I think it would be better to think about it this way— Everyone in the village will live on in our hearts—”

“Megumin, you cold hearted girl! Why do you act so heartless every time!?”

Yunyun looked towards me with tears in her eyes and blushed cheeks.

“Er, erm… Sorry for saying something weird so suddenly. How, how should I put this, the only man I know is only Kazuma-san…”

“Oh, right. It’s fine. Instead, what are you going to do? Isn’t your home village in danger?”

Yunyun wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes and said:


“Yes, I will prepare to leave for the Home of the Crimson Magic now. After all, it is my home village, my f,fri,friends… are there.”


She probably wasn’t certain if they were actually friends.


“Well then, sorry for bothering you, everyone! Erm, you too Megumin. Good bye…”


We watched as Yunyun walked away lonelily.


“… Kazuma, will it be fine to let this child go alone? I thought you would be driven by your lust and say try to act cool by saying ‘I will go with you’.”


“Didn’t she say the boss of the Demon King’s army is attacking? Even if I went along, I would just get in the way. It’s dangerous and scary, and I’m tired after my journey back… But Megumin, if you are worried about that kid, you can tag along with her you know?”



“This, this guy, you were just boasting about being a hero that took out the bosses of the Demon King’s army! And why would I be worried about Yunyun? She’s my rival okay? Something like an enemy to me.”


Darkness and I smiled deviously as we looked at Megumin who said these strong words.


“Hey, she might be saying that, but didn’t she look really uneasy all this while?”


“Don’t be so mean Kazuma, but I know Megumin is not being honest. Why don’t you give her a way out of this?”


Megumin glared at the two of us who were chatting happily.


“Hey Aqua, say something… Ah…”


I turned towards Aqua.




And saw Aqua sleeping soundly on the couch.


It seemed that the discussion right now was too difficult for her.


… In the end, Megumin secluded herself in her room on the second floor and sulked.


Darkness who was in the living room with me said:


“Hey Kazuma, is it really fine leaving her alone like this? Erm, isn’t that Yunyun girl Megumin’s friend? I heard that she is strong… But still…”


“It will be fine. She is a real Crimson Magic Clan member and can use advanced magic. Or rather, she would be safer going alone instead of with us tagging along. After all, we have someone deeply loved by the undead in our team.”


I said as I looked towards Aqua who was curling herself up and drooling on the couch.


Also, even though she was being stubborn now, after some time, Megumin would…


— That night.


After dinner, I was mulling away time in the room when I heard a soft knocking sound on my door.


“Please come in.”


Entering after hearing my response was of course…


“… Kazuma, I have something to discuss with you, do you have time?


Megumin who was in pyjamas seemed reluctant to speak.


“What are you doing here so late at night? Did Yunyun’s words ignite your competitive spirit, and you’re now here for a night raid?”


“Watch it, I’ll blow you away! I noticed that your verbal sexual harassment has been going nonstop since I turned fourteen!”


I sat cross legged on the bed and urged Megumin whose face was flushed with rage to go on.


Although I have an idea what she was going to say…


Megumin coughed dryly and said:


“Well, you know. I don’t really care what happens to Yunyun, but actually, I have a sister much younger than me back home.”




“That’s why, even though Yunyun has nothing to do with me, I am still worried about my sister… Why, why are you laughing so deviously?”


I smiled deviously at Megumin who was making a tsundere-like speech.




Part 3


The next morning.


After getting the map detailing the vicinity of the Home of the Crimson Magic from the Adventurers Guild, I looked at everyone and said:


“Anyway, the situation is like this. This tsundere says she wants to go back to her home village, and I feel that going to the Home of the Crimson Magic to play is a neat idea too.”


“Who is a tsundere! Didn’t I say that I was worried about my little sister…!”


I patted the head of the persistent Megumin and interrupted her.


