KonoSuba! Bounty Board


Volume 10 Special Short Stories – $44
Daniel Chang – $22
MapleCrystal – $22

Consulting with this Masked Devil Short Stories – $20

——–System is currently being reviewed~~

Welcome to the Bounty Board!

This is a page that lists all the raw special stories/content of KonoSuba that I haven’t been able to obtain due to a price above which I can afford. If you’d like to see one of these stories, you can fund the purchase, after which I will hunt it down and translate it!

Simply fund by sending it to this paypal email address:
re.yun.NS@gmail.com; and shoot me a message afterwards for which story/item you want to fund.
– If you’ve sent money please email me to confirm! There may be problems with the system since it’s the first time I’ve used it.
– Partial Funding is ok! A progress bar will be added.
– Unless you’re paying from a linked bank account, paypal takes a fee of 0.29% + $0.30 USD per payment, so send me a thank you email instead if you’d like! It means way more than any amount of money. (Though, to be honest, it might be worth less than say, a million dollars)

Standard = Unknown
bold = Found/Source Known
___ = Funded/Comissioned

Short Stories (From paperback copy at specific stores)
Volume 1: (Price Unknown)

  • “Aqua’s Water Store”
  • “Megumin the Dragon Slayer”
  • “The Search for Darkness’ Pet”
  • “Aqua-sensei”
  • “The Bamboo Shoot family’s crisis of Life and Death”
  • “Darkness’ Photoshoot is in Session”


Volume 2: (Price Unknown)


Volume 3: (Price Unknown)

  • “Once in a While Goddess-like Activities”
  • “Explosion is Art!” (Naruto reference)
  • “Darkness’, Bride Training in Progress”
  • “Sleeping Crusader” (Pun of Sleeping Beauty)
  • “Did you call for us? Darkness-san”


Volume 4: (Price Unknown)

  • “Protect the Goddess!”
  • “The Murder of the Crimson-eyed beginner”
  • “You’re Totally Mistaken, Ojou-sama”
  • “The Ruler of Undead of the Neighborhood Association”


Volume 5: (3000 yen/30 USD)

  • “Would you join the Axis Cult?”
  • “Once in a While Explosion Date”
  • “I’m Just a Friend, Lalatina-ojou-sama”
  • “The Ordinary Cat and the Lonely Girl”


Volume 6: (—)

  • “I’m Curious About What’s Under the Mask”
  • “The Real Form of the Mascot is…”
  • “The Great Natural Scenery of Spring”


Volume 7: (1500 yen/15 USD)

  • “Please Calm Down, Lalatina-ojou-sama”
  • “The Devil and the Forbidden Book”
  • “Paying respects once in a while”
  • Succubus SS?


Volume 8:

  • “In the name of the Goddess Eris”
  • “VS!”
  • “For the Sake of a Man’s Romance”


Volume 9: (—)

  • “Continued, Aqua’s Water Store”
  • “The Suppressed Crimson Magic Clansman”
  • “A Certain Chick’s Special Skill”
  • “Once in a While Cliché Story”


Explosion 1: (Price Unknown/Rare)

  • “For the Sake of Becoming a Great Magician”
  • “The Method for Passing a Lonely Recess Period”
  • “The Demon Sword Hero and the Hungry Little Girl”
  • “The Patron of Komekko”


Explosion 2: (Price Unknown/Rare)

  • “The Method for Saving a High-Level Loner”


Explosion 3: (Price Unknown/Rare)

  • “The Envied Crimson Magic Clansman”
  • “Dear, Onee-sama”
  • “The Baptized Crimson Magic Clansman”


Consulting 1: (1000 yen/10 USD)

  • “Today as a Love Consultant”
  • “Today as a Arranged Marriage Consultant”
  • “Today as a Harem Consultant”


Author Specials: (1000 yen/10 USD)

  • “The Vampire Chapter”
  • “The Candid Chapter”
  • “The Handicraft Chapter”
  • “The Magician Chapter”


Manga: (2000 yen/20 USD)

  • Vol 1: “The Paid Vacation of this Party Leader”
  • Vol 2: “The Dieting Methods of an Alternate World”


Blu-Ray Box: (6000-9000 yen/60-90 USD – Includes other content, see below)

  • Vol 1: “The Arch-Priest of Axel”
  • Vol 2: “The Explsion Detective of Axel”
  • Vol 3: “I want to protect this Crusader”
  • Vol 4: “The Exceptionally Lucky Silver-Haired Girl”
  • Vol 5: “?” (Name Unknown)
  • ALL: “Protect the White Wolf!”
    *(Can be purchased separately via auction at 10000 yen/100 USD along with Drama CD)


Sneaker Bunko ‘This Interesting Alternate World Comedy!’ Fair: (Unavailable)

  • “Introducing this Wonderful World!”
  • “Yes, Let’s Go to an Alternate World!”
  • “Dear, Everyone at the Village of Crimson Magic”


‘Level-Crossing, Resurrection in an Alternate World’ Fair: (Unavailable)

  • ‘Gifting this Alternate World Resurrection with Blessings!’


Sneaker Bunko 25th anniversary ‘Light Novel Lifestyle Guide’ Campaign: (Unavailable)

  • ‘Bon appetit in this Alternate World’


Nico-Nico Kadokawa Festival: (Unavailable)

  • ‘What is thy wish!?’


Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Complete Book!

  • “Receiving Subscriptions!”
  • “Receiving Even More Subscriptions!”


Other Content:


  • Vol 1
    • Character Commentary by Aqua and Eris, Written by LN author
    • Anime Commentary: “Amamiya Sora & Takanashi Rie” (Aqua & Megumin)
    • Credit-less Anime Opening
    • Game: KonoSuba “In the Life!”
  • Vol 2
    • Digest Movie: “Gifting this Brilliant Banquet with Cheers!”
    • Character Commentary by Darkness and Chris, Written by LN author
    • Anime Staff Commentary
    • Credit-less Anime Ending
  • Vol 3
    • 15 Page Comic, Story and Art by Akatsuki Natsume and Mishima Kurone, (LN Author and Artist respectively)
    • Anime Commentary: “Amamiya Sora & Ai Kayano” (Aqua and Darkness)
    • Character Commentary by Megumin and Darkness, Written by LN Author
    • KonoSuba Preview 1
  • Vol 4
    • Anime Commentary: “Takanashi Rie & Ai Kayano”
    • Character Commentary by Megumin and Wiz, Written by LN author
    • KonoSuba Preview 2
  • Vol 5
    • Character Commentary by Kazuma and Aqua, Written by LN author
    • Anime Staff Commentary
    • KonoSuba Commercial and Provider collection
  • ALL (Separately at 5000 yen/50 USD)
    • DRAMA CD: “Once in a While Explosion Date!”



0 thoughts on “KonoSuba! Bounty Board

      1. I wonder, can you come in contact with skywoods and see if they are willing to sell or share their copies of some of the ones you are missing? After all, they dropped this title so maybe they have a backup of scans, or maybe even the physical copies.

        1. Sky translates from Chinese, so whatever the Chinese sites have is whatever they translate. Unfortunately, most of these are from the first-print editions of the light novel, and are hard to find on the market for a reasonable price. I’ll probably rework this system in the future since it’s hard to actually carry out, given the scarcity.

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