Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! – Chapter 5

Merry Christmas!

Small update, but Cannongerbil will be taking over the Konosuba light novels for a while to come. At the very least it’ll be until I catch up on Akashic, which is about 2 or more volumes behind schedule, if we go at 1 chapter per 2 weeks. His translation style is different, but it’s good as it stands, so don’t worry about quality! He’ll be releasing weekly and he has a bunch of chapters stored as well! 

Anyway, here is the chapter! I started on this on Christmas Eve, so it hasn’t been edited yet. (=w=”) Any fixes will come later…

Also, special thanks to Kato again for working on the chapter so close to Christmas (owo)/

Translation: yuNS
Typeset: yuNS
Redraw: Katomon

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Where is Konosuba!?

Hello world!

It’s been a busy semester here at college but its finally nearing its end. Hopefully without Organic Chemistry next semester I’ll finally be able to devote some time to translating.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, the previous release of Konosuba is a month ago, while the last release of Akashic is over 2 months ago (which is why the next release will be Akashic). In part due to long waits, Cannongerbil (site link here) will be picking up Konosuba alongside myself, and has committed to releasing weekly. Chapter 1 and 2 of volume 12 is available on his site. 

While his translation is lacking in polish (mostly due to experience) with a few translation errors or hiccups here and there, it is certainly more than readable. I usually bring this up as a benchmark for myself, but its much better than my translation of Consulting with this Masked Devil back when I first started, in terms of readability. I’ll also be working with him on-and-off.

As some would still rather read my translations eventually, I’ll continue working through Konosuba at my own pace.

Also, for those concerned about a chemistry-semester relapse, fear not, for I shall be withdrawing from a possible chem minor, as my courseload is (apparently) too much with 2 majors already.

Till next time,

Regarding Spoilers in Comments

This is yuNS~

Despite my mini-writeup on my policy regarding spoilers, there were ‘low-key’ spoilers in the comments of volume 11, prologue of KonoSuba, which I have deleted.

As a reminder, in the release directly before that, I wrote the following:

– Please refrain from posting spoilers to unreleased content on the website. You are free to search for spoilers and summaries elsewhere, but please do not post it in the comments for everyone to see, as not everyone enjoys being spoiled. I’ve had several complaints about this already.
– Also, do not send spoilers to my email, as I don’t read more than 2-3 chapters ahead to preserve the reading experience; I believe that knowing too much is bad for translation quality. (e.g. knowing what happens next will make me misidentify foreshadowing when there isn’t.)

In short, don’t post spoilers, no matter how “low-key” they are. They affect my translation speed/quality as well as the enjoyment of other readers on the site.

If this continues to be a trend, I will consider comment or IP bans.

Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 12, Prologue

Next Konosuba release will be the manga’s chapter 4, which is going through the final checkups now.

Also, for those wondering where the table of contents is, the typesetting on it is up-to-down this time around, which works for Japanese, but doesn’t work for English. I would have to redesign it which will take a while, so I’ll leave it till later, which will most likely be sometime near the end of this volume.

As per usual, if you have trouble reading the images, you can find the full resolution images by right clicking the image and removing the “?w=###” from the tag. I’ll also add a link after the images for those on mobile.

Anyway, enjoy~

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