“The village seemed to be at war with the Demon King’s army, so we will watch the situation in the village from a distance first. If it is as dangerous as the letter suggested, we will go home immediately. If we discover any Demon King army forces, we will also go home. We have to do our best to avoid fights with monsters too!”


“The battle plan is so Kazuma, much depraved, wow! But it’s fine. Even though we just returned from a trip… I will use my power to save the people in Megumin’s home village!”


Aqua who was brimming with confidence after defeating a boss of the Demon King’s army recently said while clenching her fist.


“Home of the Crimson Magic huh. That’s a paradise for powerful monsters. And there would be hordes of Demon King’s army forces attacking…! Ahh, what if we get overwhelmed by their numbers and become their prisoners!? Hey Kazuma, if that happens, don’t worry about me, just take care of yourselves!”

“Don’t worry, I will be very happy to dump you there. Please don’t come back.”

After answering decisively to Darkness who was blabbering nonsense, I picked up the bag I hadn’t even unpacked yet and left the mansion with the three of them.

We would normally need to travel by public coach, but I had a better idea.

“Hey Kazuma, where are we going? Aren’t we going to the Home of the Crimson Magic with that Yunyun kid?”

“Yunyun left yesterday afternoon in a coach. We can’t catch up even if we go now. And I have enough of traveling by coach. And also… There is somewhere I want to go.”

— We reached the destination while I was conversing with Aqua.

“… Ugh. So this is the place you want to go… Erm, I am a crusader who worships Eris-sama, so I don’t really want to be here… After all, there is—”

“Welcome! The man who didn’t raise much in levels despite having a job that is easy to level, the little girl who wasn’t of much use aside from relying on the power of her family name! And the delinquent priest emitting annoying light as well as the useless race that is master of a useless spell! Thou came at the right time!”

“This fellow here…!”

“Use, useless race…!”

After the greeting from the shop worker who was cleaning the shop while wearing a strange mask, Darkness and Megumin groaned with frustration.

I came here to finalize my deal with Vanir, and I had some business with Vanir. However…

Vanir ignored Aqua who was trying to intimidate him by swinging her fists, came behind me and pushed me into the shop while saying “Please, come in.”

There was no sign of Wiz in the shop.

In place of her was a sobbing sound from the depths of the shop.

I said to the suspicious worker as he pushed me.

“What do you mean by coming at the right time? Did you import weird merchandize again? I will make this clear now, I won’t buy anything from this shop.”

“Don’t say that! Moi has no intentions of peddling garbage every time. This shalt definitely suit thy taste.”

Choosing the most opportune time, Vanir started promoting his product to us as we entered the shop, showing us a small box with its lid open.

“…? What’s this?”

“This is a magic item to repel the undead. Just by opening the cover, holy air that will keep the undead away will be emitted continuously, and will last for half a day. Well, thee has a strange team member that attracts the undying correct? Thee suffered much in thy previous journey because of that right? With this, thou would be able to sleep peacefully even if thou camp outside!”

“Hey, that weird teammate is not referring to me right?”

Repel the undead huh.

It seemed convenient just from the sound of it…

“Well, what are its demerits? There is definitely something wrong with it right?”

“There are none. The only bad thing about this is its high price and one time usage. But it is very effective! So effective that the clumsy shop owner couldn’t come out of the shop after accidentally opening the box, and has been crying all this while.”

“No, close the box and ventilate the place! So that noise is Wiz crying!? And Wiz too, why did she buy this… But it really is convenient, so give me one. I will need it soon anyway.”

I thought about the need to camp outdoors as I opened my wallet…

“That would be one million Eris! Thank thee for thy patronage!”

“So expensive! At that price, I would rather fight with the zombies!”

Vanir ignored my protest and deftly placed a new box into a bag.

“Oh, this is nothing customer. After all, customer is going to be a very wealthy man soon! All the intellectual property rights thee owned as of now, is to be sold to moi for three hundred million Eris! Will this contract suffice?”

He said as he produced a contract.

