Exam Time! Translation Scheduling Updates!


Winter is coming!

Exam period is coming up for me next week (19th – 21st), so the cruel reality of crunch-time homeworks, due papers, and new content (just before the exam!?) has descended upon me!

Current progress on gifting’s chapter 3 is at about 15% (2000 words/13000-15000 estimated for the chapter), so it’s unlikely that I will get it done by Dec. 18th, but fear not! For this shall be the upcoming schedule:

– Vol 10, Chapter 3: December 25th or earlier
– ?? ??? ????!: December 25th!
– Vol 10, Chapter 4: January 4th or earlier!
– Vol 10, Chapter 5: January 14th or earlier!

Despite how delayed it looks, chapters are still averaging one-per-two weeks~

On another note, Akashic Records will still adhere to it’s normal release schedule, since the next two chapters are the finale of the first volume, and the prologue of the 2nd!

Bonus: (Cleaned & Typeset by Frozen, translator of the Mondaiji-series!)megumin_1


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