Announcement: KonoSuba – In the life! Translation Project Completed! & Short Story: Aqua-sensei!

I’m pleased to announce that the KonoSuba! in the life! translation has been completed!

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Translator: yuNS
Editors: Keel the Swift, Deus-ex-Machina


Volume 1 – Special Short Story:

From the Digital Edition: Aqua-sensei

“Sensei! You’re Aqua-sensei, right!?”

As Aqua and I were taking a walk through town, a well-dressed gentleman approached us.


“Hm? You’re that person from what’s-it-called house right? What a coincidence.”

“W-, What’s-it-called house… Aqua-sensei, may I ask where you are headed today? My master constantly asks me ‘Has Aqua-sensei’s next work been revealed?’ and is excitedly awaiting your next artwork…”

The man that called Aqua ‘sensei’ seemed to be the butler of some famous household.

“That just bothers me more though. I only drew something as an apology for the piece that I broke. No matter how much you pay me, I just don’t really feel like drawing.”

“Please I beg you! Sensei’s piece has been well-received by other nobles as well… If you would like a reward, there are many other options as well…”

“O-, Oi Aqua, what the heck happened? I don’t really get it, so could you explain?”

Unable to read the situation, I turned to ask Aqua.

“A while back, I was teaching the children in the neighborhood how to play baseball, and we were just playing around, you see? Then I hit a super comeback out-of-the-park ball. It broke the window of some distinguished person’s mansion and destroyed the piece of artwork that decorated the hallway.”

“Then, since sensei did not have the money to compensate for the damage, she offered to draw a new piece in exchange… The work was more than enough to compensate. Rather, it was so wonderful, that it is now my master’s family heirloom…”

Amazing! Actually, is it really? To be honest, I don’t really know what to say anymore…

Wait no. To be able to scribble something that makes nobles cry out in admiration really is amazing, but the reason the artwork was destroyed is… Oh you little…

“Anyway, I’m not an artist so I won’t take any money. I need to go right now to mess with a certain store that doesn’t have any customers, so I’ll have to turn you down.

“W-, Why… Aqua-sensei, I will not give up…!”

The gentleman painstakingly left.

“If you’re that good at drawing can’t you just take him up on his offer?”

“No way. I’m a goddess, you know? An archpriest, you know? I have some pride for what I do. Well, not like a shut-in who’s never worked a day in their life would understand!”

As I grabbed ahold of Aqua and concocted a plan to make her beg for mercy, someone suddenly showed up to intervene.

“Master! What is happening master!? Who is this man? Is he some sort of hoodlum!?”

“Ah, you’re that disciple person! This man is an evil existence who is trying to harm me! Beat him down! Use the power that you’re so proud of to beat him down!”

“Please leave this to me, master!”

“Hey, wait-…!”

––In response to Aqua’s disciple who suddenly appeared and attacked me, I used ‘Drain Touch’ to render him immobile.

Breathing heavily, I looked down at the man who couldn’t move after his magic power was drained.

“T-, The heck is this guy supposed to be!? And what’s ‘master’ supposed to mean!? Explain properly!”

“This person is my self-proclaimed disciple. I think he’s a sculptor or something. When I was engraving the holy symbol of the Axis Cult on the door of Wiz’s shop to kill time, he was like ‘what amazing skill!’ and kinda became my disciple or something like that.”

“J-, Just give it a rest already. Wiz can’t get into the store if you do that, right? Anyway, you’ve been wandering about doing this and that when I haven’t been paying attention huh. Wandering aside, it’s not like you’re a dog or cat, so just come on and admit it already. You’re interested in this sort of thing, right? It’d be better to just be honest with yourself, you know?”

“You should be the one to admit it already! Recognize me for who I am! I mean, just who do you think I am, anyway!? Tell me, who am I, and what is my profession?”

“The airhead artist Aqua-san?’

“It’s the archpriest Aqua-sama! The heavens are telling me that your face wants a piece of this holy fist!”

As Aqua angrily moved to catch me—

A girl who was running by us suddenly turned around.

She slipped from her momentum and ended up grazing her arms and knees.


Just like that, the girl began to sob like a certain crybaby I know.

Aqua leaned towards the girl—

“‘Heal’! …Alright, it doesn’t hurt anymore, right? Now, get up. It would be a waste of your cuteness if you cry alright?”

Such archpriest-like thing….

“Gu…, hic…”

“Geez, I guess it can’t be helped then. I’ll show you something good, alright? Now, inside the handkerchief is, woah….”

Although she didn’t seem like she would stop crying anytime soon, she stopped immediately when she saw Aqua’s art.

…Since Aqua was doing an archpriest-like thing for once, I’ll do my best to back her up.

