Update: To all Akashic Records Readers!

UPDATE-UPDATE-UPDATE: Chapter will be released 2-3 hours late for editing! Sorry for delays!

There was a massive formatting issue in the last chapter, where the most of the chants in chapter 5 that were cut-off from the actual text (including Glen’s iconic chant) durin. This has been fixed for chapter 5! Please re-read the relevant section of the chapter for the full experience if you’d like, and please inform me through comments/email/discord if this happens again in the future!  

Thanks! (Jules17 especially so!)

Update-Update: Apparently some of the chanting text deletes itself when I try to update the post (as in, whenever I return to the editor). It likely has something to do with interpuncts (the dot in the middle of the line for chants).

Update-Update2: The chapter may be delayed to Friday, (about 75% done at the moment with mock exam on Thursday morning!)

Also congratulations Akashic Records for getting an anime adaptation!


2 thoughts on “Update: To all Akashic Records Readers!

    1. Yeh, sorry for not noticing, I don’t typically check the site to read it after spending so many hours reading it in the google docs… Didn’t expect such a formatting error to occur either…

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