KonoSuba ‘Cheers!’ Artbook Now Available!


Aqua: It’s totally hilarious that Kazuma overslept on the street day of the artbook.

Headband: Leader of publicity

Box: Aqua-sama on the street date.

The artbook is available in both digital and physical editions! (~$27 USD)

<Link to digital edition>

If you want help buying the digital edition, email me at re.yun.NS@gmail.com and I’ll send you instructions!

Kazuma! KonoSuba is getting an artbook!

For real!

Showing my active role, (K: oh) my sweet appearance (K: for real?)… This Aqua-sama’s book that showing Aqua-sama for Aqua-sama’s fans!

Anyway, Mishima Kurone’s artbook, ‘Cheers!’ is now on sale!

Continued, Explosions as well!


18 thoughts on “KonoSuba ‘Cheers!’ Artbook Now Available!

        1. You mean me? I have one, but due to a, well, crisis we have here in the country I live, I don’t just have money, but I’m in debt.


  1. Just saying but on Aqua’s last line, she actually says something like: “Support Zoku Bakuen (probably the spin-off)”.
    As “Yoroshiku” can have a few meanings depending on the context, i think the more correct way to interpret “Zoku Bakuen wo Yoroshiku” (her line).

    P.s: Sorry for bad english(not native) and as always, thanks for the good work.


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