Akashic Records of the Bastard Magic Instructor: Volume 1, Prologue

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Serika Alfornea

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Prologue: The Reason I became a Temporary Magic Instructor, even though I’m Unemployed


On a certain morning of a certain incident––

“How should I say this? You could say that I firmly believe that ‘I’ll lose to myself if I choose to work’.”

The man, Glen, proudly made this statement. His expression could be likened to that of a saint that had journeyed the world and found enlightenment. Contrary to his expression however, he was leaning forward on the desk in front of him, and lazily resting his chin on the palm of his hand, though he made sure to maintain eye–contact with the young lady sitting across from him.

“Though, the reason I’m still alive is all thanks to you. I’m lucky to have you as a friend.”

The lady sitting across Glen gracefully crossed her legs, and casually sipped on her tea.

“Hmm, is that so? Then you can go ahead and die, pig.”

The lips of the lady who spouted these insults, curved into a refined smile.

“Ahaha~! Isn’t that a bit harsh, Serika? … Ah, can I get a refill?”

Despite her harsh remarks, Glen continued to laugh indifferently as he placed his empty bowl directly in front of the lady named Serika.

“You’re as carefree as usual, aren’t you?”

Serika’s expression seemed distant for a brief moment, but was quickly recomposed to her usual smile.

“Normally speaking, a freeloader should be a bit more shameful…” ”

“Ah, speaking of which, breakfast this morning was a bit salty for my tastes. I prefer lighter–tasting foods you know?”

“And you are even picky about what’s given to you. I don’t even know what to do with you anymore.”

Serika retained her passive smile for another moment––

“<Whatever · Just · Explode>”

And inadvertently used her reply as the chant for a three–stage spell incantation.

The room was enveloped by a deafening roar, and the surroundings were covered by a crimson–red explosion. The phenomenon that resulted from Serika’s spell blew Glen away and promptly destroyed most of the luxurious cafeteria, which had just been arranged with expensive silverware moments ago.

“H-, Holy shit! Are you trying to kill me!?”

Glen, whose body had been charred black by the explosion, coughed continuously as he complained.

“Kill you? It seems that you’re a bit mistaken. After all, the act of cleaning up rubbish should be seen as a service to the community. Now, do you understand what I’m saying, Glen?”

“Don’t use that motherly tone to say such cruel things! At least treat me like an actual human being would you!?”

To Glen’s continued rebuttals, Serika could only drop her shoulders and sigh.

In contrast to Glen, who was considered a degenerate of society, Serika could only be described as a cool and composed beauty.

Based on her appearance, one would say that she was around twenty years old. Her glamorous wheat–colored hair look as if the sunset constantly shone upon it, and her eyes a deep crimson red that was becoming of blood. If one were to look closely, just her pretty appearance would make one shiver, and her graceful stride looked as if she was faintly levitating. Combined with her strangely flirtatious personality, she seemed to be a mystical existence. Her slim hands and feet, and her tender limbs made it seem as if her body was finely sculpted. Simply put, her body was perfect even from a skeptical female’s perspective. She wore a black formal gown, which – while exuding an elegant aura – revealed enough of her chest and had a waistband for fair measure, as to further emphasize her curvature.

Despite her impressive and charming appearance, the person in question also carried the absolute presence and demeanor that was necessary to maintain such an image. That’s why the lady named Serika seemed like an existence that was detached from the world. Her classy demeanor and concentrated conduct was that of a noble’s. That said, the master of the mansion – the size of which was comparable to a small mountain – was evidently Serika. Glen was merely a freeloader.

To anyone, the societal positions of the two seemed abundantly clear at first glance.

“Back on topic, Glen… isn’t it about time you start looking for job?”

Serika’s deep crimson eyes gazed towards Glen, who sat on the floor.

Glen, who was about to get up, suddenly froze in place.

“It’s already been a year since you quit your last job. You spend each and every day lounging around in this mansion, doing nothing but eating and sleeping, sleeping and eating; living a meaningless life doing nothing in particular. Don’t you think you’re wasting your precious time?”

Hearing Serika’s statement regarding his life, Glen valiantly stuck out his chest, and replied to Serika without a hint of self-doubt.