“Three hundred million Eris…! If you give such a huge amount to this man, he will really become a bum who lazes around all day! However, that sounds good too…”

Darkness mumbled strangely to herself softly.

Aqua and Megumin pulled on my sleeves from either side with all smiles.

“Kazuma-san, Kazuma-san. I want a pool in the mansion.”

“I want a mana freshener that is said to improve mana recovery rate.”

“Ara, you zombies attracted to the smell of money. A pool and freshener sounds expensive so I won’t even consider it right now. Rather than that, go pick out the items we might need for this trip.”

After telling that to Aqua and Megumin, they started browsing the items in the shop cheerfully.

I chose to let Vanir purchase all the merchandize I developed in one go.

I was always being dragged into troublesome matters.

Hence, I felt it would be better to run with the money right away if there was a need.

After all, this town had been attacked by the demon king army and the mobile fortress destroyer in just one year, and was in danger of being destroyed twice in just one year. It was only right to be extra careful.

“— Well then, just deduct the cost for this undead repellent magic item from the three hundred million Eris. It would be some time before you can raise the three hundred million, right?”

“Yes. Moi must apologize, after all, the loser shop owner who imported unnecessary junk increased our expenditure. Finances were already short before that. But moi will procure a large sum of money next week. Moi has gathered investors in this town.”

Next week huh. Next week, I will be a rich man in this town!

“By the way, I have some business with Wiz. Can you please get her for me?”

After hearing my request, Vanir closed the box emitting white fog with a face of pity.

After opening the windows to ventilate the room, Wiz finally came out.

Fresh from a tiring journey, Wiz who almost ascended to heaven yesterday looked even more pale than usual. She welcomed us with a smile.

“Yo Wiz, are you feeling well? Sorry for bothering you again today. I didn’t come here to buy stuff, but to seek your help.”

“…? Seek my help?”

I nodded at Wiz who tilted her head.

I explained the situation in Megumin’s home village and what my request was.

“— I see. So I just need to send everyone to Alcanretia with teleport, right?”

To travel to the Home of the Crimson Magic, we would need to go to Alcanretia, and go on from there.

This lady who was an undead lich but loved bathing really liked the hot spring we visited on our last journey, and have set Alcanretia as a teleport point.

While I was talking to Wiz, the others were browsing the merchandize in the shop.

“Erm, hey Vanir, how effective is this potion that attracts monsters? What will happen if you get sprayed by this?”

“This is meant to be drunk. After drinking this, not just the monsters, even the people in town, thy family and comrades would detest thee and attack. This is an excellent product that complements thou twisted fetish perfectly. Want one?”

“… Even my family and friends… Ugh, it would be troubling if they keep hating me, but if the effect is temporary, I might consider buying…”

“… Oh, there are potions that increase the effectiveness of a specific spell temporary. Are there any potions that would enhance the power of explosion spells?”

“Right now, the only spell enhancement potions we have in stock are for ‘Curse Magic’ and ‘Marsh Magic’. The Curse Magic potion will increase the area of effect of thy spell, so thyself would also be rendered immobile if thee use it against an enemy. The same with Marsh Magic, it increases the area of effect and will drown the caster in the marsh too.”

“Useless products… And what about this doll with such a strong sense of presence?”

“Those are Vanir dolls, made by embedding fragments of moi mask. A great product that wards off evil spirits out of their fear for moi. This is also the only hot selling product in this shop. It will laugh in the middle of the night, but its effects are splendid. There are no evil spirits in thy mansion, but there is a spirit there… How about getting one?”

“Laughing in the middle of the night is just like having an evil spirit in the mansion. And if there are any spirits in the mansion, our Aqua won’t let it off anyway.”

“Hey wait, Megumin still don’t believe what I said!? Didn’t I mention that there is a spirit of an aristocratic girl living in the mansion!? Because she is a pitiful child, I didn’t purify her and let her roam free!”

