KonoSuba! In the Life!

Translation has been taken over by:

Current Version: ENG Patch v1.03.3 (Updated 12/26)



For those with version 1.03.2:
– Download this batch and replace the ‘Data’ folder of the game.
(you will now get skill points for leveling up, but you need to restart to get skill points from previous levels.)
– For those that don’t want to play through the game again, here is a save file a day before the Dullahan boss. Drag and drop into your game folder, and rename if necessary.
For those with version 1.03:
– Download this batch and replace the ‘Data’ folder of the game.
– However, you will need to use a new save-file if you want the combat pop-up dialogue to work, as your character names are locked in through the savedata and encrypted/hidden.

– Unzip the file and open the game through Game.exe
– You can hold down ctrl or enter to skip through text quickly.


v.1.03.3 – 12/26
– Fixed a bug that caused Kazuma to not gain skill points when leveling up
Fixed some skill descriptions that were clipping out-of-box.

v.1.03.2 – 12/25
– Fixed skill names, in-battle dialogue, character names
– Added translation for Chapter 1, Part 1 (Toads)

 Github Development

– This patch is the ‘playable’ patch, and includes patched boss events, quest names, combat system, and most of the special encounters. MOST OF THE DIALOGUE IS NOT PATCHED.
– Report any bugs/problems you see!
– Since I wouldn’t continue translating the game until Volume 10 + special stories are done, if anyone wants to pick this translation up, please tell me!

This patch includes:
– Skill Names: 100%
– Quest Names: 100%
– Boss events: 100%
– Combat System: 100%
– Menus: 100%
– Quest Descriptions: 30%
– Dialogue: 10% (only necessary/explanatory dialogue has been TLed and scripted)

109 thoughts on “KonoSuba! In the Life!

    1. Ah yeah did anyone know that you can combine magic for kazuma like all wind+earth=dark, water+fire=coffee heal
      water+ice=Medium damage all enemie, wind+fire=all burn. I just realize it when i use water and ice on beldia dullahan so sad that I didn’t try after I get magic until I face him. 🙁

      1. I would just sell the other one for money. Also, there are quite a few combinations (there are also combinations with an enemy’s “lightning” attack). The full list I have is as follows:

        Water Freeze: Deals Medium Ice-Type Damage to all enemies.
        Breath Earth: Causes the enemies to fall into “Dark Effect” (All physical attacks miss)
        Water-Tinder–> Coffee: Heals allies each turn
        Water-Lightning: (In combination with enemy)
        Breath-Tinder: Medium Fire-Type Damage to all enemies
        Poison Mushroom-Tinder: Poisons all enemies
        Firewood-Tinder: Deals massive Fire-type damage to all enemies (totally overpowered)
        Breath-Lightning: Stuns all enemies
        Breath-Breath–>Wind Curtain: Increases defense of all allies
        Confuse Herb–>Tinder: Chance to inflict chaos on all enemies.

          1. Well, after mess up a bit with the database, i finally bring it back. It’s there, but somehow it doesnt have a common events @@

  1. Hey, that’s nice! I started translating this game to english months ago, but then shifted the translation to portuguese since it’s my native language. I knew someone else would arise and do a better job at the english translation.

        1. Excelente tradução mas quando você trabalha para aumentar seu ATK diz que ele diminuiu quando na verdade aumentou, e deusa se escreve com letra minuscula

          1. Já me encontrei com Beldia e posso desafiar o Shogun da Neve mas ainda to com 1 ponto de habilidade

      1. I can’t finish Beldia off. He kept on healing and not attacking thus the battle doesn’t end. Was it a bug or something?
        He only attack once and that was only during the time when I use water against him with darkness substituting.

