Updates and Translation Survey Infographic!

Quick Updates:
– KonoSuba (LN-12): Prologue in Editing, Illustrations in Redrawing, Chapter 1 in Progress (10%)
– KonoSuba (Manga): Chapter 4 TL Complete, Typeset in Progress
– Akashic: Volume 2 Epilogue in Editing, Volume 3 Illustration Typeset Complete, Prologue TL Complete, Chapter 1 in Progress (40%)


TL Infographic.png

17 thoughts on “Updates and Translation Survey Infographic!

  1. I read KonoSuba and might pick up Akashic if time allows it.

    I’d prefer a mixed style of translation that is more intent on getting the meaning/message across rather than a literal translation due to region-specific jokes that may need to be “localized” or “internetized (copyright pending)”.

    I’ve read both Rettousei and Mushoku Tensei [WN] (ending is similar to Boruto-Naruto but much worse) and they were pretty well translated except I don’t know Japanese so I don’t know how liberal they were with the translation. I think as long as you don’t get too meme-y, a liberal translation would work best.

  2. I would actually like if Only sense online was on the list, because Krytical Isn’t really translating it all that often.

    1. Krytyk does a good job, no doubt, but the first three in the list are simply exemplary, specially js06 and warnis when you take into account the speed of their releases….

      1. Krytyk has said the reason for his delays were related to lack of time and personal issues, he does translate really quickly when he’s in the mood, but considering how long it has been going on for i begin to doubt the he will update at all after his current volume.

  3. How did i miss this poll? Oh well better late than never:
    I read konosuba
    Mixed style
    For an LN for reference, hmm, maybe Snafu’s LN by kyakka? He explained a lot of Japanese jokes that usually get lost in translation with links and notes.

  4. The complaint “overuse of honorifics but don’t change too much” irritates me. It’s as if people don’t understand how languages work. How would you only use some honorifics? You either use the direct Romaji translation or you use localized English. Or are people saying to only use Romaji for well-known popular honorifics like ‘-sama’, or ‘-chan’, and localize ‘-san’ to ‘sir’? That’s just dumb. You either localize or you don’t.

      1. Me too, honorifics give so much context to character relation ships, the difference between Onee-san and Onee-chan is conveyed way more than the difference between “big sister” and “Big sis”

  5. Thanks for the update . I’m looking foward for konosuba vol 12 . Need to ser my kazumim ship sailing and developing! Hahaha

    Thanks for your work, be sure that your efforts makes a lot of people extremely happy(including me) . Take care!

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