Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! Volume 8, Prologue

Translator: Sine Nomine

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In this world, there was Eris Festival, but no Aqua Festival. Aqua, who felt it was unfair, decided to host her own festival. Kazuma started to help out unwillingly… Even Chris was asked by Aqua to help out— Thus, the city-wide disturbance began!

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Aqua: “Let’s put an end to Eris Festival this year and replace it with Aqua Festival!”

Darkness: “I won’t help. I have lordship duties to perform.”

Megumin: “I don’t mind. I’m not an Eris Cultist anyway.”

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Wiz— Hey, what a high rating! I want to embrace her! I want to embrace that cuddly elder sister!

Succubus? — What is with that woman in the middle!? I have never seen such a beauty! That isn’t just a little demon anymore, but practically a femme fatale!

???— Very good! Awesome! Pretty face, sexy body, and a noble lady!?

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I’m hoping one day the world will be peaceful so that I won’t have to perform my duties anymore…



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Age: 14, Arch Wizard

A genius from the Crimson Magic Clan. An obsessive wizard who can only use (and only want to use) Explosion magic. Likes Explosion magic. Specialty: Explosion magic. Hobby: Explosion magic.


Age: ??, Arch Priest

A goddess who guide the souls of those who died young. Currently adventuring with Kazuma with the goal of defeating the demon king. Likes beer. Specialty: party tricks.


Age: 18, Crusader

A defensive knight who takes pleasure from monster attacks. The noble lady of the Dustiness family. Specialty: delusion.


Age: 16, Adventurer

An ex-NEET who brought Aqua to this parallel world. Has almost given up on the quest to defeat the demon king.


Age: 20, Shop Owner


Age: ??, Greater Demon Shop Assistant


Age: ??, Goddess


Age: 15 (?), Thief



It was unbelievable that I, who never participated in any cultural festivals, would be helping out in preparing for a festival in a parallel world.

Even the Axis Cultists, whose very existence was feared, were behaving themselves.

They were staking a lot on the upcoming festival.

Seeing this scene, I couldn’t help but sigh.

A parallel world festival with bonfires everywhere seemed like a dream.

It was normal in Japan, but in this parallel world, the dream-like festival seemed out of place.

It was the nostalgic roadside stalls of Japan.

The inhabitants of this parallel world were managing different types of stalls by themselves. It was evident that everyone was truly enjoying the festival.

Even though this festival lasted only a few days every year.

There were beast-men, elves, and dwarves here.

There were even undead, demons, and goddesses.

“Kazuma, Kazuma. I think it is great to host this festival.”

Aqua, who was happily watching the festival, turned to me suddenly.

“Thanks for helping the Axis Cult.”

With the dream-like festival in the background, she smiled innocently and said it frankly like she had never done before.