KonoSuba! Bounty Board – Gauging Interest

Hello Everyone! In case you might’ve noticed on the sidebar, I’ve received $44 from the Bounty Board system. However, neither of the two contributors, Daniel Chang, nor MapleCrystal, specified what they wanted via the system. Therefore, I’ve had a hard time choosing. Here are a couple choices:

  • Once in a While Explosion Date! ; The Drama CD is alone is $60, and $86 with the special story “Protect the White Wolf. I can cover for the cost of the Drama CD, but I won’t do so for special story.
  • Miscellaneous Short Stories ; These can cost pretty much anything, depending on how rare they are, but with $44 I could probably buy 2-3 second-hand short story booklets.
  • KonoSuba! In the life! ; This is the game that cames with the 1st blu-ray. The generic edition costs about $50 second-hand, so I could cover the rest of the cost myself.
  • Saving up for Volume 10 release for specials; Volume 10 is coming out in approximately 30 days, so it’s not unthinkable to start saving up to buy the special-store-only editions, which includes a special story for each store. Getting all the short stories 3-4 in total should cost around $40 when you include transportation costs.

Which of the three should I do? Vote Below:

EDIT: Also just noticed a mistake on the release schedule in the sidebar. The first chapter of Akashic Records will be released this Thursday, 9/29. When I changed the details, I forgot to change the date >_<. Sorry Everyone!

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  1. Surprised there are so much.

    I’d think the short stories or just waiting would be the best bets, as I don’t know how long the other stuff is.

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