“Yeah right. That spirit will occasionally drink Aqua’s wine right? I get it, I get it.”

“Even Darkness! Believe me!!”

How, how noisy…

While I was distracted by the people behind me, Wiz said with a nostalgic expression.

“But, the Home of the Crimson Magic. I went to purchase supplies in that village in the past. I went to visit a famous magic item crafter called Hyoizaburo back then, but he wasn’t home, unfortunately…”

Megumin who came to my side gasped softly.

“Please, please wait a moment. Did you say Hyoizaburo?… By the way, when did you visit the Home of the Crimson Magic?”

“I visited… about two years ago? Right right, when I visited the craftsman’s home, there was a cute girl that resembled Megumin-san very much who greeted me…”

When she heard that, Megumin held her head and squatted down.

“What is the matter? Anything happened?”

“No it’s nothing… Just that my unnecessary judgement disrupted your business trip…”

Sounds of an argument came from behind Megumin who was saying something strange.

“Don’t touch that thee plague goddess! Every potion thou touch turns into water!”

“What kind of attitude is this, aren’t customers goddess!? On top of that, I am a real goddess! Show the appropriate respect for a goddess!”

“Thou art thick skinned enough to say that after destroying moi merchandize, thy goddess of poverty!? Hey Wiz, Moi heard what thee were saying! Thou art sending these bunch away right!? Do it before she destroy all the merchandize in the shop!!”

When Wiz heard what Vanir was yelling, she prepared her spell with a wry smile.

“Hey brat!”

Vanir whispered into my ears:

“Since thee purchased an expensive merchandize, moi will gift you this advice. The devil of prophecy warns… At the destination of thy journey, there will be a time when thy comrade share their doubts and approach thee for advice. That comrade will change her path according to thy words. Thou should consider it carefully and give an advice thy would not regret.”

He said something deeply profound.

Although this guy’s advice had always been dubious.

After shutting Aqua who was still complaining up, the four of us gathered in one spot.

“Well then, I wished you a safe journey…! Teleport!!”

Part 4

I opened my eyes which I closed on reflex because of Wiz’s spell.

Before me was the city of water and hotspring, Alcanretia.

To think that after just one day, I was back in this city I thought I would never see again…

“Hey, hey, Kazuma Kazuma.”

“We are leaving right away. I don’t want anything to do with your religion and cultist anymore.”

“But why!”

After rejecting Aqua who wanted to spend a night in this city, I looked for information regarding Yunyun.

Yunyun set off yesterday.

She probably went by public coach, but the distance from Axel to Alcanretia would require an entire day even if she set off in the morning.

That’s why I figured that we reached before her thanks to Wiz’s teleport spell.

… But, when she heard about my plans to meet up with Yunyun when she arrive—

“Kazuma, I am not going back home because I was worried about Yunyun, but for my sister. So let’s move on. If it is her, she will catch up soon, don’t worry.”

Megumin said with an awkward face.

She seemed adamant about her excuse of being worried about her sister.

… What a tsundere.

In the end, we didn’t stay long in Alcanretia before leaving the city and setting off for the Home of the Crimson Magic.

It would be troublesome if we met with the Axis Cultist. It didn’t really matter to me either way…

However, there was no public coach that heads for the Home of the Crimson Magic.

The way to the Home of the Crimson Magic was said to be dangerous terrain even caravans wouldn’t risk.

Most importantly, the Crimson Magic clansmen could teleport between cities freely.

So there was no need for caravans to risk a visit.

“It would take two days to walk from this city to the village. Many dangerous monsters paved the road there, so we need to rely on Kazuma’s sense enemy skill.”

After leaving Alcanretia, we walked along a smooth road towards the Home of the Crimson Magic.

To be frank, camping in a place full of dangerous monsters sounded scary.

I hoped to close the distance as much as possible during the day.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me. Didn’t I defeat some mob monsters in the previous journey? I raised a level back then. With the excess skill point, I learned the rogue skill ‘escape’. With this, I can run away at any time.”

