Notice: Delays and upcoming schedule announcement

As college approaches exam days I’ll be getting busier and busier, so here’s how the schedule pans out.

  • This week’s Gifting (KonoSuba) Chapter (11/30) will be moved to Sunday (12/04), as I have an exam this Friday. 
  • It is possible that the Gifting Chapter scheduled for 12/28 may be delayed.
  • Akashic Records will continue as usual, as the next chapters 2 chapters (for the coming month) are the last chapter of volume 1, and the prologue of volume 2 and are short enough to have a minimal effect on my studies.

Note: For those that might not be aware, the 3rd chapter of the Continued, Explosion spin-off was released on Sunday, click here to read it! I highly recommend reading this before proceeding with Volume 10 of the main series, as it gives context to Iris’ bodyguard request at the end of Volume 9.


Continued, Gifting this Wonderful World with Explosions! – Volume 1, Chapter 3

This was the most grueling, time-consuming chapter I’ve ever done, even more so than Consulting’s Iris chapter, but it was an absolutely breathtaking experience that was definitely worth it. Well played Akatsuki Natsume, well played.

In other announcements, this has been brought to you as a support a series bonus for thanksgiving!

While it’s still in season, I’d first like to thank the chef of my college dining hall that’s courteously invited me to his house for thanksgiving, along with all the other students that were alone on campus during this break! I’d like my buddies who played league with me over break, and most of all I’d like to thank all of you who’ve been following my ‘fanfic’ and translations, and who motivate me and make all of this possible!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful chapter!

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Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! Volume 10 – 1st Cleaned Illustration & Some Annoucements


Announcements TL;DR (Continue Reading for Details)
– People generally prefer for me to choose where the bounty money goes for the bounty board. The bounty board system will be discontinued and replaced with a sponsor/series support-ish system.
= The same system will be applied to Akashic Records series.
= Since I now have editors slaving away at Akashic Records (4-5 hours per release), I would prefer that a portion of sponsors for that series go to them.
– Akashic Records and KonoSuba will be translated concurrently, with chapters releases on rotation.
– All three SS’ have been bought! (2 physical copies/1 digital copy)

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