16 thoughts on “Takahashi Rie is an airhead!? Re:Zero Radio highlight

  1. Reminds me a lot of those silly moments between Kana Hanazawa and Ayana Taketatsu in OreImo radio…
    Natural airheads, all of them!


  2. I don’t understand why does everyone translate that jap internet laugh (“wwwwww”?) to “lolololo”. No one uses anything like that. The closest equivalent that looks normal to me would be “XD(DDDD)”. Or “lmao”, but then you can’t control the length and force.


      1. Yes. But translating isn’t only about changing the words. You also need to adapt things so they won’t sound weird in your language. For me, lololo does. And XD does not.


    1. oh my..
      come join the explosion-cult my brethren, then you will understand the grace of the thing youre fussing on and you won’t waste that name of yours


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