“Hey, isn’t that skill only effective for Kazuma alone? Do you mean you will escape by yourself if you detect any enemies?”

I ignored Aqua who raised a sensitive topic.

Our formation was Darkness taking the vanguard, followed by me, Megumin and Aqua.

“Kazuma’s job is adventurer, which levels easily right? But after such an intense battle with the demon king army boss, you only raised one level? My level raised to 33 in one go!”

“Hey, don’t flash your adventurers card in front of me, or I will snatch it and throw it away. It can’t be helped, you can steal the kill on the boss and blow tons of mob monsters in one go. On the other hand, my only means of attack is this sword with a weird name and a bow.”

After walking for some time, we reached a forest.

Darkness who was in front suddenly stopped.

“…. Hmm, someone is there?”

When we heard Darkness, we looked in that direction…

At the entrance to the forest, a green haired girl sitting on a boulder seemed to have spotted us and was waving.

What was she doing alone here?

… I shifted my gaze to the girl’s leg.

On her right ankle were bandages that were stained with blood. She would glance at her right feet from time to time with a pained expression.

She then lifted her head and looked our way.

When she did, one of my skills reacted.

… How should I put this.

…… This world, is really cruel!

“Aren’t you hurt. Hey, are you alright?”

I grabbed the shoulder of Aqua who was carelessly approaching the girl to stop her.

When they noticed my actions, not just Aqua, even Megumin and Darkness turned to look at me.

“My sense enemy skill detected the presence of a monster. That is a monster in disguise.”

“Huh?” x3

I ignored the gaze of the girl who was looking this way with a sad expression as I kept my guard up while taking out the map to the Home of the Crimson Magic I got from the adventurers guild.

Information about monsters found along the road was published on it too.

I searched for a monster that matched the description of this girl…

And found it.

‘Tranquility girl’… That’s her name.

Aqua said to me while I was reading the details:

“Hey Kazuma, I think she is looking at you with very sad eyes. I feel the urge to cast healing spell on that child.”

I kept on grabbing the shoulder of Aqua who was saying that and read the explanation panel of ‘Tranquility girl’.

“Tranquility girl. This plant type monster won’t harm people physically… However, it will give travelers a strong urge to protect it, luring travelers to its side. The temptation is hard to resist, and if become emotionally attached, you will be trap until death. It is rumoured that this monster possess high intelligence, but that is still inconclusive. It might sound cruel, but any adventurer team that encounter this monster must exterminate it.”

“Hey Kazuma. I think she is watching us with an expression that is on the verge of tears. Is that really a monster?”

It was uncharacteristic of Darkness to sound so worried.

“As the monster will smile with relief when the traveler stays by its side, it is hard to leave her. It will show a crying face if you want to leave. The kinder you are, the more likely you would be trapped by this monster, please use caution.”

“Ka, Kazuma, that child is smiling while doing her best to hold back her tears. She is waving as if to say good bye. I really feel like going over to give her a hug.”

I unhand Aqua and turned to grab the collar of Megumin who spoke just now.

“Once you are trapped, it would cling on to you, so it would be hard to get away. Also, when the traveler tries to leave because of hunger, the most dangerous thing is that this monster will pick the fruit it bears and offer it to the traveler. It taste delicious and give those who eats it a sense of being full… However, the fruits contain no nutrients, so whoever eats it will slowly wither away no matter how much they eat. The traveler would be stricken by their conscience when they see the girl cutting and offering the fruits it bore itself. In the end, they wouldn’t even eat, and die of malnourishment.”

“Ugh…! Even if she is a monster, ignoring a casualty is…”

Darkness who couldn’t bear it any longer approached the Tranquility girl.

As the map state that the monster won’t attack physically, I didn’t stop Darkness and continued reading.