I turned away from Aqua and the girl, and headed towards a stand where an old man was selling roast skewers…

“Look, there are so many thin-winged violet-red butterflies! For your knowledge, it’s a heavily protected monster species…!”

“Amazing onee-chan! Amazing! Amazing… I-, It’s super-duper… a-, amazing….”

I hurriedly turned to look, but there was already a huge crowd of onlookers.

“Oi girl, show me one more time!”

“O-, Onee-chan, I want to see it one more time…!”

“One more time!” “One more time!”


“That just bothers me though. You can form a crowd all you like, but it really just makes me feel bothered though. I’m a priest, so it really bothers me if you ask me for art though!”


I think you really need to get a class-change.


42 thoughts on “Announcement: KonoSuba – In the life! Translation Project Completed! & Short Story: Aqua-sensei!

      1. He replied to Remonwater’s comment on May 11th:
        “Hi, and good job translating the chapter! I’ll the crossover work in mind so that I can translate it when I run out of main-story content.”
        So I guess he’s probably still ok AND he’s still planning to translate the rest of the series. So all we can do is be patient or start learning Japanese. I’m doing both just in case.


  1. “Well…”

    Chris awkwardly looked–
    “Who is the person that’s been staring at me since the beginning?”
    –at Cecily, hiding behind the sofa with her head poking out.
    Cecily supposedly loves little girls, but she’s been cautious towards Chris.
    “The onee-san over there who refuses to leave is the priest Cecily…Auntie, what’s going on? You usually behave strangely, but today you’re extraordinarily strange.”
    But she still stared suspisciously at Chris.
    “I don’t get it either. Not sure why Cecily’s loli radar hasn’t responded at all, for the first time in history. Ay, you aren’t some sort of expert righteous cross-dresser, are you? Not that I don’t like traps…still, something is amiss.”
    “I do get called a boy occasionally because I wear shorts, but I’m definitely a girl.”
    Chris looked depressed, probably from her history of gender misidentification. After all, she has short hair and dresses messily.
    “Ah, Chris is an Eris cultist, could that be the reason for the hostility?”
    Hearing the word “Eris cult”, Cecily sprang up from behind the sofa.
    “Unacceptable! Eris cultists are not tolerated inside my holy land of cute lolis! Hehe, must be jealous of me getting so many cute little girls just be lazing through my days, aren’t you? Wanna steal my throne? No way! Dirty thief cat (?)!”
    “‘Dirty thief cat'(?)!? O-oi, hold on, I think there’s some sort misunderstanding. I was forced here, not to mention-”
    Cecily wouldn’t lt Chris go, she probably has some sort of allergy for Eris worshippers.
    “Anyways, Yunyun, isn’t Alice coming?”
    “I went to the usual meeting spot, her servant told me she had some ceremony to attend to… he-hey, don’t blow on my card house. Speaking of Alice, Megumin, I’m very aware of her real identity now…”
    So that’s how it is. Tending to royal matters.
    I was going to give a “crime” briefing once enough members arrive, but now it’s impossible.
    “Guess she couldn’t help it. It’s royal duties after all, dragging her out would be catastrophic.”
    “H-hey, Megumin, please tell me who Alice really is…why are you looking away? Why did even Chris-chan turn her head on me? Hey, stop shaking! My tower is gonna fall!”
    I shook Yunyun’s shoulder to shut her up.
    “Now that we have an actual thief, guess it’s time to dicuss our first strike. We’ll strike when Alice can attend! Before then, we must find a suitable target; the plans are… as follows!”
    “Waaaah, my tower! Hold on a second! Ahhhhh!”
    I forcefully pounded the letter on the table.
    –That night…
    After finishing dinner at home, I asked Kazuma about something.
    “‘What’s the secret to managing?’ What kind of question is that?”
    Even though we are striking a noble’s home, the members of the theiving group are still too absurd.
    So, I’ve asked the master of managing insane people, Kazuma–
    This is how it went..
    “There’s no secret, plus I don’t believe I’m that good at managing. Even a summoner can’t be so precise while commanding his beasts. I’m only giving general guidance, giving you some pointers.”
    “Just general guidance, huh. Glad to have you managing our whole party.”
    “You won’t listen even if I do give the details. A ranker like me can totally analyze the situation and come up with strategies on the spot. When I was back at home, my guild had many more far hairier problems.”
    “‘Ranker’ means high levelled people? Kazuma had teammates, right? You told us you used to ravage and conquer together, things like taking out bosses.”
    One of the many mysteries of Kazuma.
    He claims to have farmed monsters and killed bosses day and night with numerous friends, earning quite some fame.
    “Aye, I counted as a moderator of the guild. I was responsible for helping new members and scheduling boss battles. Maybe I learned managing skills for you bunch from those experiences.

