Continued, Gifting this Wonderful World with Explosions! – Epilogue

I’ll be out for the next few days with travelling and moving back to college, so here’s a release of both epilogue’s without their short stories that come with the special editions (Volume 11 to come in a few minutes). Stay tuned!

(Short stories coming soon™)

Since this will mark the end of Uranophane’s work for at least the coming year, thank you for your hard work Urano! Hope to see you next year ;w;

Intermediates (JP->CN): lolihunter2 yukira 叶子 サダメ
Translator: Uranophane
Editors: Deus ex-Machina, Keel the Swift




The next morning.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHhahaha~! Tennessee you little shit, just wait till you witness what I am capable of doing with this! You’ve done God’s work, Kazuma! HAHAHAHAHAHA~!”

Darkness laughed hysterically in the living room.

I’ve given the summoning weapon as a piece of evidence to Darkness and briefly explained what had happened last night.

I was scolded for committing thievery, but as one could tell, it paid off.

“Yawn… What is it, all? Why is everyone up so early?”

A pajamas-clad Aqua waddled down the stairs with a pouch in hand.

“We didn’t wake early but pulled an all-nighter. I’ll go sleep now, be awake at around sundown.”

“Did you go gaming again? You filthy NEET, I didn’t expect any better.”

The person who didn’t want to be left out yet had been drinking the whole night said something like that.

Then, Aqua spilled the contents of the pouch onto the table, captivating Megumin.

“Aqua, what are these? They look like stones.”

“Not bad, Megumin. Crimson Demons sure have good eyes.”

This Crimson Demon’s eyes were so good that she didn’t find out my true identity until now.

I mentally scrutinized as I sipped my coffee.

“These…are magical stones that I’ve been collecting. They’re rarely found in rivers, ponds and puddles. I occasionally polish them from time to time… Want one?”

“Not at all.”

…This girl continues living leisurely as we did all the hard work.

Although the whole summoned monsters debacle has died down, the divine weapon is still nowhere to be found. Chris had no choice but to keep looking for it.

I really want this negatively useful goddess to learn from that ernest, true goddess.

“Say, Aqua, you kept heading out of town a while ago, what were you doing out there? Lately, I haven’t been paying attention to Megumin, and look what happened. So right now I want to make sure…”

“Hold it, Darkness. Don’t treat me like some problem child! I was doing quests for the Adventurer’s Guild. Remember my ultra-powerful water cleansing abilities? The Guild assigned me to cleanse the lake that was polluted by the Kowloon Hydra, so I gave it 110% of my efforts!”

I savoured the precious moment of peace and kept sipping my coffee. Megumin came next to me, holding something tightly against her chest.

She seems to have feelings that she can’t express.

“Uhm, sorry for doubting you, Aqua.”

“Are you really sorry? If so, please buy one of my stones. I spent all my janitor money and had just been worried about income.”

Using the background noise from the bickering duo, I teased Megumin—

“Do you have something you wanna tell me? Heheh, unless you want my signature after finding out my true identity? Or maybe a handshake?”


Megumin rejected instantly. She looked around for a bit, and after some consideration—

“…Well, thanks a bunch. Thank you for taking my revenge.”

So that’s the matter.

“Not much of a revenge. I simply wanted to vent my rage after that woman got me killed. Besides, aren’t you one of us now? With that, isn’t it only natural that we avenge our own teammate?”

My cool line put a shy smile on Megumin’s face.

“Then, should I start calling Kazuma ‘Big Boss’ from now on?”

“Sure, no problem. Since the name of the wanted thieving group was the “Masked Thieving Group”, I’m fine with being called the boss… Hey, don’t you ever dare tell that to Chris, she’d kill me.”

Megumin chuckled at my mini-panic attack.

“Of course, I’ll keep it a secret… under one condition.”

She held the item even closer against her chest.

“Could I go on missions with you two? Once in awhile is fine.”

With that, she handed me back the Vanir mask that she had been tightly clutching.

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Translator’s Afterword:

It’s been a fun (and exhausting) ride translating for the first time. Excuse my fast and loose style, it gets better in volume 11. I never thought my Chinese knowledge would find its use this way (certainly before China takes over Canada and force me to translate their propaganda!). Initially, I had been translating segments of the novel for my friend who had been desperate for chapter 4; however, I got slightly carried away…  I never thought translation could be addicting, as I had translated the entirety of chapter 5 in one day. Maybe Konosuba is really just that good, or maybe the hopes and dreams of all the LN readers have been telepathically driving me. Nevertheless, it is done. That said, the translation work for CE really isn’t my best, since I did it mostly for fun. In volume 11, I’ll be working at a much slower pace but will hopefully produce higher quality translations. Thanks for all the support from r/Konosuba and yuNS’ team, I’ll see you again in the next project.

//this message was written before the work on volume 11 began

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