Akashic Records Final Episode!

The translated version of the episode is coming out in 30 minutes, but the broadcast was much sooner in Japan. Anyway, while the episode was kinda rushed confusing, the animation and art was pretty great. (New Banner Material anyone!?)

Endcard from Mishima Kurone (LN)

From Tsunemi Aosaendcard2.png

14 thoughts on “Akashic Records Final Episode!

  1. I’m watching you…..thank you
    But if the series were got licenced…
    Time to create “fanfic” eh…hahahahahaha………
    Anyway i’m grateful to you Yuns
    *Bow Down*

  2. This anime is honestly… Just a terrible adaptation. But I think the main point was to get the watchers to read the light novel instead if they ever want the full service. But that’s just a thought of mine.

  3. What I dislike the most is that it ended on a kind of a cliffhanger. What are Akashic Records? I will never know, unless you finish the translation.

      1. Spoilers about Sera/Sara are forbidding following yuNS decision. The Akashic Records appear to be something like Overlord’s World Class Items, ie, the proverbial rule breakers.

  4. Hey Yun, or anyone thats read the original LNs, was the ending actually accurate to the story? It kinda seemed like a “we need to finish the anime on SOMETHING so here we go” kinda deal, or is this actually the end of the 4th arc (which I assume is volume 4?).

    Are we gonna see more cold blooded killer glen is the real question.

    1. It’s the ending of volume 5, according to the spoilers I’ve read, though Jastice looked weaker than what the spoilers made him to be. I am not sure about the last sequence of scenes, though, the ones were Glenn appears to take the mantle of the legendary mage and where the suspicious maid appears to be something after the Imperial Court Mages discuss the Akashic Records. Those scenes were probably just shameless hype building advertising.

      PS: The anime joined vol 3 and 4 and skipped some funny side stories and plot development. Vol 3 ended with the cliffhanger scene, just for reference and okay, LN spoiler Those two volumes are one arc together..

  5. I liked it. For a fast paced anime, it was great. A great lesson on how to cut some great but not really necessary things while keeping the story focused on the main plot. This was not a butcher job to me but a masterclass for the type. Name me a 12 episode LN-based anime that animated 5 volumes better than this one. From the anime alone, I want to buy the LN. Heck, I want a second season and buy the DVDs/Blu-rays. The final episode heavily hinted that Glenn is the legendary mage too. I haven’t read that in any of the spoilers for later volumes. A nice addition if anime original and the sort of overused but effective device to make people interest in finding out more. Job well done to me! yuNS, I am afraid this series we love will get licensed soon and that you “will be out of job”; time to send a job application to thse that won’t be named?
    Anyway, the anime didn’t do a disservice to the LN, IMHO, and people will surely get (more) interested. In fact, from latest (first 6 months) sales’ charts, Akashic Records is in the top 10 (if I recall) with Konosuba second behind SAO.

  6. It upsetting of how terrible of an adaption this series turned out. I personally love it despite it’s faults but what concerns me is how other people feel. I could understand why people would drop this series because of the way it was presented but there’s much more to this series than you would think but the anime failed at presenting that which I could understand why. There’s only 12 episodes so it’s expected that many scenes would not make it in the anime but what really tics me off was that 5 whole volumes were to be adapted unto this 12 episode series. It’s bizarre that they even made the decision to do 12 episodes to adapt 5 volumes in the first place and now any flashbacks, character development, teaching scenes that were skipped will never be shown since the anime already passed those events sadly. What’s worst is that they even changed/ added certain scenes since they need to have it make sense for the story because of pacing issues but what bothers me is that a lot of those scenes doesn’t always match the same level of quality from the actual series itself which just made me cringe a lot in the end. That’s pretty much my rant. I still enjoy the anime in the end and just hope if a season 2 is ever announced then it’ll adapt the LN accordingly because I want people to fully see how great of a LN this really is.

    1. I have read on the forums that there were a lot of missing scenes too, but as a somone who started newly to watching anime, i wonder where you get all these info. Like when I read the forums all the people were talking about volume 8 and i couldn’t found it on the net.

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