    Kazuma was full of confidence.
    I couldn’t say he’s lying no matter how many times I hear it.
    “If you really want strategies that badly, it’s to not repel others in times of hardship, but to understand them.”
    “…Oi, Kazuma, why are you staring at me?”
    So that’s how. Understanding.
    “Thanks a lot, I’ll have a chat with everyone tomorrow.”
    “Aye, no matter how sh#tty someone is, they always have strengths. You’ll find them useful after all when you see their spark. Even if it takes leaving a carefree member behind in a dungeon–after some observation, you will find their good side.”
    “Oi, as I said, why are you still staring at me…”
    Their good side.
    To say, I really don’t understand those people well.
    “For ace players like me, this is merely a type of handicap. After life becomes easy, I won’t get mad even if you guys leave me behind.”
    Hearing Kazuma’s arrogant speech, the captivated Darkness–who had been stroking Chomusuke–reacted.
    “Oi, Kazuma, please don’t broadcast degenerate thoughts like that.”
    “The handicapping game I talked about is not like your masochistic ones–don’t blame the victim.”
    Say, becoming a moderator for a guild at this age is substantial; maybe he really is extraordinary.
    Just as I was admiring Kazuma, Aqua beside him–who had been concentrating in feeding Emperor Zel–said,
    “When you were describing us like hazards, I was not included, right? You were definitely implying those two, right?”
    “What are you talking about… You’re the most prominent hazard.”
    With Chomusuke biting her fingertip, the satisfied Darkness followed,
    “Oi, Kazuma, I’m definitely not a problem, am I? I’m clearly the most normal ouf of the three…”
    …Hold on a second.
    “Where did that confidence come from? To me, your intelligence are barely above that of goblins.”
    “You, come have a walk with me outside. You dare call the beautiful, smart me a goblin!?”
    “Ahh, this guy is becoming more and more unbearable recently. Calling cute girls goblins is unforgivable; you only defeated a few Demon King Generals.”
    They instantly started to focus-aggro at Kazuma, basically like goblins.
    “You two are without doubt the problem. Out of the three, the calmest and the most knowledgable member is me. After all, calmness is a major selling point for archwizards…say, this is getting out of hand. I was planning to manage a trecherous bunch, now I see that everyone is too opinionated; I have zero confidence in taming them…”


  2. “What’s so shocking? Isn’t being large scale a good thing”

    “Well, you’re not wrong–no, how is that good!? Hey, does Kazuma-san know about this?”

    I said to the inexplicably panicked underling,

    “I indeed told Kazuma about my followers and our base.”

    “Re-really? So he understands? ….Eh? Am I the only one who feels this is all blown out of proportion?”

    Chris is really quite short-sighted, very befitting of the “underling” title.

    “Scared of our size? Heh, this is a walk in the park for someone like me.”

    “Haha…ha… you-you sure are capable.”

    Chris peered at me with fearful and shocked eyes.

    Then suddenly-

    “Megumin is obviously scared of the sheer scale herself…”

    Yunyun, who had been skillfully building a card pyramid, coldly interjected.

    “Oi, if you don’t want to destroy the fruit of an entire morning’s worth of work, shut your mouth.”

    “I-I understand. Look… I’m trying to set my new record for poker card towers, please take care…”

    Without realizing, Yunyun’s singleplayer gaming skills have soared. Just what is she trying to achieve?



  3. Teaser for the start of the Chapter 4 of Continued Explosions:

    …At the rally point that is our secret base…

    Chris, looking at our thieving group’s invitation list, said:

    “I don’t get it.”

    I turn my head to the stiffly staring Chris,

    “What do you mean ‘you don’t get it’? This is the list of people to join our thieving group.”

    “I don’t get how there are this many people! I don’t get how the most luxurious mansion in Axel became our base, and how famous adventurers are all over this list!”

    What is this underling implying?


  4. Tune can u tell us about your future translation schedule we are dying to read volume 11 of konosuba and further chapters of ashkaic records


    1. I had the same problem… the worst of all was when Kazuma could learn to use explosion and wasn’t useless after that like megumin xDD


  5. Aqua could have gotten rich by now if not for her generous splurging of money for parties, not taking money for her arts and performances and her pride that would rather make her cement bricks and sell bananas even if she needs the money badly to live.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  6. 。   ∧,,∧
      [(っ⌒/⌒o Nepu!!!
      |\ ⌒”⌒ ∧,,∧ …zzZZ
      || || ̄ (´-ω-)
         || .[.(っ⌒/⌒o
           |\ ⌒”⌒  \
           || || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||


  7. Thanks for the translation! Just asking, but can you please update the Gifting main page to include these side/short stories? I almost missed them.

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