“Eating the fruits of the Tranquility girl for long periods of time will result in the danger signals sent by your body of hunger, fatigue and pain being cut off. The fruits might contain something that affects the central nervous system. Hence, travelers will stay close to the girl and grow frail in a dream like state. There were many cases of old adventurers seeking a peaceful and tranquil death, which is the origin of the name ‘Tranquility girl’… After that, the Tranquility girl will enroot itself on the body of the dead traveler, using it as nutrients—”

… I stopped after reading to this part.

I released my hand unconsciously. Megumin and Aqua then ran to that girl.

Everyone was hesitant about touching it after learning it was a monster, but they all showed an uneasy expression.

The Tranquility girl seemed to be asking ‘Are you going to stay by my side’, looking at the three of them with eyes filled with expectations.

The protective instincts of the three of them were probably stimulated by her gaze and their hands kept opening and closing.

“It is a type of vegetation monster that won’t deal physical damage, but it will stop travelers by stimulating their protective instincts, starve them to death and enroot them.”

When they heard what I said, they seemed relieved and walked to the Tranquility girl’s side.

… Didn’t they hear the part about starving travelers to death!?

“I will heal your wounds! … Huh? These are not wounds. It’s not bandages either, just something that looks like that.”

After hearing Aqua, I went closer to observe the girl.

The Tranquility girl was wearing clothes that were common for girls in town.

She was bare footed and was smiling happily as we surrounded her.

Looking carefully, the boulder under her butt was also a part of her body that was mimicked.

Behind the boulder was something like a branch, small fruits were growing on it.

Be it the clothes she was wearing and the blood stained bandages, all these were mimics to draw the attention of people.

Disguising herself as a girl who couldn’t move due to her injury, how evil.

The three of them didn’t care about what I was thinking and started doting on the Tranquility girl.

Megumin reached out her hand gently, and the Tranquility girl showed a hesitant face that seemed to be saying ‘Can I hold your hand?’, and took Megumin’s hand.

After holding Megumin’s hand tightly, her expression changed to that of happiness from the bottom of her heart.

… The three of them was completely taken in by that expression.

I heard that the Home of the Crimson Magic was in crisis, but this thing was a danger in another way.

I remembered the warning about the monster.

‘The kinder you are, the more likely you would be trapped by this monster, please use caution.’

And ‘any adventurer team that encounter this monster must exterminate it.’.

I stood before Tranquility girl and drew out my katana ‘Chunchunmaru’.

“Hey, what are you thinking Kazuma! Are you going to use this child to earn experience points!?”

When she saw me do that, Aqua hugged the Tranquility girl as if to protect her.

No, hold it, that is a monster.

And that kind that kills people.

“I heard about Tranquility girls before. However, we can’t hurt a monster with an appearance of a girl right? Although Kazuma is renowned for being an evil bastard, I know Kazuma has a side that cares for his comrades, a kind and gentle side. Kazuma won’t do something like that… You won’t, right…?”

Megumin held the hand of Tranquility girl and looked up at me with pleading eyes.

Just like a kid pleading her parents not to send a kitten she picked up off to animal control.

… I, I wasn’t doing this because I want to.

Darkness seemed hesitant just now, but seemed to remember that this was a monster—

“… No. If Kazuma decided to exterminate it, then it should be done. I came over because I thought it was injured, but it wasn’t hurt at all. Judging from this, this monster must be a very cunning mimic. If we leave it alone, there would be more victims in the future.”

She drew out a great sword while saying this, and took a stance against the Tranquility girl.

At this moment, the Tranquility girl said with a lisp like a child, with a voice that was soft and vague:

“… Want kill… me…?”

The Tranquility girl held onto Megumin’s hand like a drowning man grabbing at straws as she raised her head and looked up at Darkness. Tears filled her eyes as she quivered nonstop.

So it could talk…

The great sword in Darkness’ hands started shaking intensely, and she looked at me with an expression completely identical to the Tranquility girl.

Even you? Looking at me with such eyes? What the hell.