      1. It’s specifically Audio/BGM/(the three Kanji I can’t read)
        Perhaps the Audio files weren’t translated correctly? I have some audio text in BGM that are like:
        é+éféFé¦è+éóïxæº or é+éµòùé¬Æ-éTìLÅO

          1. the file name with the weird symbol make the game unplayable…some found in audio folder while most in Graphic folder

          2. Apparently the reason of the said weird symbol means that your windows did not have Japanese Display Language installed. After install that, then just redownload the game

          3. i had this problem yesterday..
            i was using 7zip and had the same issues
            then i try use winrar everything’s fine

  2. Do you maybe know, how to change the resolution for this game? I’ve searched in every nook and cranny for something like a resolution option, but it’s nowhere to be found. Thank you for the answer in advance!

    1. Hi! I’m actually shipping an crucial update to the game right now, so I recommend you re-download! You can go fullscreen by using alt + enter, but there is now way to increase the resolution of an RPG maker VX ace game.

      1. Thank you very much. I’ve totally forgotten about the ALT + ENTER trick 😀
        Also, do you maybe know, how to trigger the Dullahan Beldia fight?
        My party is currently at:
        Kazuma, level 32
        Megumin, level 30
        Aqua, level 52
        Darkness, level 39.
        Town, level 15.
        This is my second playthrough, because I thought that this would include the other boss fights.
        I honestly thought that my game was bugged xD
        I enjoyed the game so far, and the fights are quite good and challenging.
        I have some small nitpicks about some things though.

        First: You should increase the cost of the Explosive Potions. You can cheese the fight against the Snow Shogun so hard with them. Just use the potions against the Wisps and save up Megumin for the Shogun fight, and you are golden.
        Second: You shouldn’t be able to automatically get the Snow Shogun Sword after you beat him. You should need to steal it from him, but with a reasonable steal chance. Maybe once every 10 tries or something like that.

        No complaints otherwise though. I like the game quite a bit.
        Again, thank you for your hard work.

        1. Also, you need to make the text fit into the textBox for the item / skill descriptions.
          Again, thank you very much for your hard work.

        2. Lol yuNS didn’t make this game. It came as a special edition game with one of the books. yuNS has just provided the translations for us, so please don’t give game feedback about stuff other than translations.

          1. I also meant the translation. Can you imagine playing this with Japanese only? I mean, yes. You could play this with only Japanese letters, but it wouldn’t be as fun. Also, I meant the translation progress of this and the Chapter for today. Also, he could maybe know the maker of this, and give him feedback on how people like or dislike the game.

        3. Oh, you’re actually supposed to steal the winter shogun’s sword in order to beat him, as it reduces his damage significantly. There’s even a special text. Also, I believe you need to learn elementary level magic to trigger the Beldia boss fight if you haven’t already, as Kazuma does say (I better learn it) when the old man tells you about it.

        4. Hi, I’ve uploaded a save file for v1.03.3 just now if you don’t want to play through the game again. The save file is massively in debt and has no items, but the stats and levels are good enough to beat everything! All the elementary magic is learned.

          1. Welp. Here goes a 5 hours of gameplay….. Thank you for fixing it. I hope, that I won’t have anymore problems in the foreseeable future. If I come around anymore bugs, glitches or anything, I will let you know. Thank you again.

          2. Sorry for being so annoying, but I have a small question. How far does the game go inside the story of KonoSuba?
            I’ve already defeated Beldia, and there doesn’t seem to be any other major story trigger after that.
            So far, I haven’t encountered anymore bugs, but the text still goes out of the textBox. Go to Kazuma’s magic page, and you’ll see. It’s nothing major, but it still can bug me sometimes, when I want to read the description.
            Thank you again!

          3. Sir what did you do to get in debt? and I manage to bought long sword Poison and confuse necklace and still have around 100000+ from killing jellyfish and Cursehumanoid. In day 15+ (I didn’t offense you right? just want to know?)

      2. a question here yuNS-san, is this game english patches only for the game system?
        cause however I look at it, there are too many dialogue that doesn’t use english language T_T
        if there are any english patch for the dialogue that I can download somewere, please let me know

        thanks in advance

  3. H-He did it! That’s our yuNS! He do the things that what we can’t do normally. He’s my idol. I want to be like him! Leaving aside that jokes, thanks for the patch and Merry Christmas!

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