KonoSuba! In the Life!

Translation has been taken over by:

Current Version: ENG Patch v1.03.3 (Updated 12/26)



For those with version 1.03.2:
– Download this batch and replace the ‘Data’ folder of the game.
(you will now get skill points for leveling up, but you need to restart to get skill points from previous levels.)
– For those that don’t want to play through the game again, here is a save file a day before the Dullahan boss. Drag and drop into your game folder, and rename if necessary.
For those with version 1.03:
– Download this batch and replace the ‘Data’ folder of the game.
– However, you will need to use a new save-file if you want the combat pop-up dialogue to work, as your character names are locked in through the savedata and encrypted/hidden.

– Unzip the file and open the game through Game.exe
– You can hold down ctrl or enter to skip through text quickly.


v.1.03.3 – 12/26
– Fixed a bug that caused Kazuma to not gain skill points when leveling up
Fixed some skill descriptions that were clipping out-of-box.

v.1.03.2 – 12/25
– Fixed skill names, in-battle dialogue, character names
– Added translation for Chapter 1, Part 1 (Toads)

 Github Development

– This patch is the ‘playable’ patch, and includes patched boss events, quest names, combat system, and most of the special encounters. MOST OF THE DIALOGUE IS NOT PATCHED.
– Report any bugs/problems you see!
– Since I wouldn’t continue translating the game until Volume 10 + special stories are done, if anyone wants to pick this translation up, please tell me!

This patch includes:
– Skill Names: 100%
– Quest Names: 100%
– Boss events: 100%
– Combat System: 100%
– Menus: 100%
– Quest Descriptions: 30%
– Dialogue: 10% (only necessary/explanatory dialogue has been TLed and scripted)

107 thoughts on “KonoSuba! In the Life!

  1. Thanks for your work, Yuns! Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if it was possible to translate the game in other languages as well. If it isn’t too difficult or long to explain, could you give me a brief explaination of what to do? Thanks in advance!

    1. You can find the name and BGM in the game folder itself if you’ve downloaded it. Inside the ‘Audio’ and ‘Graphics’ sub-folders

  2. Need help! I have installed Japanese Display Language and redownloaded the game but there are still those weird symbols in BGM and Picture.

  3. ehhmmm sorry to disturb but when I tried downloading via mega it was only able to download till 99% then it stopped, continuously … when I tried a different download via mega it was fine… I don’t suppose you can get the media fire link up or re upload the mega or atleast direct what the heck im doing wrong…. I really wanna try da game.

  4. I got your bugged version and tried to fix it when I realized that it had the game VX file. Only stumped because most of the variables is labeles in moonrunes. Anyways, thanks for the quick fix.

  5. Not sure if this is something you’ll be able to help with, but do you happen to have a full quest list and maybe any possible triggers for them?
    I played the game before, getting to 100 days, grinding kazuma to 99 and learning explosion, but still at 35/36 quests completed.

  6. can i reupload it? don’t worry, i’ll add your website as a credit and i’m gonna tell you whenever it’s finished uploaded,,,

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