I pushed the immobile Darkness aside and walked forth with my unsheathed katana.

Aqua stood before the Tranquility girl to block my way, waving her fists as if she was a boxer.

… This girl was an actual goddess, why was she charmed by this monster so easily?

The Tranquility girl looked at Megumin who was holding its hand, then said to me timidly:

“… Want kill… Me…?”

Seeing the teary eyed girl tilting her head to express her doubt, it felt like a knife was tearing away my insides.

The three people and one monster stared at me.

Pull yourself together, this monster will kill people.

If left alone, someone else might fall victim to it. I didn’t want to say anything grandiose, but leaving a monster alone would be wrong, right?

Or was exterminating it wrong?


Seeing me stab the katana into the ground and scratching my head in dilemma, Aqua said:

Cleaning of illustration by: hiiro74

What logical thinking, just like that of a bum.

But wait, there was another reason why I couldn’t let the Tranquility girl off.

The things that was happening in Megumin’s home village.

The place we were going has a boss of the demon king army and minions waiting.

I don’t plan to fight them, but to be on the safe side, I still want to raise my level as much as I could.

Tranquility girl was a monster found in such a dangerous habitat, it should yield quite a bit of experience if I defeat it.

The three of them looked at me with complicated expressions.

And so did the Tranquility girl who had a face of unease.

I had a proper reason to do this.

If I don’t exterminate this monster, there might be victims in the future.

… Ahhhh, damn it, it couldn’t be helped, so please forgive me!

That’s right, even though its appearance was human, it was still a monster on the inside, a monster, monster…!

… Seeing how conflicted I was, the Tranquility girl said in a soft voice:

“You look painful… Sorry, because, I live…”

The Tranquility girl said as she showed a fragile smile.

“Because, I, monster… live, will, cause trouble…”

Specks of tears appeared in her eyes.

“Since born, first time, talk with humans…”

It clasped its hand before its chest as if in prayer.

“First, and last time met with you, wonderful… If, another life… Next time, not monster, will be wonderful…”

After saying its piece, it closed its eyes in resignation.

… No way I could do it.

Part 5

We let the Tranquility girl off and carried on walking down the road.

I didn’t want to care about that anymore.

Someone might fall victim to it in the future, but I was not so persistent in the belief that human lives were the most important, and would kill a monster with an appearance of a girl.

… That Tranquility girl would definitely charm someone who was going to pass through there.

After all, even after we agreed to spare it, everyone was still reluctant to leave. Aqua and Megumin was hesitant to leave, making me spend a lot of effort to herd them forth.

Ahhh, how annoying, be it kill or spare, both options leave a bad taste in the mouth, this monster was really evil.

However, it said this was the first time it spoke with a human, so no one had fallen in its hands yet.

So, sparing it would be…


“— But I am so glad that Kazuma still have some shreds of humanity in him. I thought you would say ‘become my experience points!’ and murder it, then burn it away with fire magic.”

“I think there is a need to talk with you about how you normally sees me. All of you should know very well that I won’t do something like that right?”

I said as I looked towards Darkness and Megumin…

“……” x2

The two of them averted their eyes in silence.

I really want gentle comrades who could really understand me.

… Eh?

“Hey, wait. Isn’t it bad if there is a Tranquility girl on this path?”

Speaking of gentle comrades, I remembered Yunyun who would be right behind us.

If that kid with no friends, fear loneliness and pay extra attention to her surroundings was to pass this way.

The Tranquility girl said that we were the first humans we spoke to.

In that case, Yunyun was definitely behind us.

“Your face is the same colour as Wiz, what’s the matter? Your stomach hurts? There’s some trees there, we will keep away so go there and settle it quick.”

“That’s not it! Hey, you girls go first! I will go back to the Tranquility girl, I have something to discuss with it!”

“Huh, wait, wait Kazuma!?”

I ignored the confused voice of Aqua and charged back the way we came.

