KonoSuba S2 Ep3 – Celebration and Preview!

TL: Congratulations on reaching 100k followers! (KonoSuba TV Anime twitter)
Art: Mishima Kurone (LN illustrator)

TL: KonoSuba’s Season 2, Episode 3 is tonight!! Everyone will see Aqua-sama playing an active role! (Aqua is wearing Sena’s glasses)
Art: Tanaka Kii (Chief Art Director, KonoSuba S2)c3bryeguaaephul

Screenshots from the episode:

15 thoughts on “KonoSuba S2 Ep3 – Celebration and Preview!

    1. Vanir appears towards the end of volume 3. It seems like this season will cover volumes 3 and 4, so Vanir will appear somewhere in the middle of the season.
      Anyway, Vanir showed up in the trailer. I’m pretty sure he’s in.

  1. as i tought, this episod will take the vol 1 scene :v m because if kazume didn’t conquer the dungeon then vanir-san will don’t have the empty dungeon :v #CMIIW

    1. I think they needed Aqua to leave the magic circle there, because that was why they went back to the dungeon later on.

    1. but in the end the money is completely ran out because the party :v , so i don;t think that will affect the story

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