“Not a problem, I like it this way anyway. I mean, compared to when I was just an expiring cog in the machine of society, this life is way better don’t ‘cha think!?”

“What kind of comparison do you have to make for your freeloading lifestyle to be the lesser evil? Glen, as a favor to me, why don’t you go and die somewhere?”

“Hm, why are you treating me like an outsider? Is the bond between you and I really this weak?”

“<Return this to the providence of the cycle · Let the five elements return to the five elements · To unweave the…>”

“Oi!? Isn’t that the chant for [Extinction · Ray]!? W-Wait, Hold up! Use anything but that! I’ll turn to dust you know!? Noooooooooo—!?”

Glen retreated as far away as he could from Serika, and screeched in fright with his back pressed to the wall.

Serika gazed at Glen’s pitiful and shameless appearance, and quickly canceled her magic. She was convinced that it would be crude and foolish to personally attend to such matters.

“Well, this’ll do I suppose. To use magic to deal with someone like you would be a sacrilege in itself. Doing that would be like using a legendary sword to crush a cockroach.”

“That’s a bit much don’t cha’ think? You’re being disrespectful to cockroaches all around the world.”

“That’s what you have a problem with!? Do you even have a shred of self-awareness? Can your attitude even be any nastier!?”

Tired of this bout, Serika lowered her head and continued.

“Well, in short, I think it’s about time for you to consider your future. You can’t always stay like this and waste your time away. You already understand this don’t you?”

Even Glen wasn’t able to mess around any longer, since he could tell that Serika was genuinely worried for him.

“Even if you say that… if I start working now… what could I even do?”

Glen’s slanted glance made him look as if he was making another childish bet.

“I knew you would say that, so I’ve prepared a suitable job for you.”

“A job?”

“Yes. Actually, it just so happens that there is an open position for lecturer at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy.”

“Magic Academy?”

Puzzled, Glen furrowed his brows.

“The previous lecturer suddenly left due to personal circumstances, and we haven’t been to find a replacement yet. That being said, I want you to fill the vacant position as a temporary lecturer.”

“Wait a sec, why do you have to ask me for this kind of thing? Doesn’t that academy have a lot of professors with time to kill anyway? Why can’t you just ask one of them to be a temporary lecturer?”

“Ah, don’t say that. Our professors are currently busy preparing for the Imperial Assembly of Magic Academies that is taking place near the capital. It’s truly a shame, but we currently do not have the resources to properly care for the students.”

“Ah-, now that you talk about it it’s almost time for that again isn’t it?”

“Basically, you’ll act as a substitute instructor for one month, and your wages will determined based on the standard salary of an official instructor. Furthermore, based on your performance as an instructor in the coming month, the academy may consider hiring you as an official instructor. The conditions aren’t bad at all. So, what do you say?”

The conditions for hire were spectacular to say to least, yet Glen carried an anxious expression.


He put away his indifferent look, took a deep breath, looked out the window.

“…It’s impossible I guess.”

Through the window, Glen gazed into the distance.

The morning sky was a brilliant and clear shade of blue. From the window, one could oversee the pointed rooftops of the architecture on the streets, which gave of the impression of antiquity. Furthermore, the streets served to glorify the giant and semi-transparent ancient city that floated in the air.

The name of this mighty city of old was ‘Melgarius’ Sky Castle’.

As the symbol of the capital city of Fejiti, it was an inviolable and untouchable castle that lay far out of anyone’s reach. For what reason did it appear in the sky? When did it show itself to humanity? So little was known about it, that its existence could be considered an elaborate illusion.

“Impossible? What do you mean by impossible, Glen?”

“Don’t you already know? I’m just not qualified to teach others…”

Glen’s visage was lonely and cold.

“Of course you’re not qualified, after all you don’t even have an instructor license”

“Don’t be like that. I went through the trouble of making a tough decision, so don’t shove reality in my face would you?”

Towards Serika’s ridicule, Glen showed a unsatisfied expression.

“Well, you can rest assured about the instructor qualifications. With my status and authority at the academy, I can pull a few strings to get it done. Also, if you can show some results, it won’t be hard for me to get you an instructor’s license.”

“Hey, wait a sec! You’re planning to abuse your authority!?”