Part 6

It had not been five minutes since we parted with the Tranquility girl.

I will reach soon if I ran there.

It might be a bit thick faced of me, but let’s try asking that girl.

Asked it to not smile or wave at a girl with red eyes that might passed by this road.

I thought about it as I ran.

Right, if talking worked, I could try asking her not to seduce travelers.

… Yes, that’s right!

I could request the Axis cultist in Alcanretia to send it things that could serve as nutrients periodically, so that gentle monster won’t attack humans anymore…!

I would be a rich man after going back to town anyway.

It won’t be a problem even if I foot the bill to feed it.

I came up with a plan as I charged back to its place…!

— In the place we were just now, I could see someone talking to the Tranquility girl.

I immediately used hide and observe the situation with farsight.

The one talking to the Tranquility girl was a lumberjack.

Someone living in Alcanretia?

The lumberjack approached the Tranquility girl with an axe.

Was he planning to exterminate that child…?

Without dismissing my hide skill, I moved closer with my body crouched to eavesdrop.

And so, I heard the man’s voice.

“Ahh… Damn, why must it be so… Sorry, I am sorry! Forgive me! It is the rule of the lumberjacks which dictates that I must exterminate you upon discovery…!”

The lumberjack was on the verge of tears.

So he was planning to murder this child!?

I was about to dismiss my hide skill…!

“Because, I, monster… live, will, cause trouble…”

Just when I was about to dismiss my hide skill.

“Since born, first time, talk with humans…”

Word for word.

“First, and last time met with you, wonderful… If, another life… Next time, not monster, will be wonderful…”

The Tranquility girl said the exact same line as before.

“Ah… Ahhhhh… I can’t do it. Damn, I can’t do it!”

The lumberjack screamed as he turned and ran.

I did not cancel my hide skill and just stood in the shade of the trees speechless.

… Hmmm?

I thought it said to me that I was the first one it talked to.

“Ahhh~, failed again. That lumberjack looked quite meaty and would have been great fertilizer…”

… After the lumberjack was out of sight, I heard the voice of the Tranquility girl speaking smoothly.

I sneaked to the back of the Tranquility girl and cancelled my hide skill.

But the Tranquility girl didn’t noticed that I was behind it.

“Uwaahhh… Damn it, no fertilizer is coming… It is a bit cloudy, but let’s photosynthesise a little… Sigh— What a pain.”

It mumbled and stretched itself to expose its entire body to the sunlight…

Leaning back, it locked eyes with me who was behind it.

“……” x2

After staring at each other wordlessly for a moment, the Tranquility girl finally said softly.

“Just now, those words, could you, pretend you, didn’t hear them…?”

“So you could speak fluently, and was playing me like a damn fiddleeeeeee!”

— I caught up with Aqua and the others, and found them taking a break at the same spot, probably waiting for me.

Seeing my face as I ran over, Aqua smiled.

“You looked refreshed, what happened? What did you say to that child? And why did you have to go back anyway?”

In response to Aqua, I showed them my adventurers card with a brilliant smile.

“Look everyone! I raised three levels in one shot! This way, I would be of some after going to Megumin’s place!”

After hearing what I said, the three of them stood there stiffly.

And then…

“Wah… Wahhhhhh! Kazuma you demon! Evil demon! Compared to you, Vanir is much cuter!”

“Ah… Ahhhh… Ahhhhhh… It’s all my fault… All because I mocked Kazuma after raising so many levels…! Kazuma laid his hands on that child because I agitated him…!? It’s, It’s all because of my arrogance that I did all that…!”

No, all of you wait.

… I was about to explain to the two of them who were crying when I noticed Darkness who was standing stoically at the side.

I turned and looked at her.

“It must be painful right?… You fulfilled the obligations of an adventurer. Sorry, I left such an unpleasant task to you…”

Darkness said with a pained and serious expression…

— I spent an entire hour to explain what happened to them.