Translation Survey for Improvements

it’s almost the one-year mark for this website, and recently, I’ve been making changes to the writing of my translations to make them more readable and accessible, starting with the Prologue of Akashic Records Volume 1; portions of which have been re-translated.

Anyway, I have a survey for those of you who would like to provide feedback regarding my translations. Note that the answer questions are optional.
Link to survey:

As always, thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Translation Survey for Improvements

  1. welp, i think your trnslation and “fanfic” is great, you represent it nicely.

    Idk.., we have to give any single chara their own way of speaking (?), right? So we could identify who’s talking in the translation/’fanfic’, youve done dat.

    yours is not a bad english trans, an i could identify who is talkin, thats pretty adequate for me.

    I prefer scheduled release more than random, btw

  2. I commend you for asking feedback. Unfortunately, I am sure I am not the only one who doesn’t know enough about the original material nor the intimacies of the translation process to properly help you.
    You and your team are not the worse translators and I couldn’t have asked for more nor do I feel the desire of having another translator picking up the series you work on. Like Wiz, I too thank you guys and gals for your work. It’s much appreciated.

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