38 thoughts on “(Manga) Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! Chapter 2

  1. Thanks yuns!
    They did do a frog quest before meeting Megumin though xD This isn’t a dig to yuns btw and I don’t mind the small inconsistency when compared to the anime πŸ™‚


    1. Technically, they didn’t actually complete the quest until after megumin joined the party (they were recruiting more members because they couldn’t beat the quest)


  2. Aha back to manual labor Aqua, when she was at her happiest.

    If Darkness and Megumin have a problem, they can start offering their bodies to Kazuma, instead of just cock blocking him.


  3. Didn’t expect this, and honestly it’s hilarious. But seeing this makes me realize besides the general in vol 4, and the rich noble man who hit on Dust back in vol 6, homosexuality really hasn’t been brought up in a judgmental sort of way in the series. Sort of odd plot point for this one shot short of a piece here.


    1. Aqua and her Axis cult promotes homosexuality in this world, and the main reason why homosexuality is a taboo in real world is due to various religions banning it. If you were to have a religion that promotes it, you will get this result.


      1. I don’t think the Axis Cult so much promotes homosexuality per se, more that they don’t care – their philosophy is if you want to do something, do it. As long as you don’t hurt anybody it’s all good in their book.


        1. lol I guess I should add “as long as you don’t hurt anybody ON PURPOSE”. If they get hurt anyway, as long as you didn’t set out to hurt them to begin with you’re completely innocent and it would be totally unfair and wrong to face any consequences whatsoever for your actions. So sayeth Aqua, amen.


  4. Thanks a lot yuns πŸ‘

    I do wonder why some girls always think that we swing that way when we have some ‘skinships’ with our buddies. πŸ€”


  5. Hello Yuns. Thank you so much for your hard work!!! Please, I would like to donate but im unsure as to how much, do you have an amount that would of help that youre looking at? Thanks once again for all you do!


    1. Any amount helps! Since I’m buying all these volumes for my own pleasure as well, there’s really no need to worry about how much you (or anyone) donates, as donations are used to offset the costs (that I would otherwise pay anyway)!

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  6. Hey, thanks for translating this. I’m sure you’re probably aware of it by now but many of your discord members appreciate your hard work bringing this content to the English readers who won’t make an effort to earnestly sit down and learn Japanese/Kanji because they have much better things to do in life than pursuing self study/education. Don’t be depressed that you’re not receiving a lot of responses here, most pleb readers actually don’t realize they can add comments in this section. Think of it like hamburger eaters that takes out the pickle from their burgers before consuming it when they could just as well order them without the pickles in the first place. Anyways good job as always keep up the great work.


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