KonoSuba S2 Ep3 – Celebration and Preview!

TL: Congratulations on reaching 100k followers! (KonoSuba TV Anime twitter)
Art: Mishima Kurone (LN illustrator)

TL: KonoSuba’s Season 2, Episode 3 is tonight!! Everyone will see Aqua-sama playing an active role! (Aqua is wearing Sena’s glasses)
Art: Tanaka Kii (Chief Art Director, KonoSuba S2)c3bryeguaaephul

Screenshots from the episode:

15 thoughts on “KonoSuba S2 Ep3 – Celebration and Preview!

    1. Vanir appears towards the end of volume 3. It seems like this season will cover volumes 3 and 4, so Vanir will appear somewhere in the middle of the season.
      Anyway, Vanir showed up in the trailer. I’m pretty sure he’s in.


  1. as i tought, this episod will take the vol 1 scene :v m because if kazume didn’t conquer the dungeon then vanir-san will don’t have the empty dungeon :v #CMIIW


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