[Meta] Yearly Maintenance (Mostly) Complete

Hi all it’s been a while!

Usually I perform yearly maintenance on the site due to the yearly payment on the hosting plan! It’s been a little less smooth this time compared to the previous years and some older browsers or networks may need to delete the network hosts/cache files to see the site properly! That being said, there’s an irony in posting the solution to being unable to see the website on the website itself…

Work has been a little less burdening recently so maybe if something interests me I’ll hope to jump back into the action to derust and whatnot.

Thanks again!

[Updated 07/03] (Release) [Shaved] Volume 2, Chapter 1.

So begins volume 2! A group has expressed interest in picking the series up, but since volume 2 has started I’ll finish the volume and gauge their interest again when the time comes.

In case you’ve noticed some changes with the site, I’ve been messing around with options to let the site self-sustain it’s content and hosting. I’m also using a new editor layout on wordpress after moving the site, so if there’s any janky formatting issues do let me know through discord or email.

As always, thanks for reading and bless Yuuki, who flexed his editing muscles this chapter.



Changing Domain Servers & Status Updates

Hi all!

I’m changing the servers associated with the domain so you may find the site blank or unreachable for a short period of time in the near future.

Anyway, regarding the translations on my site, some messages I received have left me a little disillusioned, but I’m sure that that’s the from an outlier amongst minorities. With that said, I’d just like to reiterate that the translations and other stuff I post here is a hobby.

That aside, I’ll be starting up with Shaved again in the near future once I get the site hosting and server-move settled.



(Release) [Shaved] Volume 1, Short Story.

And that’s the end of volume 1! If you missed it, please do take a look at the Afterword Section, I did put quite a bit of effort into explaining context relevant to the story!

As for the future of volume 2 and beyond, I’ve still yet to hear back from someone who wanted to pick up the series, so it may be a while before the next update.

Anyways, as usual, do enjoy!