Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! Volume 10, Epilogue + Side Stories


And so Volume 10 has come to a close!

I’d like to first mention that right now, Mishima Kurone, the artist for the KonoSuba LN, is currently taking requests for monochrome-art as practice. If you’d like to see a character from any series illustrated, please add the name, series, and any other details you’d like in the comments section or via ping on discord, and I’ll fill in the form for you! (Although, what she chooses is up to her discretion.)

As for scheduling, the next release of KonoSuba will be on February the 8th, and will be one of two side stories: ‘Protect the White Tiger!’ or ‘Today as a Love Consultant’. College has restarted for me, so I’ll be fairly busy, and which story I translate depends on how much time I have (White Tiger SS, from the blu-rays, is about 5-6* longer). In other updates, the discord server set up mostly complete. <link here>

Also, the side stories for this Volume are after the afterwords, so don’t miss that!

Speaking of which, if you’re reading this, raw-buyer and support-a-series participants, thanks again for making buying and translating side stories possible!


UPDATE: Fixes to text here, and cover/color illustrations typos fixed (in prologue post)

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Updates: KonoSuba – Quiz Answers, Future Schedule, and Merch/Pics

IMG_0472.JPGLeft: Gifting this Wonderful World with Everyday Life!
Right: Gifting this Wonderful World with Explosions! (Manga)

As Requested by ‘I.P.’:
Yunyun lewd from Comic Alive February here (NSFW)

Future Schedule (KonoSuba):
– Jan 22-25th: Volume 10, Epilogue + Afterwords + Short Stories
– Feb 8th: Side Story: Protect the White Tiger!
– Feb 22nd: Continued Explosions, Chapter 4
– March 8th: Continued Explosions, Chapter 5
– March 22nd: Continued Explosions, Epilogue + Afterwords + Short Stories
– April 5th: Volume 11, Prologue (expected)

I’m also glad to announce that the quiz has been completed! For those interested in the answers and the relevant reasons, click Continue reading “Updates: KonoSuba – Quiz Answers, Future Schedule, and Merch/Pics”

Gifting this World with Wonderful Blessings! Volume 10, Chapter 5


The anime has begun, and the KonoSuba artbook will be coming out on February the 1st! Buy it if you can! (Pictured above is the Gamer’s Limited Edition).

Also, I have a discord server in the works. While there really isn’t anything in it, feel free to join:

Finally, to celebrate the anime and a new year, I have a quiz for you all! It’ll be detailed at the end of the chapter, but includes an early-release reward! <Link Here>


Now, onto the chapter…


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