Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings! – Volume 10, Prologue

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As I felt the gentle shaking against my back, I said to Iris, who never seemed to get tired of staring at the ring:

“Hey, I’ve told you a bunch of times, but that’s just some cheap 400 Eris thing. Once we get back to the capital, I’ll make sure to buy a better one alright?”

“It’s fine! I don’t want any other ring, I’m fine with this one!”

How many times have we had this conversation?

“Geez, you’ve kept this attitude for a while now. What’s it supposed to mean? Are you trying to show off to me? If you want it taken away so badly, how about I rob it from you!?”

“W-What do you want!? Are you looking for a fight!?”

Once again, Megumin – in a fit of temper – tried to take the ring from Iris.

How many times has this happened already?

Sitting in my cramped carriage, I said to Megumin, who had grabbed onto Iris:

“Don’t be so angry Megumin. Didn’t I already buy you an Elroad rice cracker? It was more expensive than that ring you know?”

“It isn’t a problem of price! That was tasty and all, but I can’t help but feel that I’ve lost in some way!”

Hearing Megumin say such annoying things, Iris retreated a few steps, as if to hide the ring that was worn on her finger.

“It’s because I am Onii-sama’s little sister. Little Sisters are special, unlike plain friends!”

“W-, What do you mean? Why have I been downgraded to ‘Kazuma’s friend’!? I am Kazuma’s close companion and someone who lives in the same house as him! Beyond friends, we’re basically family!”

From the backseat of the carriage, came comfortable sleeping sounds.

“Then as his sister, we are family! That means that I am an existence that is beyond Megumin-san right!?”

“Alright, since you’ve been asking for a fight this entire time, why don’t I take you on!?”

As I listened to their noisy voices,

“Royalty is strong! I absolutely, absolutely won’t lose to you!!”

I decided to go to sleep—


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    1. It actually came out about 2 weeks ago, I just haven’t gotten around to translating it between volume 10 coming out and Akashic Records.

      1. The Illustration get me real excited! I bet it’ll be even better than the last chapter! Also thanks yuNS!

  1. Hehehe, I can’t stop smiling when reading this… Can’t wait for more Kazuma and Iris moments. I am also curious about what Darkness and Megumin (obviously she will) reactions to that. Can’t help to think we have forgotten a certain someone…. (useless goddess)

  2. well this seem really interesting, but it was really short, can you spoil us about the main story behind this arc? whan happened there will be any romance?

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