Ah, life. How busy you may be. Anyway, I profusely apologize about all the delays and delays to come, college has been busy! As for this week, I have 2 papers and 2 exams, so I’ll be busy! However, fear not, for my spring break is in 2 weeks!

Here’s how it’ll go down, during the week of 3/11 – 3/19, I’ll be spending my whole time catching up on translations in this order:
Akashic: Volume 2, Chapter 2
Akashic: Volume 2, Chapter 3
Gifting: Continued Explosions, Chapter 4
Akashic Volume 2, Chapter 4.

At this point, I’ll be caught up! Wish me luck!

– yuNS

38 thoughts on “TRANSLATION IN 2K17 LUL

    1. You’re technically not wrong since I never caught up during spring break (although it’s more of a wording-thing). Anyway, in other news, after 30 hours of translating I’ve finally finished chapter 2, and it’s in editing as of now.

  1. Don’t you just love setting goals for yourself, telling everyone about it but then be unable to achieve those goals and become so embarrassed because everyone knows that you didn’t do it?
    All jokes aside, great work so far, and I hope to see more in the future.

    1. Feelsbadman, but yea I guess I overreached just a teensy tiny bit considering I had to do some legal stuff over the break. All in all, life is hard, but hey, chapter 2 is in editing now, and it’s a rather technical 14.2k words! お楽しみに!Please look forward to it!

      1. thanks for replying, i understand that you have your life but i was worried about you not posting anything about the first Akashic episode

  2. Finished my test season in uni, and I’m about to start the next semester in a week, let us all have good luck in our studies 🙂

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