KonoSuba ‘Cheers!’ Artbook Now Available!


Aqua: It’s totally hilarious that Kazuma overslept on the street day of the artbook.

Headband: Leader of publicity

Box: Aqua-sama on the street date.

The artbook is available in both digital and physical editions! (~$27 USD)

<Link to digital edition>

If you want help buying the digital edition, email me at re.yun.NS@gmail.com and I’ll send you instructions!

Kazuma! KonoSuba is getting an artbook!

For real!

Showing my active role, (K: oh) my sweet appearance (K: for real?)… This Aqua-sama’s book that showing Aqua-sama for Aqua-sama’s fans!

Anyway, Mishima Kurone’s artbook, ‘Cheers!’ is now on sale!

Continued, Explosions as well!

18 thoughts on “KonoSuba ‘Cheers!’ Artbook Now Available!

  1. Just saying but on Aqua’s last line, she actually says something like: “Support Zoku Bakuen (probably the spin-off)”.
    As “Yoroshiku” can have a few meanings depending on the context, i think the more correct way to interpret “Zoku Bakuen wo Yoroshiku” (her line).

    P.s: Sorry for bad english(not native) and as always, thanks for the good work.

  2. i want to read this!!!
    wallet : no!
    me : dammit T_T

    i can’t buy the NORMAL volumes so it’s impossible for me to buy the art book

    1. Her voice is a lot different when not in character. Try to find the character song albums, she has a lovely voice without a sound of shittiness in it.

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