RokuAka Episode 10~!

Rip Volume 5 is being “adapted” so to speak. I guess I’m a bit of a LN supremacist, but everything is a bit rushed, as in, whole volumes are being adapted in 2-3 episodes, and a lot of events are changed/missing. They most definitely wanted to get to this arc, as we saw the flashback in the 1st episode for no real reason.

Anyway, for comparison, KonoSuba had 5 episodes per volume, and even then many events were removed from each volume (meeting Wiz, Kazuma’s adventure with Dust’s group, Kazuma’s excursion with Yunyun to name a few), so even without reading it’s not too hard to get an idea of how much they seem to have left out.

Mildly salty rant aside, the animation quality looks a bit better for this final arc.

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  1. I haven’t read the RokuAka LNs yet, so I’d like some more of your insight on this, if you feel like it. This show has been FULL of stuff that feels haphazardly written and extremely rushed, but I wasn’t sure how much of it was the fault of bad writing in the LNs, versus just more bad adaptation work by the anime industry.

    The early episodes were fun and good, but everything starting with episode 7 and Re=L’s formal introduction has been a bunch of nonsense, IMO.

    1. As I explained in the post, LNs are usually not adapted this quickly. So far it’s been:
      Vol 1 – 3 episodes
      Vol 2 – 3 episodes
      Vol 3&4 – 3 episodes
      Vol 5 – 3 episodes
      So it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that the latter parts are nonsensical, since the entire arc was practically rewritten except for a few key points. Rewriting/rushing occurred in the first 2 volume adaptations as well.

      1. Do you see this kind of thing happen all the time with LN adapts, or has RokuAka’s been particularly messy, in your opinion? The reason I’m asking is because I get the feeling every now and then, when watching anime like this, that the adaptation is just screwing up the stuff that might have made the LN more enjoyable, but there are also a lot of straight-up bad LN series out there, so I’m never quite sure.

  2. Yeah, I had to drop the anime from one of the recent episodes. I was fine with it from the first two volumes which were fine with some content being rushed but when it got onto volume 3 and 4, the rushing was too much. I never wanted a perfect adaptation, what I wanted was one that makes it fit in an anime format while not skipping or rushing events that were in the source and also adapt a reasonable amount of volumes (3 or 4),

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