22 thoughts on “Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor – Anime PV1

    1. Maybe. It depends on several things:
      1. If no group like crunchy/daisuki takes up the anime, I’ll definitely do it. If they do pick it up, and they’re releases are delayed by 3-7 days compared to the airdate, it’s probable that I’ll do it.
      2. If timers/typesetters are available, and are willing to do so regularly, I’ll probably do it anyway.
      3. If I can somehow work out how to distribute it either via youtube/nyaa or other sites,

      Anyway, we’ll see~


      1. I can’t really read cursive all that well, but the names in the subs and the names on the original video don’t match. Especially the last names.


        1. The names in the video are literal romaji-like readings of the names for the most part.

          グレン (Glen) –> Glenn instead.

          Glenn’s last name レーダス is directly translated to Reh-dah-zu.

          Sistina’s first name definitely has the ナ (na) sound at the end of it, but the video says Sistine instead.

          Her last name フィーベル is read as fee-be-ru, which I translated to Ph-e-bell as far as pronunciation goes.

          Finally Lumia’s last name ティンジェル read as Ti-n-jeh-ru is translated to Tinzel instead of gel, as it is in the video.


  1. Well can’t wait for the anime to come out but if it’s good i will be a little sad cuz i don’t want to wait for ss 2 and who know how long that going to take 😛


      1. The fandom for KonoSuba and Akashic have been quite nice. In all honesty, until the fandom gets to Legendary Moonlight Sculptor levels of annoying (where the translator, Rainbow Turtle gets emails harassing/nagging her for translations) I wouldn’t mind. It’s also less likely for that to happen to me since I have a semi-regular release schedule.

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  2. Ho~ We’ll be able to see that uniform animated (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I think the animation is decent though I just wanted to hear everyone’s voice so as to have a better feeling while reading.
    Ah, I think you’ll have the fandom bothering you when the animation is airing.

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    1. The animation style honestly worked out better than I thought it would, since Sistina and the uniform are fairly hard to adapt into an anime medium, considering their appearance/style.

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