(Manga) Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! Chapter 3

Translator: yuNS
Typeset: seathice
Redraw: Katomon
Editing: Deus-ex-Machina, Keel the Swift

Chapters will be posted on bato.to as the next chapter comes out for those wondering!




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25 thoughts on “(Manga) Everyday Life in this Wonderful World! Chapter 3

    1. All I can see on the comments were… Poor Veldia/Beldia…
      Well almost every villain on the konosuba are likeable. Guess that’s ok? Meh Wolfbach, Wiz and Hohst are the best for me… (Who likes Hans btw? maybe just Darkness)
      And I wish I could see the Demon King already. I’m excited on what is his? personality.

      Thanks for the manga Mastah Yuns :)

    2. He got revived in the game that came with the 1st bd of the 2nd season… only to be soloed by Kazuma and got kill stole by the gang…

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