“With your abilities you’ll have no problem being a lecturer on magic, after all, you made some earnest contributions to the magical community a while back. So how about it? Would you like to try?”

“What am I gonna do huh… Ah I got it. I feel a bit uneasy about this, how about no~♪”

Glen put his index finger on his lips and tilted his head to the side. It was a cute gesture that gave the impression of a youthful schoolgirl.

“That action of yours is disturbing the say the least, and you even have the guts to reject my proposition. To be honest, I wish you’d drop dead already.”

The veins were already visible on Serika’s forehead; anyone could tell that she was at the limit of her patience.

“By the way, you don’t have the right to refuse, you should understand this much right?”

Her cramped smile wouldn’t suggest otherwise.

“Oh? So what if I refuse?”

“Do you like getting struck by lightning? Or would you rather be burnt to crisp? Oh, actually, would you rather be encased in ice instead?”

“Ah, if you can’t convince me you’re going to use violence? That won’t solve the real problem now would it?”

“You’re correct, but you’re not qualified to say that!”

A frightening amount of dense magic power gathered in the palm of Serika’s hand.

“Idiot. It seems like you still don’t understand how terrifying I can be…”


However, Glen didn’t seem fazed in the slightest. Rather, he showed defiant grin, and turned to face Serika.

“You should know this already, but if I ‘feel like it’, I could make a magician of your level–.”


Hearing what Glen said, an Serika showed a hint of nervousness.

“Your worthless threats have only served to make me ‘feel like it’–!”

As he said that, Glen stamped firmly on the ground and – as if he was trying to touch the ceiling – jumped into the air. He lightly performed a somersault, and then he got on his hands and knees, and planted his head to the ground in front of Serika’s feet.

“Please support me for life!”

It was a splendid flying dogeza.

<TL Note: ‘Dogeza’ is Glen’s posture>

“…To think that I was scared of you for even a moment…”

“Please Serika-san! I absolutely don’t want to work, so please support me for lifeeeeee!! I’ll even lick your shoes if you’d like!”

“How should I say this…Do you have no sense of human dignity?”

“Idiot! Is dignity edible!? Huh!? Come on, let’s see you say something!?

“Don’t throw your misplaced anger at me. Well actually, on second thought, I really do want to kill you.”

“…Fuu, I bestow you the right to support me.”

“Go and die!”

Serika mercilessly stamped on Glen’s head. Serika, who was known for her patience and open-mindedness, was now on the verge of tears.

“Just go and find some work damnit! If you don’t want to work then get your ass of here! If you don’t want to then I’ll pulverize you to dust! I just can’t stand looking at your pathetic any longer!”

“Are you a friggin’ demon!? I didn’t ask for anything outrageous like world peace! All I want is to continue to peacefully live a plain and steady shut-in life, is it really that hard to understand!? Is it too much to ask for this little wish of mine to be granted!? I mean, considering your massive assets, supporting me for a lifetime would be as easy as breathing!”

Without a hint of guilt, Glen continued to show his potential as a degenerate.

“And don’t you know this anyway!? I hate magic to the point where I feel like throwing up when I hear it!”


“Basically, I absolutely! No matter what! Won’t do anything related to magic ever again! Hmpf, if I was going to be a magic lecturer, I’d rather become a beggar on the streets—”

“<Return this to the providence of the cycle · Let the five elements return to its five elements · To unweave the binds anomaly and logic once again>”

After Serika’s quick chant, a ray of light enveloped the space beside Glen, and – as if space itself was being devoured – a loud roar dominated the room.

Glen turned to look at where the ray struck, and found an empty, wide, circular hole in the wall. It was obvious at first glance that what happened in that one moment was a form of physical eradication. The abnormal effect which could only be described as ‘annihilation’ was something that could only be done through magic.

“Tch… my hand slipped.”

Serika gazed intently and pointed her palm directly at Glen, who now stood frozen in place with his mouth half-open from shock.

“Well, I won’t miss this time… <Return this to the providence of the cycle · Let the five elements return to its five elements · To unweave the binds anomaly and…

“M-, Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—-!?”

And so, the decision that Glen would be re-employed was half-forced through. The job he found after a year of doing nothing, was a enviable position of temporary lecturer at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. While his employment was limited to a month, it was a job that made him worried and anxious.


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